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New Whiteread at NGA

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Ghots photo copyright Rob ShelleyKriston over at Grammar.police has some interesting words on the acquisition of Rachel Whiteread’s “Ghost”, which as Paul Richard put in his piece last weekend in the Post is “a signature piece of the “YBAs,” the chic Young British Artists, and of London’s soaring rise in the international art world, and of all that that implies.”

Richard suggests that the piece cost in excess of a million dollars and that the billionaire who came up with that money is a local one: Mitchell Rales, who lives in Potomac, and who is an art collector.

The sculpture is on the mezzanine of the East Building, and just like Kriston, I must have walked past it without noticing it (if it truly was there over the weekend). I guess that’s a true triumph of minimalism.

I’d like to know how much the piece cost, and frankly since the NGA is a government institution, it should not be a secret. After all, Mr. Rales will get a well-deserved tax write-off (that he can spread over the next five years) for his generous donation. Our kudos to him.

So Dear NGA, we’re curious: How many sheckels did this thing cost?

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