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New Movie Releases: 4/15

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Very light release week. Nothing screams “Must See!” The singular wide release is a remake of a “true” story film, nothing else. I can only surmise that they are beginning the slow burn until the big summer movie season starts.

The Amityville Horror. Ryan Reynolds and Melissa George star in this remake. I am willing to give this a shot, although I thought the original was dreadfully dull. It has been years since I watched it, maybe my thoughts would be different know. I am willing to give this a shot, hopefully they have made a decent haunted house story.

State Property 2. Don’t much about this, other than it is about a trio of gangstas battling in Philadelphia and it is cast with a a who’s who of hip hip. It hasn’t had much good word about it, and it doesn’t really look like something that I could get into.

American Farm. One show and one show only, featuring a visit by the director at the local arthouse. It is a documentary about a small dairy farm and featuring interviews with three generations of family members. The farm is in crisis as there is no one from the youngest generation willing to take the reigns. Could be interesting, but doubt I will make it’s lone show.

Gunner Palace. This is also opening at the arthouse and looks fascinating. It is a documentary about a Field Artillery Unit that is stationed in Uday Hussein’s palace. It gives a look at the day to day life of our soldiers living there, from visiting orphans to random firefights and car bombs. This looks like a good one.

That’s it for this week. Enjoy your week at the cinema!

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    Gunner Palce has been reviewed here before; if you have have not seen it, I recommend it very highly.

  • matt

    i saw the movie. i thought i was great. really scary. the plot was well played out and the actors did well selling it. the end could have been better, but what can you do?