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New Horror DVD Release List: March 27, 2007

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by Johnny Butane

Dread Central Horror DVD ReleasesAfter Dark Horrorfest
Directed by Various

In lieu of listing all seven movies coming out as part of the After Dark Horrorfest set, I thought it’d just make more sense to point out the entire box set. In case you weren't a huge fan of all the films, it’s good that they’re being released separately as well. Included in this box are Unrest, Wicked Little Things, The Gravedancers, Reincarnation, The Hamiltons, Dark Ride and Penny Dreadful.

Dread Central Horror DVD ReleasesAlbert Fish (2006)
Directed by John Borowski

Here’s a serial killer who, to this point, had not yet had a movie made about him, though something tells me that’s going to change now that there’s one out. From the same guy who did the intriguing film H. H. Holmes: America's First Serial Killer comes the tale of Albert Fish, a Depression-era killer who lured children to their deaths utilizing torture a sadomasochism. If it’s anything like H. H. Holmes, then it’s got more style than most, so be sure to check it out!

Dread Central Horror DVD ReleasesCinema of Death
Directed by Various

A compilation of some of the more extreme films in the last few years, or so says Cult Epics, the company releasing this set. Inside are five films from various directors exploring the extreme sides of human nature, be it murder or betrayal, with a mixture of themes and ideas. To be honest, some of the film descriptions sound interesting, but something tells me it might be a lot more indie than it comes across. Find out for yourself, and then let us know!

Dread Central Horror DVD ReleasesThe Eden Formula (2006)
Directed by John Carl Buechler

My God, folks, Jeff Fahey is back! And he’s fighting freakin’ dinosaurs! He plays a doctor who develops a technology that can reproduce any type of organism, and unbeknownst to him, someone has used it to make a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Now if that doesn’t sound like a plotline directly out of straight-to-video titles from the 80’s, I don’t know what does. And if nothing else it’s got Jeff fucking Fahey in it! And Dee Wallace Stone!

Dread Central Horror DVD ReleasesPervert (2006)
Directed by Jonathan Yudis

You know when you really just want some time away from your regular life, to go somewhere you can concentrate and get things in perspective? James is lucky enough to have a place like that, the desert ranch of his father. Unfortunately for his down time, though, James soon realizes that his father is a psychotic madman. Sounds pretty straightforward, but I really think it’s anything but.

Dread Central Horror DVD ReleasesPumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes (2006)
Directed by Jake West

Almost 20 years after Stan Winston made his directorial debut with the first (and best) Pumpkinhead film, Evil Aliens director Jake West brings the revenge demon back, creating a direct sequel to the first film. Early reports from its debut on the Sci Fi Channel weren’t exactly favorable, but hopefully the DVD will put some edited material back in that will make it a little better. One can dream, right?

Dread Central Horror DVD ReleasesRoman (2006)
Directed by Angela Bettis

Some of us have been waiting a long time for this one, the directorial debut of May star Angela Bettis, who swapped with actor Lucky McKee for this companion piece, as the duo have stated previously. The story is of a man (McKee) who has the misfortune of having a terrible life that gets even worse when a chance encounter with the object of his obsession goes horribly wrong.

Dread Central Horror DVD ReleasesTuristas (2006)
Directed by John Stockwell

Yeah, this one didn’t really turn out as well as we all may have hoped, but at least it’s got Melissa George in a bikini for most of its running time. It’s also unrated which, sadly, doesn’t necessarily mean there will be more organ harvesting than in the theatrical version. But it could mean more swimming, and that’s never a bad thing, right? Wrong.

Dread Central Horror DVD ReleasesUltimate Versus (2000)
Directed by Ryuhei Kitamura

For some reason that even I don’t get, Kitamura decided a few years back to go out and shoot 10 minutes worth of new stuff for his classic gangster/zombie/time travel film Versus, arguably the film that most horror fans know him for. Finally we get to see the results of it in the U.S. thanks to the folks at Media Blasters. The new footage, new songs and loads of new features have been included, filling up two full discs and making this a must-own for any Versus fan!


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  • Mat Brewster

    Wow! It’s like bad movie magic. The name of Fahey is mentioned and BAM the Duke is there. Followed shortly, I suspect by Aaron Fleming.

    I demand a Mugwump Letters on that there film forthwith.

  • Jeff Fucking Fahey indeed! Can it better Scorpius Gigantus? Only time will tell…