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New Album Releases, Week of 10-11-2005

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Girl power continues to rule again in this week’s new releases. The true queen of all time and space, Dolly Parton continues her rule of the universe with the release of a curious sounding new album of bluegrass flavored covers, Those Were the Days. On the extremely questionable side, she sings “Imagine.” There oughta be a law against covering “Imagine.” On the good side, she re-unites with ol’ Porter Wagoner for the title song, and I’m pretty interested in what she might do with “Both Sides Now” or “Me and Bobby McGee.”

If that’s not enough girl power, there’s a new album by the lesbian teen craze t.A.T.u., who are Dangerous and Moving. It remains to be seen if they’ve come up with another actual good song. Stranger things have happened.

The girl power keeps on a comin’ with an Unplugged album by Alicia Keys, is acoustic but not stripped down, with full orchestrations. WARNING: This CD purposely corrupted by the record company with copy protection, so you may wish to look this up on P2P for a download rather than paying for stuff that’s designed not to work.

Ah, and representing for the “men” this week, albums by Jackson Browne, Hanson and Ricky Martin. Monsieur Martin has been seeking to expand his sound by going to India for string sections on this record. Also, I would have thought he was commercially left for dead, but I note that his Life album is as high as #26 at Amazon today.

Anyone who has heard any of these albums is encouraged to leave notes in comments.

Here’s the complete list of this week’s major new album releases, courtesy AMG:

The Constantines Tournament of Hearts Sub Pop
Indie Rock

Jamie Cullum Catching Tales Verve
Singer/Songwriter, Vocal Jazz, Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, Ballads

Danger Doom The Mouse and the Mask Epitaph / Ada
Underground Rap, Hip-Hop

Gang of Four Return the Gift V2
Tribute Albums, Alternative Pop/Rock

Alicia Keys Unplugged J-Records
Neo-Soul, Contemporary R&B, Urban

Abel Alegria Musica Tommy Boy
Club/Dance, House

Adult. Gimmie Trouble Thrill Jockey
Neo-Electro, Detroit Techno

Gary Allan Tough All Over MCA Nashville
Neo-Traditionalist Country, Contemporary Country, New Traditionalist, Americana

Jackson Browne Solo Acoustic, Vol. 1 Inside Recordings

Castanets First Light’s Freeze Asthmatic Kitty
Indie Rock

Celebration Celebration 4AD/Beggars Banquet
Indie Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock

Chocolate Genius Inc. Black Yankee Rock Commotion
Adult Alternative Pop/Rock

The Clientele Strange Geometry Merge
Indie Pop, Alternative Pop/Rock

Susan Cowsill Just Believe It Blue Rose
Roots Rock, Singer/Songwriter

Deerhoof The Runners Four Kill Rock Stars
Noise-Rock, Indie Rock, Post-Rock/Experimental, Noise Pop

Dios Malos Dios Malos Star Time
Indie Rock, Neo-Psychedelia

Dirty Three Cinder Touch & Go
Experimental Rock, Indie Rock, Post-Rock/Experimental, Instrumental Rock

Drowningman Don’t Push Us When We’re Hot Thorp

Dru Hill Hits Def Soul Classics
Club/Dance, Urban, Hip-Hop

Early Man Closing In Matador
Heavy Metal, Indie Rock

Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir Baltic Voices 3 Harmonia Mundi
Baltic Choral Music

Gerald Finley A Song – For Anything: Songs by Charles Ives Hyperion
Modern Vocal Music

The Living Blue Fire, Blood, Water Minty Fresh
Indie Rock, Garage Rock Revival

Fontegara Sonatas Novohispanas, Vol. 2: Mùsica Barocca Mexicana Urtext
Mexican Baroque Music

Jason Forrest Shamelessly Exciting Sonig
Experimental Techno, Indie Electronic

Gamma Ray Majestic Sanctuary
Power Metal, Heavy Metal

Mark Gardener These Beautiful Ghosts United for Opportunity
Indie Rock

Great Lake Swimmers Bodies and Minds Misra
Indie Rock, Sadcore

Hanson The Best of Hanson Live and Electric [Bonus Tracks] Three Car Garage

George Huff Miracles Word Entertainment
Contemporary Gospel, CCM, Urban, Adult Contemporary

