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New DVDs for May 4, 2004

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Is it Tuesday already? It seems like it was just last week that I was… Oh yeah, it was just last week. Well, if this is Tuesday, it must be time for more new DVDs!

How shall I begin today? I know! Action/Adventure/Mystery/Suspense/Thrillers!
Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned/First Time Felon (2-Pack) [HBO] American Streetfighter [Trinity Home Entertainment] Art Of Revenge [Trinity Home Entertainment] Back To Bataan [Warner] Ballistic: Ecks Vs. Sever/Femme Fatale (2-Pack) [Warner Brothers] Bay Cove [Trinity Home Entertainment] Bigfoot: The Unforgettable Encounter [Trinity Home Entertainment] Blind Witness [Trinity Home Entertainment] Bloodsport/Romeo Must Die (2-Pack) [Warner Brothers] Boiler Room/Long Kiss Goodnight (2-pack) [New Line] Bridge Of Dragons/No Escape (2-Pack) [HBO] Capital Punishment [Trinity Home Entertainment] Code Name: Dancer [Trinity Home Entertainment] Collateral Damage/Eraser (2-Pack) [Warner Brothers] Cradle 2 The Grave/Training Day (2-Pack) [Warner Brothers] Death Ride To Osaka [Trinity Home Entertainment] Disciple Of Shaolin [Crash Entertainment] Dreamcatcher/Ghost Ship (2-Pack) [Warner Brothers] Exit Wounds/Under Siege (2-Pack) [Warner Brothers] Extramarital [Trinity Home Entertainment] Father’s Revenge [Trinity Home Entertainment] Firepower [Trinity Home Entertainment] First Samurai [Crash Entertainment] Flash Gordon #1 [Falcon Picture Group] Full Impact [Trinity Home Entertainment] House Next Door [Trinity Home Entertainment] In The Eyes Of A Stranger [Trinity Home Entertainment] Judge & Jury [Ardustry] Kiss So Deadly [Trinity Home Entertainment] Knockaround Guys/Ocean’s Eleven (2-Pack) [Warner Brothers] Last Man Standing [Trinity Home Entertainment] Ma Barker’s Killer Brood / Gangbusters: Special Edition [Image] Menace II Society/John Q (2-Pack) [New Line] The Missing Gun [Columbia/Tri-Star] Mortal Kombat/Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (2-Pack) [New Line] *
Natural Enemy [Trinity Home Entertainment] Night Of The Wilding [Trinity Home Entertainment] Nightmare At Bitter Creek [Trinity Home Entertainment] Primal Instinct [Trinity Home Entertainment] Rage [Trinity Home Entertainment] Secret Of The Shaolin Poles [Crash Entertainment] Shaolin Vs Manchu [Crash Entertainment] Storm & Sorrow [Trinity Home Entertainment] Stranger Than Fiction [Ardustry] The Sweeper [Trinity Home Entertainment] Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines/Pumping Iron: 25th Year Anniversary (2-Pack) [Warner Brothers] Web Of Deception [Trinity Home Entertainment]

Aw, how cute; Westerns!
Chisum/Cahill: U.S. Marshall (2-Pack) [Warner Brothers] Cowboys/Rio Bravo (2-Pack) [Warner Brothers] Outlaw Josey Wales/Pale Rider (2-Pack) [Warner Brothers] Searchers/Stagecoach (2-Pack) [Warner Brothers]

Since we’re doing genre films already, here is some Science Fiction/Fantasy:
Cyber Tracker [Trinity Home Entertainment] Future War [Trinity Home Entertainment] Prototype [Trinity Home Entertainment] Goddess Of Love [Trinity Home Entertainment] Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone/Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets (2-Pack) [Warner Brothers] Peter Pan (2003/Fullscreen) [Universal] Peter Pan (2003/Widescreen) [Universal] *

Oh! The Horror!
Hobbs End [Trinity Home Entertainment] Killer Tongue [Ardustry] Queen Of The Damned/Thirteen Ghosts (2-Pack) [Warner Brothers]

