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New Website Allows Fans to Invest in Bands and The Daily Music and Tech News

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Website Allows Music Fans to Invest in Bands

A new website called Sellaband will allow fans, or as they call them — “Believers” — to invest in unsigned bands in increments of $10. The bands will gain access to such things as a recording studio and marketing expertise when they reach $50,000. For their investment, “believers” will receive a free copy of the CD, a share of the advertising revenue brought in by the site, and a share of the CD sales. About 600 acts have raised around $150,000 since the site opened for business on August 15. Investors are allowed to withdraw their investment any time before a band reaches the $50,000. So far, the site has approximately 3,000 investors.

Armed Services to Rock Out to Slayer

The band Slayer is scheduled to make a visit to the armed services next week. This is Slayer’s first ever support-the-troops appearance. They will be appearing at the Spangdahlem U.S. Air Force Base on Wednesday to see the Air Force’s 52nd Services Squandron. Then Slayer will continue on with its European tour.

Google to Launch Mobile Mail

Google has announced it is launching a downloadable java application that will allow java-enabled mobile phones to check Gmail. The application is called Gmail for Mobile Devices and is free to download. The application improves on a previous version of Gmail and allows the user to quickly launch Gmail without having the hassle of opening up the device’s mobile browser.

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