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New Site Design: Reloaded

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Phillip Winn has working maniacally – he even has a real job (freak) – to incorporate suggestions for improving the site, and we have ended up with a hybrid of the old and new designs, with some very cool new features.

He had to deal with the Exporer 5.5 issues (suckiest browser of all time, upgrade you fools), concerns with uneven treatment of categories in the (old) new design, how to deal with the need for six columns in finite space, etc. I think it came out real well.

The spotlight section is now vertical once again, and has the latest three posts per category instead of one, resolving many concerns in one fell swoop.

The biggest addition is the Leaderboard section: on the left sidebar scroll down to the Top Contributors area, then lick on “Leaderboard.” On this page you will find charts for Top Commenters, last 24 hours; Top Posters, last 24 hours; Top Commenters, last 7 days; Top Posters, last 7 days; Top Commenters, last 30 days; Top Posters, last 30 days; Top Commenters, all time; Top Posters, all time. You can also choose a name to see all posts or comments by that author. Too cool!

Thanks Phillip, and thanks for all of your comments and suggestions – still more to come so keep checking back.

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  • Seth Werkheiser

    I think the new design is great!

  • Eric Olsen

    Thanks Seth!

  • I like the new design a lot. I missed being able to see a number of recent posts.

    I was going to ask about having the ability to see all posts by each author – glad to see someone else thought of it too!

  • Marty Thau

    Good work. I like it a lot. Much better.

  • A link to the leaderboard is also available underneath the ten most recent comments on the right column.

    Obviously no design is perfect, and there are more improvements coming, but I welcome all comments here, and don’t worry about suggesting something that’s already on the list, all suggestions are welcome.

    Oh yeah, and thanks, Seth! 🙂

  • I am most excellently pleased with the new site design. The thing with only one featured post in each category made me a little nuts. This gives us a better time frame, as our new posts will now probably stay featured for at least a few hours.

    I’m particularly pleased with dragging the recent comments section up to a more prominent spot. This should help encourage more feedback, and give longer life to prominent stories.

    The leaderboard pleases me personally very much. I’m not sure how significant it will be to casual readers, but it will be most groovy for us writers. I predict it will stir competitive juices and lead to more posts on the site.

    Just a couple of little tweaks you might think on, neither of which is the design of the main page. We now have pages to get to all posts by an author. This is groovy. It might be nice, however, if 1)They came up in reverse order, thus showing the authors most recent posts first, and 2)if we got a link to this “all author’s posts” page on each of their posts.

  • Al, indeed, a link to “all posts by this author” as well as “all comments by this poster” are in the works. The comment one is a little more dangerous because they can be spoofed, but I can always edit/delete based on IP address if someone brings a spoof to my attention.

    I hadn’t thought of reverse-order, but it sounds like a good idea, and I think it should be pretty easy. Just a matter of throwing DESC ino the SQL statement, in fact.


  • Gotta admit I was mildly peeved when the front page top contributors’ box shifted to from April 9-May 10 – and I subsequently dropped out of it. (I suppose if I were a prolific newcomer, I would’ve welcomed the change.) But the new Leaderboard strokes my ego needs just fine. (And I see I’m four postings away from a 100 – no big deal compared to Eric, but still pretty cool!)

    Thanks for all your hard work, Philip!

  • Bill – “What have you done for me lately?” Just kidding 8^).

    Actually, that was a mistake on my part. I thought I had two different templates built, so I changed it to just a one-month window thinking that would only show up on my test index that I’ve been working on. The idea was that the “Top Contributors” list would switch to a one-month window, but with a leaderboard link at the same time. I screwed up the timing of things, sorry. At least you’ve got your name in lights again now!

    The general idea was to even things up. Obviously nobody is every going to catch up with Eric’s 2157 posts, but there’s a chance they could still hit #1 if they managed to post 200 posts in a month. Okay, that’s a stretch, even. But the minimum to hit the top ten for all time is now 64 and rising. Heck, I’ve been semi-active since this thing started, and I’m only at half that. Posting something every other day might get you into the list for a month now, and I hope to update it at the end of each month, so that it becomes a “Top Contributors for MAY” list.

    Anyway, thanks, and I’m glad you like the leaderboard. I hadn’t done anything with MT and SQL before, so it was fun to create.