It is so time for the Drama:
15 Minutes/Frequency (2-Pack) [New Line] 61* / Do You Believe In Miracles (2-Pack) [HBO] About Schmidt/I Am Sam (2-Pack) [New Line] Angela Lansbury Double Feature [Falcon Picture Group] Battleground [Warner Brothers] Bonds Of Love [Trinity Home Entertainment] Cruel Game [Trinity Home Entertainment] Elephant [HBO] Evicted [York Entertainment] Flying Leathernecks [Turner Home Entertainment] Girl With A Pearl Earring [Artisan] *
Guardian Angel [Trinity Home Entertainment] Jane Doe [Ardustry] Last Samurai (Fullscreen) [Warner Brothers] Last Samurai (Widescreen) [Warner Brothers] Lies & Whispers [Ardustry] Merchant Of Venice [Image] Miss All-American Beauty [Trinity Home Entertainment] Navigating The Heart [Trinity Home Entertainment] Paris France [Ardustry] Plain Dirty [Universal] Prisoner Of Honor [Anchor Bay] The Proposition [Ardustry] Riot [Trinity Home Entertainment] Tomorrow [Home Vision] Zero Tolerance [Trinity Home Entertainment]

Easing ever-so-gently into the next category, here are the schizophrenic Dramedies:
Bloodhounds of Broadway [Universal] Critters/Willard (2-pack) [New Line] The Incredibly True Adventure of 2 Girls in Love [New Line] Love! Valour! Compassion! [New Line] Torch Song Trilogy [New Line]

And finally the actual real Comedies (laughs not guaranteed):
The Adventures Of Ma And Pa Kettle #2 [Universal] The Almost Perfect Bank Robbery [Trinity Home Entertainment] Austin Powers In Goldmember/Dumb And Dumberer (2-Pack) [New Line] The Best Of Abbott & Costello #2 [Universal] Blue Collar/Caddyshack (2-Pack) [Warner Brothers] Calendar Girls [Buena Vista] Chasing Liberty (Fullscreen) [Warner Brothers] Chasing Liberty (Widescreen) [Warner Brothers] Day At The Races [Warner Brothers] Desk Set [Fox] East Side Kids Double Feature 4 [Falcon Picture Group] Jeff Foxworthy: Totally Committed / Lightning Jack (2-Pack) [HBO] Hollywood Safari [Trinity Home Entertainment] In-Laws/Analyze That (2-Pack) [Warner Brothers] Loverboy [Columbia/Tri-Star] Maid For Each Other [Trinity Home Entertainment] Marx Brothers Collection (5-Disc Set) [Warner Brothers] Mighty Wind/Best In Show (2-Pack) [Warner Brothers] My Mother The Spy [Trinity Home Entertainment] Night At The Opera [Warner Brothers] Night in Casablanca [Warner Brothers] Noises Off [Buena Vista] Now And Then/Pleasantville (2-Pack) [New Line] On The Road With Bob Hope & Bing Crosby Collection [Universal] Police Academy/National Lampoon’s Vacation (2-Pack) [Warner Brothers] Three Of Hearts [New Line] What A Girl Wants/How To Deal (2-Pack) [Warner Brothers]

Here are some Family films:
Baby Know-It-All: Animals & ABCs [Big Vision] The Big Green [Buena Vista] Dancing In The Dark [Trinity Home Entertainment] David’s Mother [Trinity Home Entertainment] Great Locomotive Chase [Buena Vista] Herbie Goes Bananas [Buena Vista] Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo [Buena Vista] *
Herbie Rides Again [Buena Vista] High School USA [Trinity Home Entertainment] Miracle In Lane 2 [Buena Vista] Now You See Him, Now You Don’t [Buena Vista] Strongest Man In The World [Buena Vista] Thomas & Friends Set (3-Pack) [Anchor Bay]

