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New Jazz Thing

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Blogs are blooming with the spring like flowers and bloomy things and stuff. Slicing the bloggy pie into ever finer specialties, radio station KSDS (Jazz 88 San Diego, 88.3 FM) has a jazz blog:

    The hunt is on for people who are blogging about Jazz, Music, Art, and Radio! Each week on The New Jazz Thing blog (, I’ll be linking to those in the blogging community that are writing about the new Jazz album they heard or bought, something cool and hip (or not) they heard on their favorite Jazz music outlet (broadcast, cable, web, TV), their favorite Jazz album, a review of a show they’ve seen, or any other such New Things. Each week on The New Jazz Thing, the Live radio show from Jazz 88, KSDS San Diego, 88.3 FM (and now re-streamed at we’d be reading from the blog between cuts of totally fresh New Jazz Musical Things and hopefully talking to a few of the bloggers Live either in studio (for folks local or flush enough to fly in for the gig) or via live phone-in. I want the Live show to be a venue to share all Things Jazz and New.

    We are going to kick this off this Thursday, April 17, 2003, from 6 to 9 pm PT with a show to honor the re-streaming of the Jazz 88 signal on the web.

So get on it jazz-bloggers.

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