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New Movies and Box Office Predictions: Law Abiding Citizen, The Stepfather, Where the Wild Things Are, Paranormal Activity

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Halloween is drawing ever closer and the best (for the most part) horror you are going to find is on store shelves, or perhaps in your own collection. However, if you thirst for big screen horror, you do have a good choice this weekend. I highly recommend the little movie that could called Paranormal Activity. It is opening in wide release this weekend and well worth your time. If that is not your speed, there are a couple of other choices which look pretty snazzy.

Law Abiding Citizen. (2009, 1078 minutes, R, thriller) This is a movie whose trailer looks decent but nothing outstanding. What really sells it is the buzz that has swirled up around it. It seems that the movie is pretty crazy, and much more than what is hinted at in the trailer. It all began with an AudioBoo post made by Dave Chen of /Film, which describes a unique film experience. Beyond that, there is the cast – Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx seem like a good pairing. On top of that, it is a revenge thriller, and those tend to be fun.

The Stepfather. (2009, 101 minutes, PG-13, thriller) In 1987 there was a film about a stepfather with a secret, a dark sinister secret that played out in murderous fashion. 22 years later we are faced with a new take on the story, but instead of Terry O’Quinn we get Dylan Walsh starring. I cannot say the movie looks all that enticing; it seems more like a movie churned out in the hopes of making a buck. My suspicions seem to be confirmed by the fact the screenplay is from J. S. Cardone, whose recent output includes Prom Night and The Covenant (of course, he did also write The Forsaken, a road vampire movie I liked). It is not high on my to-see list, but if it lasts a couple of weeks I may give it a shot.

Where the Wild Things Are. (2009, 94 minutes, PG, fantasy) Spike Jonze has brought the book by Maurice Sendak to life on the big screen in reportedly glorious fashion. Sendak has seen the film and praised Jonze for putting his personal spin on the story while remaining true to the source. It’s the story of a young misunderstood boy who finds escape in a magical land inhabited by the Wild Things; here he learns that things are more complicated than he had imagined. I am really looking forward to this one.

Paranormal Activity. (2009, 99 minutes, R, horror) This is said to be one of the scariest, if not the scariest, movies of the year. The low-budget flick has done well and many have lobbied for a wide release. It appears to have worked, as the film is expanding this weekend. The movie concerns a young couple who have moved into a new home and believe supernatural things are happening. They set up cameras in hopes of catching evidence, but they are not prepared for what they find. It is genuinely creepy and completely effective in showing you what you need to see and nothing more. This is a triumph of super-low budget filmmaking, and I hope to see its success continue into its first week of wide release.

Also opening this week, but not near me:

  • Black Dynamite
  • The Janky Promoters
  • New York, I Love You

Box Office Predictions
This is going to be an interesting weekend. Why? Well, the wide release of Paranormal Activity is going to see to it. The film is a fantastic slice of creepy, realistic fear and it is going to be interesting to see how it is received by the public at large after it killed in limited release last weekend. I am really hoping for a positive experience. Of course, the top of the chart is going to be owned by Spike Jonze’s fantasy film. This is all before Saw 28 storms theaters next week.

Here is how I think it could play out.

Rank Title Box Office
1 Where the Wild Things Are $35 million
2 Paranormal Activity $23 million
3 Couples Retreat $18 million
4 Law Abiding Citizen $13.5 million
5 The Stepfather $8.5 million
6 Zombieland $7.5 million
7 Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs $7 million
8 Toy Story 1 & 2 3D $5 million
9 Surrogates $2.5 million
10 Whip It $1.5 million
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  • I hope Where the Wild Things Are does well at the box office. It’s not the traditional mainstream family movie but it’s a great film nonetheless. Fingers crossed.

  • I tried to see it tonight, but it was sold out… will try again tomorrow.