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New Artist Alert: Sarah Solovay

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I’m sick of Miley Cyrus. I’m really sick of the Jonas Brothers. I’m looking for some fresh, new pop talent to balance out my already awesome country music. I’ve discovered Sarah Solovay, an ordinary New York high school student with extraordinary talent.

Although she doesn’t have a label, she has thousands of fans on Myspace and a lot more fans — like me — that aren’t on MySpace. You can listen to all of her songs on MySpace. My favorite right now is probably “Gone.”

I wouldn’t mind having “Gone” as a ringtone. The chorus of “Gone” is fun and catchy. The song is very true about relationships, “The problem with romances there are no second chances / But life goes on.” It captures the feeling after a relationship fizzles and it really shows Sarah’s vocal talents. I want to see Miley Cyrus sing a song like that.

Sarah’s songs are very easy to relate to. When I see Miley Cyrus, I don’t think I can relate to her or what she’s saying. I think Sarah is the spokesperson for all teenage girls. We all know what she’s feeling because it’s what we feel. This is rather important to me when I choose what I want to listen to.

Lyrics are also really important. One reason why I love Taylor Swift is she’s an excellent songwriter – definitely one of the best. Sarah has the same songwriting talents. She gets her message out in a beautiful way.

Radio Disney discovered her. She’s a part of Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing, starting up April 4th-29th. If she wins, she will perform at a Radio Disney concert event. Go to her MySpace page for more information.

There will be a live BC radio interview with Sarah, where you can call in and ask her questions. We may even play some of her music! The show is April 1st at 5PM Pacific. The call-in number is (646) 478-0017.

She says she’s “the lovechild of Coldplay, the Killers, and Michelle Branch.” I think she’s the next great thing. I’d watch out for her.

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  • Steve

    i love this girl!!
    i discovered her music today!
    and already fell in love!!!!
    awesome artist