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New Movie Releases: 4/29

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Each year the summer season starts earlier and earlier. In what seems to be a clear case of trying to jumpstart the season and not get swallowed up by the huge films to come in the coming months (like those little films about a galaxy far, far, away and the guy who dresses like a flying rodent) we get a couple of potential big ticket films opening today. It has been interesting over the past few years to see who is going to be first out of the gate, that is not to say we haven’t had good films, or big hits already this year, but we are getting towards prime movie going time. This week’s two major releases could go far towards jumpstarting the recent lag in ticket sales when compared to last year.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Based on the book(s) by the late Douglas Adams, tells the story of the end of the world, and the beginning of an adventure. There has been much discussion about the changes between this an d the book, but I try not to compare the two mediums, plus it should be noted that Adams had liked this adaptation and signed off on it for the film before his death. The early word seems to be mixed. I like the look of the trailer, especially the one about the definition and purpose of movie trailers. I am looking forward to it.

xXx: State of the Union. The sequel to the hit Vin Diesel vehicle from a few years ago. I enjoyed the film, it was a fun, dumb, alternative James Bond type of film. The sequel looks to take what little bit of originality the first had and made a generic blow’em up actioner. This time around they pluck a former special forces type guy (Ice Cube) to help stop a general from taking out the president. It may be fun, but looks to have less intelligence than the first. I will say that Lee Tamahori is a talented director, I hope he pulls of some unexpected fun.

Downfall. This film from Germany was nominated for the Best Foreign Language Oscar at this past years ceremony. It is the story of Hitler’s final days. The word surrounding this film has been fantastic, capturing Hitler in those final days, surrounded by his lover, secretary, Goebbels and his family and various SS. I want to see this movie.

That’s it for this week.

My prediction is that the new xXx will win the weekend, although I hope for a good showing from Hitchhiker.

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