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New “Divergent” Still Reveals Theo James as the Perfect Dauntless

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It is being touted as the next The Hunger Games, which wouldn’t be so wrong given both are dystopian stories. But Divergent is as far away from the Lionsgate’s other blockbuster as could be.

Entertainment Weekly exclusively revealed the first look at Golden Boy actor Theo James, who will be playing the hero known simply as Four initially. The character’s role is to train the new Dauntless initiates in the dystopian Chicago of Veronica Roth’s books.


Divergent is the story of a future where citizens in Chicago are grouped into Factions: Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Dauntless and Erudite, based on core human values. Teenagers must go through examinations that tell them where they are best suited. When Tris Prior (The Amazing Spiderman 2 actress Shailene Woodley) gets a potentially dangerous result, she must choose whether she will stay with the safety of her family or leave for another faction.

The Internet has been abuzz; many fans are unhappy with the choice of actor; As some have commented on the movie’s official Facebook page, James, who will turn 29 this December, is too old. The character Four is only 18 years old in the books.

While it may be a legitimate concern, the actor is actually a brilliant fit for the role of the Dauntless trainer. He is a commanding leader and people both fear him and look up to him. He obviously cannot look like any other 18 year old hanging around his friends as he steps foot in a new college campus (or in a new Faction compound). James looks like a trained leader whose no-nonsense attitude oozes from him. He looks the role.

From the intense face and strong jaw to the biceps and clenched fists, James really nails the aura of Four. When an author describes a character, it’s more to do with the overall characteristics rather than a tiny exact detail like blue eyes. Because blue eyes or not, Theo James is here as the perfect Dauntless.

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