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New Music From Scott Andrew

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Our good pal and ex-Clevelander Scott Andrew LePera of Scott Andrew and the Walkingbirds, a former Radio Free Blogcritics artist has a very cool new CD and an interesting concept:

    Fresh from the oven: Where I’ve Been. This will be the record I’ll be pushing at my live shows from now on. Whew.

    Here’s the cool stuff (and the reason why it took so long): this record is an Enhanced CD, containing the entire record in MP3 format. I also threw The Sandalwood Sessions on there too, plus a few extra MP3s, including a brand new song entitled “The Weight.” So it’s like 2-½ records in one, all released under a Creative Commons license. Plus there’s artwork, lyrics, photos and some DIY production notes.

    And now you’re invited to participate in a grand experiment. The price is a sliding scale, with a $5 minimum. For the month of October, all amounts over $5 will be donated to the P2P Legal Defense Fund at, to help out families and individuals hit with RIAA lawsuits.

    So, if you pay $7 for a copy, $2 dollars goes to the P2P defense fund. If you’d rather not donate, just pay the $5 minimum. Pay as much or as little as you like. Let’s see what happens.

Check it out post haste.

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