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New Guns N’ Roses Tracks Leak Online, New Album Soon to Follow?

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There are signs of life coming from the juggernaut known as Guns N’ Roses. I shudder to write that. I shudder to write that because we have all been had by Axl Rose any number of times in the past decade. I shudder to write that because it is not like Axl was all that predictable or dependable during the glory days of the band. I shudder to write this because of my knowledge of the history of Al Barger’s Axl Rose’s Birthday piece for Blogcritics. Two years have passed (it was written for Rose’s42nd birthday) and it continues to receive a flood of comments. Two years and 400 comments later… my e-mail inbox might not ever recover.

The big GNR news of the day: Yahoo! News is reporting three studio-quality Guns N’ Roses tracks have been leaked online. The songs: “There Was a Time” (aka T.W.A.T.), “I.R.S.,” and “Better.” These tracks, one might cautiously assume, are part of the nine years in the making Chinese Democracy.

This on the heels of Rose confirming the band will perform at the Download 2006 festival at Donington in the U.K. after recently telling Rolling Stone magazine, “People will hear music this year.” That statement being an apparent referenced to the now legendary alleged follow up to the band’s Use Your Illusion I & II.

Former GNR guitarist Slash has told reporters the album is coming out in March despite not having spoken to Rose in 10 years.

If this story sounds familiar, it should. Axl and his replacement Gunners mounted and aborted a tour in 2002 again under the guise of a soon-to-be forthcoming Chinese Democracy. The tour imploded, Rose went back under the radar, and the album never surfaced.

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  • yawn.

  • I know, Saleski. I know. We’ve all heard this before and it’s funny that someone who technically hasn’t done anything in a decade can still command headlines.

    I’m not schilling for the guy here. I confess to a mild curiosity but I actually think the album is going to blow.

    I wrote the story because… well, it is a story just like… other things that are stories. I won’t be first in line to buy the album but I will want to hear a song or two from it.

  • yea, i’m not dissin’ you in any way.

    it’s just kind of funny that people are so interested in this record. SO much musical water has passed under the bridge since G’n’R…i just can’t see how the music will be interesting.

    who knows. maybe Axl will suprise us all.

  • I’ll tell ya… I don’t know where the guy is going to have anything relevant to say but then I didn’t think the Red Hot Chilli Peppers would go from a sophomoric, fratboy, funky, party band into the Beach Boys reincarnated. I didn’t think they had that progression in them. There last two albums haev really had some depth to them, depth I didn’t expect. The old Chilli Peppers were fun and talented but they ran around with socks on their dicks. Who could have expected it?

    Could Axl surprise us and have an interesting record with interesting things to say? Maybe. I think the attention is mostly in the Anna Nicole Smith trainwreck department.

  • heh…dat’s a good way to put it.

  • Alp
  • no way…one non-legit download perceived and axl will pull his braids out, take his toys and go home.

    i wanna see the train wreck in its full glory.

  • We also don’t know if these are the final mixes or not. No telling. He could decide now to pull the whole album.

  • hmm…it might be kind of fun to see him pull his braids out.

    (commencing download…)

    (actually, have no idea what to do with a torrent link. don’t care either)

  • Saleski, if you need some Torrent 101 I will give you the tips offline.

    We’ve all heard the sound of him ripping his braids out… it would be fun to watch.

  • Ski Cooper


    I cannot wait for this album. To me, there was no better band in the late 80s and early 90s. From the second I heard “Welcome to the Jungle,” I was hooked.

    In fact, I was working at the first hit (CHR) radio station in the country to add “Welcome to the Jungle” to their playlist — this was before “Sweet Child O’ Mine.” As a result, they sent me a mounted gold record of the album and I had all five of them on my radio show — mostly Duff.

    Not that any of the above is important, but I’ve remained such a fan. Axl’s voice is unique and their riffs and solos were unlike any other band.

    I’ve heard the song entitled “IRS”. The quality of the recording was poor but the melody was there, Axl’s voice was there, the powerful guitars were there. Man — I dug it.

    I remain a steadfast fan. I had tickets to their Washington DC show three years ago (which subsequently blew up after the “riot” in Philadelphia.

    I can’t wait. I cannot wait.

  • this may be sacrilege, but i thought that GnR put out one great record. Appetite was great…all the Use Your Illusion stuff did nothing for me.

    once Axl moved off into power ballad land, he lost me.

  • I think they made one great record and one good record. I think Use Your Illusion had one good album of material and an album of filler. Appetite is pretty undeniable.

  • teutates

    axl who?

  • slash who?

  • In response to a question about 2006 musical trends for a music poll I participated in this year, I responded “Axl Rose will finally stop tinkering and release ‘Chinese Democracy’ upon an unsuspecting world, only to have that world tell him they no longer give a shit about him.” Looks like we’re one step closer to me actually coming out like Kreskin. Cool.

  • Saleski, in your age-induced fog, you may have forgotten to consider that there was a second truly great record: GN’R Lies. Yes, the live stuff was merely fodder, but the B side is indispensable.

  • it’s almost 20 years old. you’ll be callin’ ’em dinosaurs soon, so why should i bother?

  • Vern Halen

    Elvis. John Fogerty. Boston. The Velvet Underground. And any of 100 dozen bands you’d care to name, well known or otherwise. People just want to know if the rock ‘n’ roll comeback still has the power to convert middle age complacency into youthful rebellion, if only for a moment, at least. I was never a big fan of G’n’R, but I would love to see them come back and kick everybody’s can around the block for one more album & tour, just so we can all say if they can do it, anyone, including each of us ourselves, can do it too.

  • Guppusmaximus

    All this for a band that put out ONE solid album?? I guess if ya like ’em then ya like ’em, but I was disappointed after “Appetite…”. I remember because I heard them for the first time on “The Metal Shop” on WAAF(1987-I was 12). “Welcome to the Jungle” was played and my friends and I bought the tape. My point?? I guess the music from “Appetite…” had been aroundfor awhile before they struck it big time because how else can you explain the dismal sh!t that was released after that?? Anyways, I haven’t been a fan since….

    Hey Ski, I have to disagree…The Cult came out with TWO solid releases in 1987 & ’89 that were better (in my opinion) rock albums…”Electric” & “Sonic Temple”. Hell, G’N’R used Matt as their drummer even though “Use your Illusion I & II” sucked major ass!!(Wasn’t his fault)

  • Alexei_Ivan

    I saw the LAST GnR concert before the no-show that started a riot and got ’em canceled – and it was unbelievable. The unrealeased tracks (Madagascar, Chinese Democracy) were awesome. IF this album ever comes out, it’s gonna rock.