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New Lady Gaga Album Born This Way Details Leak

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After the huge succes of Lady Gaga’s album The Fame Monster, expectations are high for the upcoming album Born This Way.

A tweet by Lady Gaga confirmed both the single release date (Feb 2nd) and Unicornalbum release date (May 23nd) and she also added a picture of what may be the album cover or part of it:

After the “monster” theme of her previous album, it seems unicorns will be the new theme. On the ladygaga.com forum there is much speculation about the tracks that will be included on the album; more trusted sources seem to confirm that they will include: Born This Way (first single), Unicorn, Hooker on a Church Corner, Ink, and Justice. There are even a few lyric snippets available.

It’s also looking to be a head-on fight with Britney Spears, who has a comeback album release in the same month.

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  • gagablowsandnotinagoodway

    Lady gaga is a biter, a poser, and a punk for being all of the above. Whatever her coked out rich girl in club kid costume ass thinks she was born that way is delusional. I will NEVER buy anything of hers simply because shes the token rich kid whose copied all the styles of any of us who really were “born this way” in her stupid crapshow of “cutting edge” She is not cutting edge, she is just a person willing to take advantage of something people think is interesting by copying it and there is a team of people around her helping her produce said crap. They all suck and I cant wait until this flash in the pan sizzles out and we can get back to finding & being entertained (and inspired) by lgitimate innnovation & true talent.

  • gagaisinspiring

    I have watched a bunch of videos of Lady Gaga talking about how she wants to help gays have more rights and to help our younger generation. She is not wanting to copy or be a poser, she wants to make a difference in the world and for our younger generation. You are allowed to not like her. But she has a lot of talent also. She has inspired a lot of people in this world and they will follow her in her path.

  • Tyler

    hey gagaisinspiring, lady gaga is using that talk to get more fame. she is exploiting gays and lesbians to get where she wants in the fame world, yes she is helping them but she is only doing it to get more well known and to get money for it.

  • punkiyum

    I was a sceptic with the whole gaga craze in the beginning, but when you look at what shes done in such a short time (take over the world) she does deserve some credit. Sure she has a team,of brains behind her but really what is she doing differant from all the other popstars? Nothing.

    No ones forcing you to buy her album, but clearly somebody did some 8 million times so if she’s so talentless, then haters, why don’t you get out there and make something of yourself like she has.

    Call it selling out, but in this world if you want to do something or make a difference you need hard cash to do so, and however you work to make that money is up to you, either way you’ll deserve it, and as for gaga keep it up fame monster!

  • Dust In The Wind

    This is not album of the decade!!!

    Hype and all of her songs start to sound the same after few listening.

    2 out of 5*

  • Amelia

    Gaga’s new album SUCKS !!!!! 🙁

  • donewithgaga

    i love gaga…or used to.
    i pre-ordered her new album…but not anymore. let’s just say i got my money back and I will not be buying it in the future. her latest single and born this way are boring. BTW was a blatant ripoff of madonna’s express yourself and her music is just plain boring. yawn…