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New Labour’s Black Wednesday — and How They’ve Helped The Racists

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And I thought the the U.K. Liberal Democrats were having a tough time.

On Wednesday, April 26, the arrogant facade of New Labour came crashing down, revealing the incompetent foundation on which it was built.

Firstly, Home Secretary Charles Clarke admitted that he was responsible for the release of foreign prisoners back into the community. Britain had over 1,000 foreign prisoners in its jails. All were released back onto the streets and the Home Office — which is in charge of immigration — has absolutely no idea where they are. Just recently, many of these same criminals have re-offended and are once again back in prison at the British taxpayer’s expense.

Secondly, Patricia Hewitt, the Health Secretary, was jeered and heckled by nurses and National Health Service (NHS) workers during a conference in Bournemouth. Hewitt declared the NHS, suffering from cutbacks and equipment and staff shortages, as having had “its best year.” Many in the public health profession disagree. They are fretting over the future of their jobs while doctors in general practice are making up to as much as £125,000 per year.

Thirdly, the Deputy Prime Minister’s affair with one of his secretaries was exposed. John Prescott — already distrusted for having not paid his council taxes — enjoyed a two-year liaison with private secretary Tracey Temple, more than 20 years his junior. A local government minister said of Prescott’s cheating, “I think it is a private matter for the Deputy Prime Minister.” On this count, however, I suppose that neither the Tories nor the Liberal Democrats can talk, as they recently have had to deal with Boris Johnson’s and Mark Oaten’s own illicit affairs, respectively.

But the most important Labour scandal, by far, is the sheer ineptitude on the part of Charles Clarke of the Home Office. The number of foreign criminals released is staggering: five killers, nine rapists, five pedophiles, 93 robbers, over 200 drug offenders, and 225 other various violent criminals — all released from prison and slipping through the cracks of lax immigration enforcement. The Home Office has admitted it has no idea where they are and what they’re up to. Some have already ended up back in jail. As common sense should tell you, the recidivism rate for foreign criminals is high.

“This is regrettable and I apologize,” Charles Clarke said in a statement. You’re telling us, Mr Home Secretary. It’s even more regrettable that you ended up in your position. And Tony Blair should apologize for keeping you on. It’s regrettable that you don’t have the sense of duty to resign. Only in government can somebody drop the ball so disastrously and still retain their job.

But this scandal is symptomatic of a nation that has completely lost control of its borders. Foreigners, under the label “asylum seeker” or “European economic national,” stream into Britain by the thousands every year. They clog up England’s prison system. And when they are released, they don’t get deported. Even if they did, they would just find a way back in.

The Daily Mail, however, had no such trouble locating some of these foreign undesirables, publishing their rather lengthy rap sheets. One of them, a Jamaican who sexually assaulted a nine-year-old girl, whined that he could not be deported back to Jamaica because his life would in danger due to the stigma of sex offenders there. Doesn’t your heart just bleed for him? Yeah mon, and de Home Office, dey are sensitive to dis sort of t’ing, dey no send me back, so me free to assault children again. One wonders if the girl he assaulted is considered to have human rights in this country.

The constant bleating over bogus asylum seekers’ human rights is one reason why the fascist, white supremacist British National Party (BNP) is gaining in the polls. White working and middle-class citizens are being told that if they wish to keep their neighborhood the way it is, it’s racism. If a Muslim or black community wants to stay that way, it’s “desirable” multiculturalism. One Labour government advisor, who wrote the government report on the Bradford riots of 2001, declared some communities “unhealthily white.”

“Some of the neighbouring areas of Notts and Derbyshire do seem to be unhealthily all-white. There is some evidence to show they are hostile to black and ethnic minorities,” wrote this Labourite. Ah, yes, of course, there’s no hostility to whites in largely black or Asian communities, silly us.

The government talks about whites as if they were a cancer on the landscape, while dodgy foreign criminals commit crimes and rising numbers of British Muslims declare jihad on them. It’s regrettable but, I fear, understandable why the BNP is enjoying a surge in popularity among white Britons.

New Labour is proving so out-of-touch with the ordinary British citizen that I cannot possibly see them doing well in the upcoming local elections. I mean, most sane people would vote for a crisp packet before they’d vote for the British National Party. But if the BNP does enjoy considerable success at the polls, New Labour will have only itself to blame.

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  • Kledo

    British National Party is a sensible alternative to the so called mainstream parties which are only about hypocrisy, bigotry and political correctness. Get used to it.

  • I get your point, Kledo. You’re a thug. Have a good day.

  • Kledo

    Mark, nothing can better illustrate your hypocrisy than your double standard:

    “Personal attacks are not allowed. Please read our comment policy.”

    If you are offended by different opinion than that one of your – and quite many so called “tolerant” types are offended – why do you allow to post comments here?

  • RedTard

    The BNP is dead in the water because you are racists. Everyone knows racists are evil, remember Hitler’s great genocide.

    I find it interesting that if you leave off the racist label used to destroy you and simply put your policies to a vote many of them received majority favor. The racist label is way more effective than having popular policies I think.

    My one question though, in the 20th century 5 of the 6 greatest genocides totalling 10-20 times the number of deaths from the Nazis were carried out by hard left communist/socialist regimes. Why is there no stigma attached to left wingers?

    The greatest thing to ever happen to the political left was Hitler and the development of ‘racist’ as a slur to describe anyone on the right. They’ve used their one great genocide to amazing effects, even passing laws regarding denial and forcing kids to be indoctrinated and bow to the stigma.

    The right has been completely inept at using the five great leftist genocides. Everyone knows the holocaust, I doubt most could name 2 or 3 of the others.

