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New spam topic: Rolex watches

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In the last week or so, I started receiving a new kind of spam: sales pitches for Rolex watches. I must get a couple dozen of these a day, and not all from the same person. This strikes me as somewhat odd next to all of the offers for bigger breasts, permanent erections, and free sex. Have all of those guys who hawk Rolexes in cities moved on to the internet or what?

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  • The Rolex spams actually have been around for a while — since the beginning of the summer or longer.

    Consider yourself lucky you were spared so long.

    All I can say is, at least the use of a specific term like “Rolex” makes it easy to filter out the messages into a junk mail folder or a spam folder.

  • I haven’t had the Dick Cheney variant of the Nigerian 419 scam yet. I’m feeling deprived.

  • liz

    me too, the rolex offers–from believable to crass–just jumped into my inbox a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t think much of it at first bu the noticed how common they were.

  • yes, for the last two weeks or so I’ve been getting at least five per day. I’ve been Spamcopping every bit of it, with a copy to the FTC.

  • ME

    All these offers sound so inviting. Has anyone ever bought one of these thngs?

  • Bob

    I was told to foward them to [edited email]

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