Let’s crack open the Television Vault, shall we?
Bernie Mac Show: Season 1 [Fox] Campion: Dancers In Mourning [BBC Home Video] Campion: Flowers For The Judge [BBC Home Video] Campion: Mystery Mile [BBC Home Video] Campion: Season #2 [BBC Home Video] Campion: Sweet Danger [BBC Home Video] Gilmore Girls: The Complete First Season [Warner Brothers] Law & Order: The Second Year [Universal] Monarch Of The Glen: 1st & 2nd Set [BBC Home Video] Monarch Of The Glen: Series #2 [BBC Home Video] The Osbournes: 2 1/2 [Buena Vista] Party of Five: The Complete First Season [Fox] *
Secrets Of The Hunt #2: Best Of Bushnells [Goodtimes] Secrets Of The Hunt #3: Best Of Bushnells [Goodtimes] Sonny & Cher Ultimate Collection [Bayside Distribution] Three’s Company: 2nd Season [Anchor Bay]

There isn’t much clever to say about Animation:
Bobby’s World: Best Of [Anchor Bay] Samurai Jack: Season #1 [Turner Home Entertainment] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #9: Turtles In Space (Edited) [Funimation] The Triplets Of Belleville [Columbia/Tri-Star]

There is even less clever to say about Anime:
Boys Over Flowers #5: Be Still My Beating Heart [Viz Entertainment] Kiddy Grade #3: Lies Beneath (Uncut) [Funimation] Legend Of The Mystical Ninja #4: Love Is A Powerful Weapon [A.D. Vision] Little Snow Fairy Sugar: Summer Special [Pioneer] Little Snow Fairy Sugar: Summer Special (Limited Edition) [Pioneer] Magical Kanan #1 [Digital Versatile Disc] Magical Kanan #2 [Digital Versatile Disc] Magical Kanan #3 [Digital Versatile Disc] Magical Kanan #4 [Digital Versatile Disc] Magical Kanan SET [Digital Versatile Disc] Magical Kanan Special #1 [Digital Versatile Disc] Magical Kanan Special #2 [Digital Versatile Disc] Magical Kanan Special SET [Digital Versatile Disc] Maids In Dream #1 [Digital Versatile Disc] Maids In Dream #2 [Digital Versatile Disc] Maids In Dream (2-Pack) [Digital Versatile Disc] Mama #1 [Digital Versatile Disc] Mama #2 [Digital Versatile Disc] Mama (2-Pack) [Digital Versatile Disc] Project Arms #9: End Of The First [Viz Entertainment] Reboot: The Animated Movies [Anchor Bay] Yu Yu Hakusho #23: Dangerous Games (Edited) [Funimation] Yu Yu Hakusho #23: Dangerous Games (Uncut) [Funimation]

As always, Foreign Films:
Caballo Prieto Azabache (A Jet Black Horse) [Goodtimes] Caminos De Michoacan (Road To Michoacan) [Goodtimes] El Gavilan Pollero (The Chick Hawk) [Goodtimes] El Senor Fotografo (Mr. Photographer) [Goodtimes] Gran Hotel [Goodtimes] La Sombra Del Caudillo (The Shadow Of A Leader) [Studio Latino] Necesito Dinero (I Need Money) [Goodtimes] Soy Un Profugo (I’m A Fugitive) [Goodtimes] Una Pura Y Dos Con Sal (One Straight & Two With Salt) [Goodtimes] Volver Volver Volver (The Return Return Return) [Goodtimes]

Documentaries and “Special Interest”:
Billabong Odyssey/Grind (2-Pack) [Warner Brothers] Bob Wills: Fiddlin’ Man [View] John Wayne: American Legend [Image] The Life & Times of Pope John Paul II [Goldhil] MC5: A True Testimonial [Vanguard] Troy: The True Story [Delta Entertainment]

At last, Music:
Andre Rieu: Romantic Nights [Red Distribution] Armored Saint: 1991-2001 [Red Distribution] F.E.D.S.: Special Edition [Image] John Oates: Live At Historic Wheeler Opera House [Red Distribution] Patti Page: Video Songbook [View] VNV Nation: Pastperfect (Limited Edition) [Music Video Distributors]

I’ve only been monitoring these lists closely for a few weeks now, and already I don’t have a good impression of Trinity Home Entertainment, despite the fact that I’ve never seen one of their DVDs before, and I don’t even remember seeing their name before today. Isn’t that awful?

