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New Official Plan For Next New Orleans Hurricane: Get Out Of Town!

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If you’re a resident of New Orleans and you’re feeling a bit of anxiety and trepidation about the upcoming hurricane season – well, who could blame you? But honestly, you can relax now because Mayor Ray “chocolate city” Nagin and emergency officials have just outlined a broad plan to evacuate and secure the city in the event that another major hurricane threatens.

That’s right. They’re all over this thing like white on rice – er, that is, like brown on cocoa. You can get a good idea about the comprehensive new plan from the headline in Time magazine: “New Orleans’ Plan for the Next Hurricane: Everybody Leave.”

Excellent! Splendid! A plan so utterly beautiful in its simplicity.

Actually, there’s a bit more to it. The public is now being assured that city transportation will be available to help with an evacuation the next time a major hurricane threatens. That’s all very comforting, but there is something oddly familiar about this plan. In fact …

Oh yes, now I remember. It’s basically the same plan that existed before and during Hurricane Katrina, but was somehow (Gasp!) bungled by local officials, like Mayor Nagin, for instance.

The plan then — which was called the State of Louisiana Emergency Operations Plan and which was freely available on the Internet for anyone to see — specifically stated that “local transportation resources should be marshaled and public transportation plans implemented as needed. Announce the location of staging areas for people who need transportation.” It also said that the governor of the state should “mobilize state transportation resources to aid in the evacuation of people who have mobility and/or health problems.”

The only problem was, somebody forgot to actually implement the plan. Well, you know how things can get neglected during a crisis, even when it’s all written out what to do. Perhaps the plan got lost in the vault of some government building somewhere. Or maybe it was just a simple case of incompetent people not carrying it out.

I know, I know, according to Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Spike Lee, 95 percent of the African-American community, 99 percent of the Hollywood community, and left-wingers everywhere, it was all Bush‘s fault. And even after the video was shown of row upon row of unused buses sitting in flooded parking lots, people still couldn’t wrap their heads around the fact that Democratic and black local leaders were the ones whose screw-ups had the most immediate and catastrophic effect on the residents of the city, the majority of whom happened to be — guess what? — Democratic and black. Nope, somehow it still had to be the fault of the genocidal racist and willfully nefarious promulgator of global warming, George W. Bush.

Third-rate rapper Kanye West, whom I’d never heard of before Katrina, went so far as to say that “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” But Bush wasn’t the one who was supposed to provide the transportation out of New Orleans for those who had none. That was on the black mayor of the city and the Democratic governor of the state. That being the case, one might have reasonably asked if either one of them cares about black people. Lo and behold, nobody asked.

But that’s all water over the levee now. The important thing is that they have a new plan for the next major hurricane. And given what happened the last time, surely local and state officials won’t be criminally negligent again.

On the other hand, there is one nettlesome little detail in the new plan. As Mayor Nagin, along with others, presented the new plan to the public, he did mention that those who didn’t evacuate would be on their own and there would be no “shelter of last resort,” no Superdome or Convention Center, however unappealing those might be, in which to take refuge.

What that means is, some people who refuse to evacuate will probably die. And on that astronomically tiny chance that something goes awry with the plan to provide city transportation for those who need and want it, even more will die.

If one didn’t know better, one might think it sounds like a racist, right-wing Republican plot to take advantage of a major hurricane in order to depopulate New Orleans of its poor blacks. But since the plan was presented by a left-wing black Democrat who is on record vowing that New Orleans will remain a predominantly “chocolate” city, then hey, nothing to worry about.

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  • doctorj

    Actually I live north of Lake Ponchatrain, but NEW FLASH Joey ….. New Orleanians are Americans and deserve the complete support of their countryman. When they sent in their taxes the government did not give them a coda saying they don’t count because of where they live. You may not like it but you will have to get over it. It is going to be hard giving up that second Cafe Latte to help Americans in need. My heart bleeds for you. ( Sarcasm off.)

  • Joey

    You live IN New Orleans?

    If so… is flooding some kind of foreign concept to you?

    You’re underwater, next to the 3rd most powerful river in the world? Water? Isn’t that the most destructive force of nature?

    Have you ever considered taking a logic course?

    Ever consider what the term Risk Mitigation means?

    Ever wonder wonder why insurance companies continue to cover flood zones, hurricane zones etc…?

    Ever think about situational awareness.

  • doctorj

    It wasn’t a hurricane. It was a flood caused by governmental negligence.

  • Joey

    No doc, I live in the many months I spent down there restoring electrical infrastucture.

    I’ve been to Louisiana many times, I’ve been to Florida many times.

    I responded to Hugo in Puerto Rico, and North Carolina…. I know what restoration is all about.

    I don’t live in a hurricane zone any longer because of it. I also don’t live in Tornado alley either. Nor do I live along a fault line.

    But I still get called to respond.

  • doctorj

    We left but we are back now. You live in the moment you saw on TV. We missed that because we were without electricity. The incompetence I am talking about has all been after the city was reopened.

  • Joey

    Why did so many people in the WTC call 911 AFTER the plane(s) hit? Did they need a note from mommy? Permission to leave? What?

    People are smarter than that!

    When a plane hits your building, leave.

    When a Hurricane threatens your life, get out of path of destruction.

    When you live in a city 27 feet under the water level, residing next to one of Earth’s most powerful rivers, and hurricane’s could dramitically decrease your chance of survival…. MOVE.

    When a Nuclear ICBM is heading to your city… put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye.

    It’s a pretty simple concept, and one which if you chose to remain in harms way, you stand a better chance of dying rather than living.

    And it really is your choice.

  • doctorj

    Say goodbye to the solid south in November. I am a conservative Republican native New Orleanian and I will do everything in my power to change this current federal government. The incompetence and cruelty has been unbelievable to me. And before you start blaming all the local officials explain to me why Mississippi is having all the same problems.

  • JP

    As a former resident, I am the first to agree that the local and state officials failed in their responsibilities. But I also argue that the federal government failed ITS responsibility.

    There was a point in time where it became obvious that the devastation was beyond the level which a city (or even state) administrator could handle. It was WELL AFTER that point in time that FEMA, the self-described “agency of the US government tasked with Disaster Mitigation, Preparedness, Response & Recovery planning” moved in to provide the backup that was so sorely needed.

    The tragedy is that there was poor performance at ALL levels. To attempt to turn this into a partisan name-calling match is a disgrace to those whose lives were lost, or merely destroyed, in the tragedy. But since you’ve opened up the bag, I’ll point out that it seems no coincidence that FEMA–a government agency staffed by people who don’t like government–didn’t perform very well.

  • Yeah, yeah…Bosh is never to blame for anything. I noticed you didn’t mention the inepitude of FEMA, Dept. of Homeland Security or the fact that the levees were supposed to be in better shape. As for some “right-wing Republican plot to take advantage of a major hurricane in order to depopulate New Orleans of its poor blacks,” it doesn’t help your position much when you have folks like Dennis Hastert suggestinj that New Orleans should not be built.

    Tell you what, if you are among those conservatives who think this Republicans should not bear any responibility for anything that goes wrong in this country, we will oblige you in November.