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New Beginnings Completed

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Would you take a pill if it could lower the risk of stroke by 27%, reduce incidence of diabetes by 50%, reduce the incidence of high blood pressure by 40%, reduce the risk of Alzheimers disease by 40%, and decrease depression as effectively as Prozac? That pill is …exercise. This was our time to get motivated and stay motivated. We were able to reduce our stress with spa getaways.

We are completing our experience at Heartland Spa.  We needed to overcome some mental and physical challenges, to conquer our fear! We needed to enhance our personal growth outside of the nutritional meals, exercise classes, spa services, and overall pampering. We had to incorporate the lectures from the trainers on how to stay positive and to reach our goals. The idea of self-efficacy, which is a situation-specific self-confidence in one’s ability to accomplish a task, was reinforced.

We learned that if health is absent then wisdom can not reveal itself. We can become balanced by unwinding and losing the stress. We need to believe that our behaviors will produce an outcome, and have realistic goals.

Some lectures regarding health did not ring realistic to two medically trained doctors. Reflexology was comical. So were other hokey techniques of relaxation such as a detoxifying foot bath, which apparently provides an environment for your body to absorb millions of charged ions (what?); when you place your feet in the bath the ions alkanize your blood and get rid of body wastes (did not study this in med school). However, whatever it takes to overcome your barriers and get healthy. Believe it, do it!

Life is not merely being alive but being well. So, if we can conquer our fears by age-proofing our bodies and minds, so can you. Keep reading this series as we discuss our next spa experience at Sundara Spa in Wisconsin.

So this is what the doctors ordered.

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