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New Movie Releases: 7/1/05

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Slim pickings this week when it comes to new releases. In my area there are 3, 2 of which I have already seen.

Rebound. The only one of the three that I haven’t seen, and probably won’t. The commercials look completely generic. I feel like I already saw it anyway, when it was called Kicking and Screaming. Martin Lawrence makes his return to the big screen as someone who must coach a team of misfit kids basketball players. Been there, done that.

War of the Worlds. This opened this past Wednesday, and like any good cinema zombie, I was there to see it. I liked it a lot. There are plenty of logic leaps and stuff that doesn’t make sense upon the first contemplation. After letting it sink in a bit, the realization that what I witnessed wasn’t exactly meant top be seen as literally as I first thought, which makes many of logical leaps seem not quite so big. Anyway, Spielberg has crafted another thrill ride that really grabs you. See it.

Howl’s Moving Castle. I drove over an hour to a theater I don’t normally go to in order to see this. I now come to find that it will be playing locally this week, and that they will have both subbed and dubbed prints! Anyway, this is a wonderful, if at times frustrating film. Another that I do highly recommend. An amazing fantasy tale in a magical world. It is from Hayao Miyazaki of Spirited Away fame.

Enjoy the silver screen.

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  • I’ve seen the same two, and probably won’t see the third.

    Don’t miss “De battre mon coeur s’est arrêté” – opens this week – great film – hard to find, I’m sure

  • DVD

    I havent seen War of the Worlds yet but i will probably go this weekend. As for Rebound, fat chance. I wont even be renting it.