  • Kledo, I have made it clear that I too am disgusted by political correctness, the demonizing of whites and a society that acts as if multiculturalism/diversity is so sunny and great and is never a problem. On that, you and I can agree.

    However, the BNP is not the answer. They are extreme-Right thugs who do not care about democracy, they just want to gain power to legitimately kick the crap out of anyone they don’t like. I don’t particularly like that the BNP is homophobic and anti-Semitic in addition to all the other things that they are.

    I was not at all being hypocritical when I called you what I did. You responded to this piece by telling me that I had to “get used to” the fact that the BNP was the only answer. So that made me think of you as some skinheaded lad who drinks 20 lagers a day and beats up a Sikh on the way home from the pub.

    I’m sick of this lenient, politically corrrect society taking over Britain. It doesn’t mean I want to hand the country over to racist, anti-democratic thugs. If you vote for the BNP, you’re a thug. Plain and simple. No arguments.

    As for me, I’d love to see a strong, self-assured Tory party back in power, one that won’t hesitate to bring the words “border control” and “deportation” back into the Home Office lexicon.

  • Kledo


    Admittedly you are upset by PC as I’m. The problem is simply in the fact that I don’t believe your Conservatives could change anything. After all you can take a look at Australia where is a so called conservative “hardliner” in the charge of governement and they the same mass immigration as well as you have. So I think you will be very disappointed in the future.

    Now you can see that I refer to “your” country. And thats the good news for you – I cannot participate in your elections. You can look at my IP and you will see that I write from the former Eastern bloc so I have lost substantial part of my life living in the “red” fascism. And I surely do not intend to waste the rest of it in some form of “pink” fascism nor even in the “brown” original. BNP is only a radical alternative to your main stream and I find it healthy. Especially in the situation when your parties are culprits of your current mess.

    When travelling around the Europe I visited Albania, Romania, Moldavia and Ukraine but for the first time I have been mugged in your country and your police was, let us say, not very able to help me.

    In one short sentence: I have enough.

    And to my alleged thuggery: have a master degree and speak three foreign languages in addition to my mother tongue.

  • MEM:

    I respect you, and you know this. But I am unable to support your assertion that anyone who supports or votes for the BNP is a “thug.”

    I’ll admit, as an American, I don’t follow British politics very closely, and I don’t know too much about the BNP.

    So, let me ask you: What makes you think the BNP is racist and fascist? Do their leaders want to end democracy and kill non-whites?

    I am curious because supporters of the Minutemen here in the US are often called those same names by people in the media, and as a supporter of the Minutemen, and I resent that name-calling.

    If the BNP is just a British version of the Minutemen, I would gladly support the BNP if I was a Brit. But if the BNP wants to kill or deport all non-whites and end democracy while praising Hitler, then I agree with you that they are a bunch of fascist thugs.

    So, which is it?

  • RJ, you should know me very well by now indeed, that I am a pretty staunch conservative and no fan of the diversity crowd’s political correctness. Do you honestly think that I would warn against the British National Party based on some misinformed, knee-jerk, Pavlovian liberal reflex? Do you give me no credit for having lived here in England for seven years? I should know what the BNP is like and have some solid reasons for standing in opposition to them.

    The BNP is a political off-shoot of The National Front, a far Right organization which is also active in France. Have you heard of Jean Marie Le Pen? Well, he gave the BNP his spiritual support and the BNP did not turn it down. They have welcomed endorsements from French, German and Austrian neo-Nazi fascists.

    The BNP has also denied the Holocaust, anti-Semites that they are. And, as a bisexual (and proud of it), I am deeply offended by their deeply-entrenched homophobia. I want nothing to do with any government they might form, be it local or national.

    The problem is, many current supporters of the BNP think the party has changed, softened and mellowed, and that they have disowned the extremists. They have not. The BBC got secret footage of a BNP rally from just two years ago and it sounded like a Hitler Youth meeting.

    The BNP is not, nor ever will be, the equivalent of a patriotic American organization/party. The Minutemen are patriots; the BNP are racist extremists. They have not changed. I doubt they ever will.

    I think it’s a disgrace that this country fought so valiantly against fascism and Naziism 60 years ago only to see a variant of this same ideology gain favor in British politics.

    I ache to bounce the loonies out of office that are running the asylum that is modern-day Britain. That does not mean I want to replace them with more loonies.

    And I suppose Klebo is right when he says the Conservatives won’t do much either. But that’s a chance I’ll just have to take, because the BNP will never get an endorsement or support from me, even if I share their supporters’ sense of outrage at the madness gripping Britain.

    By the way, you might also ask Dave Nalle about the BNP too as he wrote an article denouncing them about two months ago, if I remember correctly.

  • Also, RJ, I refer you – and Kledo – to this piece I wrote for BC a year-and-a-half ago, just to further supplement how I feel about this whole sticky subject. You’ll see that views have hardly changed – they remain the same.

  • Okay, glad you don’t lump the Minutemen into the same group as the BNP.

    Look, if these BNP clowns are seriously giving Hitler Salutes and talking about a Great Britain based upon the rules of Starship Troopers, I oppose them as well.

    So, my follow-up question is: Can a Cameron-led Conservative Party actually push serious immigration reform through the House of Commons? Or are they like the Republicans of the US: They talk a good game to get elected, but then lack the balls to actually do what they said they we gonna do?

    – RJ

  • RJ: Seriously, I think the Tories (the Conservatives) are as bad as the GOP – they talk tough and sound good but in the end betray the base that supported and elected them.

    But right now, I feel they’re the only option. I ain’t voting for the Greens, Respect (a socialist anti-war party led by George Galloway), the BNP, the Liberal Democrats, and Labour’s now lost what used to be my supportive vote …

    … so I’ve got to go with the Conservatives and hope for the best.