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New Movie Releases: 7/29/05

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July comes to a close with a bit of a whimper. Nothing here looks like it is going to overtake the current top dogs. Stealth may have a shot, but after The Island‘s take last week, that looks doubtful. Of the major releases, only one looks really interesting. This mainly looks like a week to catch up on past releases that you haven’t seen yet.

My recommendation is that you go check out The Island. It is much better than the first week’s take would suggest. It was surprisingly entertaining.

Must Love Dogs. Counter programming to the action blockbusters of the summer comes this romantic comedy. It stars Diane Lane and John Cusack, and sadly looks rather generic. I like Diane Lane, but I look at the commercials for this and it just looks so typical for the genre, nothing special. I think I’ll pass.

Sky High. This is the one that looks like fun to me. A world populated with superheroes and these heroes grow up and have kids and send them off to a special school to determine what their powers are and if they are a superhero or a sidekick. It just strikes me as a being a fun looking movie. I like Kurt Russell, and I believe I spotted Bruce ‘Don’t Call Me Ash’ Campbell in there.

Stealth. Cross Top Gun and WarGames and Short Circuit and this may be what you end up with. Jamie Foxx decided to take a break from the serious fare he was in last year and have some fun with an action flick. He costars with Jessica Biel and Josh Lucas in this battle between man and machine when a storm rewires a new computer controlled fighter. May be fun, but I’m not holding my breath.

Murderball. This one is opening in my neck of the woods this weekend, and O am looking forward to it. It is a documentary about quadriplegic rugby players, a game dubbed “murderball.” I have seen the trailer and I am very intrigued. I am interested to see these guys and why they play this game and whatever else they have to say. This film has a lot of positive buzz surrounding it, I hope it lives up.

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  • Wow, ambivalent on Must Love Dogs I can understand, but excited about Sky High? That looks like a train wreck of a movie, simply awful.

  • Different strokes…. I’ve heard good things about Sky High. maybe they have all been misguided. I like the idea, and am always up for a family film of some quality, since there are so few of them. And maybe …Dogs will surprise me, I do like both of the leads.

  • I’m a sucker for chick flicks, so Must Love Dogs seems absolutely perfect for me.