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New Movie Releases: 7/22/05

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This week is headed up by the latest action extravaganza from Michael Bay. The next rung down has the remake of a 70’s comedy that starred Walter Matthau, and a sequel to a horror film from rocker Rob Zombie.

Bad News Bears. I am not sure how good this will be, but the trailer looks like it will be fun. Billy Bob Thornton as a drunk baseball coach to a bunch of misfits? How can you go wrong? It looks like what Bad Santa does during his summers.

The Devil’s Rejects. I am very much looking forward to this. I have been a fan of Rob Zombie for years, and I was one of the few proud fans of House of 1000 Corpses. This looks to be more of a gritty suspense than horror. I can’t wait!

Hustle & Flow. Not sure what to think about this. Not typically in my line, but it looks like it could be interesting. It is about an aging pimp looking to break into the hip-hop business. The commercials are intriguing.

The Island. Michael Bay, love him or hate him, is here to stay. I have enjoyed some of his work. I have heard mixed views regarding it. I like the cast; it stars Ewan MacGregor and Scarlett Johansson. The story appears to draw liberally from sci-fi of the past, mixed with his own staging of action sequences. I am actually anticipating this to be a good movie. Time will tell.

March of the Penguins. This looks like a delight. The trailer is fun, it has a great narrator in Morgan Freeman, and it has a cast of thousands. It follows the journey of the Emperor Penguin to their mating grounds. It reminds me of Winged Migration. I will be seeing this one.

That is all.

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  • Chris, do you think “Rejects” will be along the lines of John Carpenter’s “Vampires” from 1998 (James Woods, Daniel Baldwin)? I have a hard time getting a feel for what this might be about or similar to. I would appreciate your opinion.



  • I think it will be much grittier than that. I get the impression that it will be more like the hardcore revenge/grindhouse flicks of the 70’s. More down and dirty like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre (70’s) than the more polished remake.

    But to be honest, I am not completely sure. I have attempted to avoid many details, I want to go in unspoiled. I think the trailers look great, a film focusing on the villains can always lead to fun. I also here that it is one of the bloodier movies to come out in the past couple of years (at least in te US). I hope to catch it tomorrow.

  • Chris:

    Look forward to the review. I hope you enjoy it in the “Zombie” (literally and figurtively) tradition.



  • I hope to! I saw Rob in concert this past monday, he may not be prolific, but he puts on a great live show!

  • March Of The Penguins isn’t a new release, but just rolling into a wider release.

  • I know, this column is primarily for films that are opening in my area, not all inclusive.

    Same thing happened with Howl’s Moving Castle upon it’s release.

  • ClubhouseCancer

    Saw “rejects” last week, and I can report that it’s scary as all hell. I don’t see that many horror movies, but I saw “Corpses,” and I was just absolutely totally knocked on my ass by it. It’s just completely senseless and absurdist and crazy and terrible.

    So I saw this one, too, and it’s a sequel to “Corpses.” The amazingly creepy Sid Haig and some of the rest of the effed up Firefly family (not Karen Black, alas, from “Corpses”) are back, and the cops are after them, so they’re running away, but they stop off every once in a while to take part in some evil hijinks. This one’s really scary, too, but not quite as claustrophobic, and so not quite as creepy. But it’s still existential and awful.

    Way to go, Rob!

  • Ah… lucky for me, March of the Penguins opened 2 weeks ago here

  • ClubhouseCancer

    I loved March of the Penguins, too, but I feel the filmmakers missed a huge oportunity for hilarity when they declined to put little scuba masks and snorkels on the penguins.

  • Tan, you’re a lucky guy, I did almost see March last week, at a theater 60+miles away but it was sold out. I don’t consider it local so didn’t count it among my new releases, but Imay be seeing it tomorrow night.

    Club thanks for the views on Rejects. I am really looking forward to it.