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New Dylan CD in August

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Bob Dylan's eagerly anticipated new album will reportedly be in stores August 28 according to NME.

According to the NME story, the album will be entitled Modern Times and will be his first album of new music since 2001's 'Love & Theft'.  The nearly five-year gap in releases is one of the longest in Dylan's career.  Since 'Love & Theft,'  three installments of his archival Bootleg Series have been released:

Security around Modern Times is tight and only a handful of journalists have been allowed to preview the album under the condition they must not disclose any details of the album.  Naturally that has gone out the window and one source has suggested the album is similar in style to 'Love & Theft' while another has said there are at least three masterpieces on the disc.

No tracklisting has been released and the artist's site makes no mention of the upcoming disc.  Dylan is currently on tour in Europe.

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  • yes!!!!! oh god yes. here’s hoping Bob can make it three in a row. Actually more than three in a row, considering the gorgeousness of his two acoustic folk records before Time Out Of Mind.

  • What did you think of the magnificent ‘Love & Theft’, Duke? I have really loved it and Time out of Mind. Haven’t heard the two acoustic folk records of which you speak.

  • DJ, i adore Love & Theft. It’s a truly beautiful piece o’ work, and i was expecting something altogether less awe-inspiring following the magnificent Time Out Of Mind. You know what it’s like. One minute it’s Oh Mercy, the next it’s the record with Slash. but no, two masterpieces in a row!

    The folks records, World Gone Wrong and Good As I Been To You are gorgeous, if a touch slight, pieces o’ work. They’re all Dylan and his guitar, not a thing else, doing covers of old folk standards. World Gone Wrong in particular is stunning.

  • With Dylan always in the news it’s hard to believe The Wonder Boys song is all the new material we’ve had since then.

    Good As I Been To You has a wonderful cover of Froggie Went A Coutin’

    PS is listed vol 5 twice instead of 6.

  • ElB – you are correct on many levels and I will fix the error of 5 being listed twice. Damnation.

    “Things Have Changed” is a favorite of mine. I almost bought the newest single-disc compilation with that song on it.

    August is almost too far away.

    Duke – I will make it a point to check those out. I like the sparse stuff.

  • Your error was probably because you’re not a real Dylan fan, you Greatest Hits owner!

    (Can you tell I’ve spent some time reading the comments from the BC Politics section?)

  • Yeah, I can, because I said I almost bought the Greatest Hits album. Only a politics section frequenter would miss the nuance of the sentence and get it wrong. =) I’m kidding, ElB.

    I did mistakenly list V5 twice and appreciate your eyes catching it. I believe I have it fixed now.

    Dylan is one of those artists very difficult to sum up in a “Greatest Hits” format. It’s why I like Biograph a lot. It combines well known and obscure, released and previously unavailable material.

  • all kidding aside, Dylan fans get a free “greatest hits ownership pass” for his greatest hits. it’s sort of like Marley fans havin’ a copy of Legend.

    why? i don’t really know.

  • i admit to having volumes 1 and 2 of the best of bob dylan, which i bought on account of it being an australian “tour version” import. and it was the only place to get Thing’s Have Changed shy of the Wonder Boys soundtrack.

  • Djw

    Just want to add that the soundtrack of No Direction Home is magnificent for early music. There is a great version of Visions of Johanna and some others. Since you all seem to be big fans you probably already know, but thought I’d mention it anyway.

    I agree about the Love and Theft and Time out of Mind. Just amazing albums. And Oh Mercy is *sometimes* my favorite of all Dylan– which is hard to believe since a. I’ve been listening forever seriously. 40 years., and b. how can you pick *one.* I think ts impossible to have a favorite.
    But sometimes Oh Mercy just grabs you with that haunting sound. It kind of enters you and won’t let go.

    But hell. They all do that on occasion!
    I cannot wait for this.
    I gotta catch my breath.
    Be still my heart.

  • Interesting title…”Modern Times”, that was also the title of an Al Stewart album in the seventies. Usually Dylan titles are a little more original than that.

    At any rate, if this album continues in the same vein as “Time Out Of Mind” and “Love and Theft” I’ll be a happy camper. I love the stripped down bluesiness of those records and I especially love the weathered, gravelly voice Dylan’s been using of late.

    Can’t wait to hear it. Thanx for the report DJR.


  • “greatest hits albums are for housewives and little girls”
    – Bruce McCullough

  • Nik

    The first thing I thought of with the title is Chaplin myself — and it’s a pretty cunning allusion if that’s what it is. Anyway, I can’t wait!

  • Nik, Chaplin was what i thought, too! We can only hope Bob has a song about getting wrapped round cogs in a machine and the hilarious spanner-realted hijinks that ensue.

  • Uncle Sam

    In reply to Glen Boyd’s comment: ‘”Modern Times”, that was also the title of an Al Stewart album in the seventies. Usually Dylan titles are a little more original than that.’

    Modren Times” has also been used as an album title by Jeffreson Starship, Johnny Paycheck, Spyro Gyra, New Lost City Ramblers and many others.

    After so many recording artists have already used Chaplin’s film title to name their albums, it will be a shame if Dylan doesn’t come up with something better before his album releases.

  • Like I said….