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New Poll – Top Tool

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Is it the bloated, gaseous, anti-American dissembler Michael Moore or the bombastic, pompous, flag-wrapped and imperious Bill O’Reilly?

I mean with choices like that, how can you NOT have an opinion?

Please vote in Blogcritics’ latest poll – Top political pundit tool – over on the right sidebar.

We will be sure to bestow the winner of this most prestigious award with a Flying Phallus.

(see previous poll results here)

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About Dawn Olsen

  • Way to go with the adjectives, Dawn!

  • Only two choices? There oughta be many more. For starters, I dig him, but really Al Franken should be on the list. Perhaps my beloved evil Ann Coulter. So many tools, so little time.


    I would have to say the guitar player, but Maynard is pretty cool too…oh, wait, the “Top tool”, not the “Top TOOL”? Has to be Santorum.

  • Doc

    I think you have think bigger…not just gasbag but *real* tool…

    Robert Novak?

    Brit Hume?

    George Bush?

  • They are definitely both tools, but if you read Michael Moore’s latest about General Wesley Clark running for president, he fashions himself a martyr for the way he was treated in the press after his wrong time/wrong place comments earlier this year.

    Bill O’Reilly is arrogant and prompted the suing of Al Franken, but I don’t think he is nearly to the point of considering himself a martyr.

    Michael Moore by a hair.

  • here’s my prediction:

    it seems like a lot of the commentary on blogcritics leans right of center (just a smidge). this is a microcosm of what goes on on talk radio and talking head television.

    so, on the tool poll, michael moore will easiliy get more vote than o’reilly.

    also, al barger will say i’m full of crap.

  • Dawn

    Ann Coulter, now see, I knew I forgot someone.

    While I hate to disagree with you Mark, cause I love you, there are plenty of people here who are left of center and I wouldn’t be surprised to have it be a close race.

    At least Bill O’Reilly is kind of handsome, but I like that old man look.

  • Uhhh, huh huh. We’re talking about big tools. Huh huh, cool.

    Yeah! Heh heh.

    My puerile antics aside, Michael Moore is by far a bigger tool. One of his chief complaints about 9/11 was that the Islamo-Fascist maggots primarily hit New York, where “these people didn’t vote for Bush.”*

    * Moore removed the quote from his site so this is my best recollection but at worst any discrepancies are trivial.

  • Eric Olsen

    There are many more potential tools, but we thought we’d really boil it down to the two mirror-image zeitgeist- humping buttplugs this time around and see where we come out given stark political differences, but pretty equal assplow-atry.

  • Just wondering, how many people who have a strong opinion one way or another actually have a good FIRST-HAND knowledge of the other’s work?

    After reading Franken’s book, I’m really inclined to read some Hannity, Coulter, or O’Reilly. After all, the old maxim is to “keep your friends close and your enimies closer” (used strictly to illustrate, not to villify). Until then, I’d be voting purely on second hand knowledge or shallow observations (not that passing quick judgement has ever been a problem).

  • I read one of O’Reilly’s books, and I have read Moore’s website and although I haven’t seen it yet, I am planning on seeing Bowling for Columbine.

    I figure if I am going to make these people my enemies, I must know them.

  • i kinda wanted to check out o’reilly’s latest but he turned out to be such a dick at that bookfair thing with franken and ivins that i’m not sure i want to give him a penny of my money.

  • I actually supported O’Reilly at the book fair thing. I saw the whole thing and in this case I thought Franken was in the wrong.

    I layed that out on my site HERE. That was my opinion for that event, but as far as the “Fair and Balanced” lawsuit deal, O’Reilly was wrong.

    Franken could easily be on the poll up there in place of Moore accept that Franken is at least funny (other than the Stuart saves his family movie). The other guys are gas-bags with no entertainment value.

  • Saleski, you’re full of… No, wait, cancel reflexive reaction. You may be right this time. [See, you said I’d say you were full of crap. You’re WRONG yet again. Ha!]

    I don’t know if a majority of blogcritics lean right. Perhaps it’s just that those who do are so good that they make a bigger impression.

    Also, this isn’t a question called “are you liberal or conservative?” I might pick some right-wing schmuck for a top tool.

    In any case, I predict Michael Moore will win regardless of left/right just because he’s a bigger jerk, and even more unappealing personality than O’Reilly.

    Also (can’t believe these didn’t come to mind before) the poll should definitely include James Carville and Paul Begala.

    Also, what exactly is the definition of a “tool?” James Carville rates to me as a fairly appealing personality in a lot of ways. He’s definitely FAR more fun and entertainment to me than O’Reilly. Carville, on the other hand, is much more of a “tool” of the Democrat party.

    He’s a PARTISAN hack in a way that O’Reilly is not. O’Reilly has his own personal agenda, and it mostly doesn’t much impress me. On the other hand, he’s no operative of the Republican party. Ever see how he screws with Jeb Bush? (This is one of his more appealing agenda items.)

  • The Theory

    Mark: you don’t have to spend a penny of your own money. It’s called a “library”.

    I personally love Moore, O’Riely, and Coulter. I dissagree with things they say and how they say it, however, they, more than most people, are actually getting people to think.

  • Eric Olsen

    TT, you are one of the few people on earth who could have written that last sentence.