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New Jacko documentary planned

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From: CMU

Shine, the TV production company founded by Elisabeth Murdoch, has announced it has produced a new programme about Michael Jackson based around an interview with the singer’s parents, Joe and Katherine Jackson. The company say that in the interview, to be broadcast in the US by ABC on Friday and by ITV next Monday, the Jacksons talk about the recent allegations made against Michael and give an insight into the singer’s early life as part of the Jackson Five. Winning the right to screen the programme is a bit of a coup for ITV – given the fall out after ITV’s own Martin Bashir documentary earlier this year. Whether the official interview with Joe and Katherine will give any more insights than the mini-interview Louis Theroux managed to conduct with Joe Jackson on his BBC documentary dedicated to Michael remains to be seen.

Meanwhile in Jacko news, US network CBS is reportedly hoping to win a new interview with Michael himself. The network shelved a Jackson documentary just after the latest scandal broke. It seems the network now plans to give that documentary – timed to coincide with the release of Jackson’s new greatest hits album – an airing, but wants a new interview to give the show some timeliness, and presumably to make it must-see television.

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  • Eric Olsen

    Michael doesn’t seem very good at explaining himself, he mostly seems to creep people out. Since he already said he sleeps with children who are not his own, what can he say other than reiterate that it isn’t sexual. The public has already expressed pretty clearly that they don’t approve of the sleeping arrangements and the general obsession with children wholly apart from the sexual allegations.

    What Jackson needs to realize is that he can’t control the world at large, only his own little corner, and obviously, he can’t even control that.

  • Jonathan

    I think the tv producers hope he sais something off the wall and crazy. Better ratings, and everyone will talk about it, so then the rerun will do good too.
    I’m starting to get sick of Jacko too, He was on the front page of my newspaper for crying out loud a few weeks ago.