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New Movie Releases: 9/30

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Welcome one and all to my news and notes regarding the new movie releases for this weekend. A pleasant varity of films are here for our enjoyment, a little bit for all tastes.

We have Oscar hopefuls, family sports, independent, and sci-fi features. All we are missing is a good horror film, and we all know we aren’t too far away from getting some of those.

The Greatest Game Ever Played. This one is from Disney and is in the vein of The Rookie. A family oriented film about an underdog golfer. It has good word surrounding it, and a reportedly good performance from it’s star Shia Lebouf. It was directed by Bill Paxton, who last directed the excellent thriller Frailty.

Into the Blue. The latest teen oriented actioner. I am not clear on the plot, but it appears to concern underwater treasure and some bad men who want it. It stars non-actor Paul Walker and the absolutely stunning Jessica Alba. Not sure if I want to see this on the big screen, but I probably will at some point. Who knows, maybe it will be fun.

Serenity. This is the one I have been looking forward to for most of the year. Based on the excellent, yet short lived, Firefly TV series. A group of outlaws in the wild frontiers of space. The movie looks great, and I have heard from friends that it is. It was written and directed by the show’s creator, Joss Whedon, who was also behind Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Everyone must see this.

A History of Violence. David Cronenberg’s latest film looks pretty interesting. A man who may or may not have a secret past, living a quiet and peaceful life in a small town, that is, until a couple of men try to rob his diner. That is when the violence kicks in. Viggo Mortensen and Ed Harris star.

Oliver Twist. Roman Polanski’s take on the classsic Dicken’s tale. While to story is well known, this looks to be a visual feast. Looking forward to this.

Thumbsucker. I have heard good things about this coming of age tale. It looks like a story of an awkward boy who never gave up on sucking his thumb. Sounds quirky. I like that in a movie.

Also opening this week, but not near me:

    40 Shades of Blue
    Going Shopping
    Little Manhattan
    The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio
    Three Days of Rain
    The War Within

That’s it for this week.

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  • Put me down for predicting that the Firefly fans will propel the film into top box office status, even with Corpse Bride and History of Violence out there.

    Seven hours until Serenity for me… I’m frothing! Can’t wait!

  • I wouldn’t doubt it. Whedon has done a great job getting the word of mouth machine churning.

    I can’t wait! 7:30 tonight!

  • 7:25! Monkey > you (in this one solitary example) 🙂

  • Someone has to mention it: What? You don’t want to see Jessica Alba in a bikini on the big screen?

    I probably won’t catch it myself though (cause the plot seems rather lame), Serenity for me too, but on Saturday…

  • Sin City fulfilled my yearly quota of partially nude Jessica Alba. She should have waited until next year to release this.

  • I just dble checked, and mine is 7:25 too! HAHA 🙂

    It seems Into the Blue is getting decent reviews, I may check it out….

  • Damn, Beaumont! It seems we are now equal!

    *sigh* I was hoping to be a superior primate for once.

  • It seems Into the Blue is getting decent reviews, I may check it out….

    Sure sure, I’ll believe that’s the reason you may check it out…

  • Haha! Well, depending on how long your previews go, we could be watching at the same time!!

    Well, I have loved Ms Alba ever since I first saw her in, I think, Idle Hands. Then Dark Angel came along and, well the rest is history.

    But really, Ebert gave it ***, and I do value his opinion, so, that may tilt in it’s favor.

  • I’m just teasing Chris.

    What about her role in Never Been Kissed? I don’t recall which came out first though. Also that Flipper show she was on too (although I didn’t watch her then).

  • sofy

    tell me a nice movie 2 watch and do a review on my i.t. work

  • Shark

    A History of Violence = best film of the year

    Viggo should get an Oscar for ONE 15 second shot in the film; (if you’ve seen it, you should know what I’m talking about.)

    Anyway, a rare intelligent thriller — that is also VERY funny. Tension – laughter – tension – laughter.

    A masterpiece, imo.