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New Beginnings Continued

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Continuing on our Heartland Spa experience with a healthy spirit. So lets talk about the food!

Our last article, we discussed the meal plan and were concerned that we would not be satiated. However we were pleasantly surprised we were not starving!! Chef Barb was great, making sure if we had any dietary restrictions and would modify the menu as needed. Even a vegan could be satisfied. Her recipes are available in a cookbook and simple to prepare. We never knew what ramikan was. Believe us, if spa2docs can create a souffle, so can you.

The accommodations were very basic. No TVs and no cell phones allowed, except in your room. It was different, and we were hesitant at first, but you really are busy and don’t even think about it once you are there. There are numerous classes offered thruout the day, with a variety to choose from. You have the option to do them all, or some, or none. The choice is yours. We, of course, tried them all, and we were pretty sore afterwards!The classes offered included yoga, meditation, strength training and cardio. Have you ever heard of a BOSU ball? We hadn’t, and used it for a few classes and it taught us a lot about balance and core strengthening! Guess what’s on our holiday wish list for this year? They also taught classes with different techniques offered based on ability. Nothing to be intimidated by!

Stay tuned for when we discuss how to get motivated and stay motivated as we review the lectures that were given at the Heartland Spa. Remember — the brain is a muscle and happiness is an exercise!

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