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New Title Assigned to Forthcoming Jane’s Addiction Release

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The name of the new Jane’s Addiction album has been changed from Hypersonic to Strays. The new album will be the first Jane’s addiction release in quite a long time, although various members have worked on several projects over the years. Both lead singer Perry Farrell and long time Jane’s Addiction member Dave Navarro have enojyed tremendous success outside the group. Farrell broke up Jane’s Addiction years ago only to form another band, Porno For Pyros. Later, Farrell sacked all the members from Porno For Pyros in favor of going solo… and in favour of turntables.

Now it seems like, once again, everything old is new again. Farrell has decided to also once again become a part of the infamous summer festival, Lollapalooza, and with Jane’s Addiction releasing new material, either we’re in fro a real treat this summer… or we’re in for a redundant blast from the past. Knowing Farrell, I’d bet on the former.

The first single from Strays will be “Just Because.” It hits airwaves in June.

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  • uglyamerican

    Is anyone else as nonplussed as I am about present day Jane’s? When they called it quits in the early nineties, I thought, finally a band goes out on top with a bang, not a whimper. “Nothings Shocking/Ritual” were two great records, and I was lucky enough to see them 3 times: opening for the Ramones before Nothings came out (they were booed relentlessly and Perry was in confrontational mode-it was wonderful), on the first Lolla, and headling w/ Rollins Band opening (Yeah Boy!). I was kinda bummed they split up, but it was way better than watching my heroes the Replacements fizzle out. Anyways, I hailed those 2 records as a band on top of their game. Then a while back they put out the live thingy and were touring with Flea. That was pretty weak, and if I never hear “Jane Says” again, live or studio versions, it won’t be too soon. Now they have a new record coming out, and while I don’t begrude Perry and Dave from making the cash grab, what as their solo stuff stinks, I just don’t seem to have the motivation to give a hoot about them. Maybe in some irrelevant campy way, like the hair band reunions. But I hope I’m wrong, even though I know it will be underwhelming.

  • goodlookingamerican

    when you hear the new record, “underwhelming” will be a word that is no longer in your vocabulary.

    it’s amazing, even w/o Eric.