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New Hooked Android App Finds the Best Games

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There seems to be an overwhelming number of games currently available in the Android Marketplace, and if you only choose what to play based on the ones that are at the top of the charts, you are probably missing out on a bunch of great games that would interest you. The team at Hooked Media Group have realized this, and has announced that their free app, Hooked, is now tracking well over 250,000 available Android games to help you sort through the clutter. Similar to how the Netflix and Pandora services gives their users recommendations on what to watch or listen to, this new app takes user feedback and provides a personalized recommendation of games based on your gaming preferences, ratings, stats, and social aspects.

The more games that you rank, the more personalized the recommendations become, helping you find games you might not have otherwise discovered, as well as providing development teams another way to get their titles in the hands of gamers. “As the number of games in the Android Marketplace continues to rapidly increase, it is getting harder and harder for consumers to find the games that best fit their interest,” said Prita Uppal, CEO of Hooked Media Group. “The Hooked app is an easy-to-use resource that will help gamers find the ‘hidden gems’ in the Android Marketplace and deliver compelling content that until now was not receiving the attention it may have deserved.”

The app also provides more than a recommendation service. The Personal Dashboard tracks your gaming statistics. You have access to all of your installed games right from the app, along with details of how many games you have been playing and how long you have played each of those games. You can also check to see what games your friends are playing, or browse the community and see what others are playing and whether or not they like those games.

Besides just some useful info, Hooked also has the ability to create a game queue. You pick the games you want, add them to your account queue, and when you have a chance, you can install and play them when it is more convenient. This seems to be a much needed feature, as portable gaming on a platform like Android is usually a quick pick-up-and-play situation where you only have a few minutes to grab a quick round of whatever you are currently playing. For more information on Hooked Media Group, visit their website or you can download the Hooked app in the Android Marketplace.

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