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New Music Sampler: Soft–“Higher” | MP3

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Anytime I get my hands on new music, I immediately add it as a “5 star” song on the iPod, so it drops right into my favorites. It just makes it easier to get my hands on it as I’m listening. More often times than not, even if I like the song, it doesn’t stay on the Favorites list. That’s reserved for the songs that I could listen to on a loop if necessary.

So when I received an email from the band Soft about their new single, “Higher”, I added it to the Favorites playlist. After listening to it about 10 times, it’s there to stay. The song is the embodiment of what Reinick’s ultimate goal is for his band: music for mass consumption. He told popmatters recently, “Our goal for the record is for it to be like INXS’s Kick. We’d like every song to be a huge Top 10 single.” If the remainder of their first EP, Soft EP, sounds anything even close to “Higher”, they’re on their way.

“Higher” sounds like a cross between Keane and Coldplay. Reinick’s vocals are the windswept, epic type that makes Keane such a pleasant listen, but the music is fuller than Keane, a band that eschews the use of guitars in deference to the piano.

This is one of the best singles I’ve heard this year. Download it now, and make it a 5 star song on your iPod, too.

Soft-Higher (mp3)

Soft–Official Website

Soft’s EP is available for purchase at Insound.

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