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New company helps get new on-air talent

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This sounds like an ad, but its not. I just found it at AP.
Web Site Helps Get New Talent on the Air
Oct 6, 10:26 AM (ET) | By CODY ELLERD

NEW YORK (AP) – Jonathan Menjivar volunteered at a local station trying to break into public radio. But after months of stuffing envelopes, he still had no clue how to produce a piece, much less get it on the air.

Then he found a Web site that helped him accomplish both.

Transom.org is an online workshop where material is refined and offered up to broadcasters in a virtual “shopping mall.” Transom staff, listeners and even radio professionals provide hopefuls with feedback.

The goal, founder Jay Allison said, is to get new and unsolicited voices on the radio.

“Breaking through, putting something together and having people hear it, that’s what’s really hard,” Menjivar said, “and that’s what Transom really excels at.”

When the site was just getting started in 2001, Menjivar had an idea for documenting an offbeat book tour by author Neal Pollack.

Menjivar pitched it to Allison, a 25-year veteran of National Public Radio and four-time Peabody Award-winner, who saw potential even though Menjivar had never done a radio piece.

Allison worked with Menjivar to craft the piece, staying in contact with him from the road, offering guidance and advice and loaning him audio equipment.

…. … …. …

The Transom site is here.

Now my medium is the typewriter not the voice (though I did have a dream about opera last night), but this site I thought might be of interest to readers at Blogcritics.

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