Oh, look, a What A Girl Wants/How To Deal 2-Pack. I thought those were the same movie.

As tempted as I was by the T3/Pumping Iron 2-pack, it isn’t one of my five “Check It Out” picks this week. That honor is reserved for the best of the best, like Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo. When the car comes apart at the end, well, they just don’t make them like that any more. And Peter Pan is a very fine film indeed. Party Of Five was a weekly treat in my house, and it will be a struggle to resist purchasing it on DVD. Hmmm, how many seasons were there again?

Girl With A Pearl Earring is worth watching. Trust me on this one.

You might be wondering about my choice of the Mortal Kombat 2-Pack. But have you seen them? Yeah, they’re juvenile, but they’re enjoyable. If you’re into fantastic (in the original sense of the word) martial arts, that is. And I am. These are “Phillip sez Check It Out” picks, and you’re welcome to make your own list of five in the comments if you don’t like mine.

Quite a few of the 2-Packs look pretty good this week, like A Mighty Wind/Best In Show, but I only give myself five picks.

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  • You left out Jizzum / J-Blo — US Marsh-balls, Baybee

    Wait, didn’t there used to be a web page which had a weekly list of the porn title versions of all the new releases.

  • ELEPHANT is the cream of the crop of these DVD’s coming out. It’s a CAN’T MISS.

    Make sure you see it.

  • I don’t know anything about it, though I was curious when I saw that it is an HBO release. What is it about, Pappy?

  • Elephant is the latest Gus Van Sant film. It shows us the day in the life of an ordinary high school. Only thing is that it’s not an ordinary day as two students are about to do a Columbine style shooting.

    It follows several students throughout the day, not sticking to chronological order until the final “act.”

    Elephant is great is because it’s an accurate depiction of a school shooting. The violence is very realistic. It’s not glorified. People are shot and the killers move on. So does the camera.

    It’s very realistic too as it’s shot at a real high school, and no actors are used, just students of the high school. The cinematography is WONDERFUL and the movie is simply awesome. If you were in high school, or had kids in school, you would be mortified. It’s THAT powerful (but not long at all, although it does seem to take forever as you sit there knowing the fate of the characters you are following).

    Check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Shark

    The new “Peter Pan” is a true masterpiece, one of those films where the filmmakers got everything right.

    Unfortunately, it didn’t strike a nerve with the public or the critics — which, of course, in the Shark household — means it’s probably a must-see because it’s sure to have originality and intelligence.

    Ditto for “The Triplets of Belleville” which also has a wonderful soundtrack.

    Both are great for kids, too!

  • Shark

    Just curious: anyone know what’s the deal with separate fullscreen vs widescreen dvds?

    They usually put ’em together on one DVD. Is this a new trend or was I just not paying attention?

  • Shark: Different studios handle different films in different ways, and they’ve done it for a while, unfortunately. Many films are now widescreen-only, but especially for family films, even normally widescreen-only studios make exceptions.

    Two of my kids prefer widescreen, because I was able to demonstrate (thanks to Disney), that they would miss things otherwise. One hats the black bars. She’s outta luck on an either/or choice, but with the glorious and blessed studios that put both on the same disc, I give her one out of every five or so.

    Me, I’d vote for a two-disc set if they really need more than 4.7GB for the video. I mean, hey — you only need one audio track, since it’s the same movie.


    Want to see a movie given 4 stars from
    USA TODAY? (okay, not edgy, but mainstream)

    You never heard of it, because it’s an indy film with
    no marketing budget- but it’s in BlockBuster and NetFlix and anywhere else- just gotta dig for it…


    A film about high school football.

    At least check out the website!

    I may have made the film, but this is not an attempt to sell them- it’s an attempt to connect a doc film that beat thw WINNER OF SUNDANCE with the audience who’d appreciate it…

    Family more than football, really-

    About a father who must play his ONLY son-
    as coaches of #1 and #2 team in Pennsylvania…

    That’s HUMAN drama…


    (for real…. for free…)

    T H E L A S T G A M E

    “The best documentary I have ever seen.”


    Respectfully submitted:

    The Co Director

    T. Patrick Murray