Gidon Kremer Bach: The Sonatas & Partitas for Violin Solo ECM
Baroque Chamber Music

Lambchop/Hands Off Cuba Colab Merge
Chamber Pop, Alternative Country-Rock, Indie Rock

Lucero Dreaming in America [CD & DVD] Liberty & Lament
Alternative Country-Rock, Indie Rock, Country-Rock

Magnolia Electric Co Hard to Love a Man Secretly Canadian
Alternative Country-Rock, Indie Rock

Ricky Martin Life Sony
Latin Pop, Dance-Pop, Pop/Rock, Adult Contemporary

matt pond PA Several Arrows Later Altitude
Indie Pop, Chamber Pop

Mouse on Mars Live04 Sonig
Experimental Techno, Experimental Ambient, Post-Rock/Experimental, Indie Electronic

Vanessa-Mae Choreography Sony
Contemporary Violin Music

P-Love All Up in Your Mind Ninja Tune
Indie Electronic, Downbeat

Dolly Parton Those Were the Days Sugar Hill
Country-Folk, Country-Pop, Traditional Country, Contemporary Country

The Rakes Retreat Dim Mak
Indie Rock, Punk Revival

Roswell Rudd Blue Mongol Sunnyside
Avant-Garde Jazz, Asian Folk, Tuvan Throat Singing, Modern Creative

Kate Rusby The Girl Who Couldn’t Fly Compass
British Folk, Traditional Folk, Irish Folk

Sevendust Next Winedark
Alternative Metal, Industrial Metal

Story of the Year In the Wake of Determination Maverick
Emo, Punk-Pop, Alternative Metal

t.A.T.u. Dangerous and Moving Interscope
Club/Dance, Euro-Dance

Susan Tedeschi Hope and Desire Verve
Modern Electric Blues, Contemporary Blues

Paul Weller As Is Now Yep Roc
British Trad Rock, Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Pop/Rock

Hank Williams Turn Back the Years: Essential Hank Williams Collection Mercury Nashville
Honky Tonk, Traditional Country

Robert Wyatt Theatre Royal Drury Lane Wyatt
Prog-Rock/Art Rock

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  • uao

    t.A.T.u.’s version of The Smiths’ “How Soon Is Now” is a (very, very) guilty pleasure of mine.

  • It’s official. I’m an old fart. I can say that of all those recordings being, that I’ve only heard of four, and they were probably all performing before the others were born. Gang of Four were one of my favourite punk/funk groups in the eighties (“To Hell With Poverty” should have been the song I chose to represent me in a movie)Aside from them the other barely even make the contemporary title, Jackson Brown, The imaculate Dolly(who when she’s allowed the freedom to what she wants, is wonderfull) and of course Hank, the original Rock and Roll star who burnt out going super nova in the back seat of a Cadie.

    I content myself with the fact that none of the young punks today could hold a candle to Hank for integrity and style.

  • Vern Halen

    Hank III has his moments too.

  • Gypsyman, I feel the same way you do some days. I am sitting here listening to the legendary Otis Rush rather than subject myself to the contemporary crap being passed off as music. Otis. There’s integrity and style, too.

    Al, you might want to bold type the part about Alicia Keys being defective.

    And when did Jackson Browne start carrying the macho bucket? The times they are a-changing.

  • Hey, 200 kmph in the Wrong Lane was a pretty good album and upon first listen, Dangerous and Moving seems to be along the same line. Good stuff.

  • The Theory

    yeah. i’ve been listening to Dangerous and Moving for about a week now (but not non-stop… too much good music out there for that)… but it’s solid. I don’t find it quite as their first one… but i was always more into the Russian version of that, anyway. Wish there was more russian on this cd.

    but still. a cd i’m glad to have.

  • Yeah, Dangerous and Moving doesn’t quite have the same impact as the previous offering but I think it’s good enough that they’ve overcome the cliche of having a sophomore slump. It’s a worthy offering. I’m diggin’ it.

    (And I totally agree with you on the too much good music to listen to at the moment–I’m falling behind on a lot of them!)

  • As hard as I’ve tried, I’m just not able to get into Alicia Keys to the extent that so many other soul music fans do.

    I’ve tried considering her a musical step-child of Chaka Kahn, then Prince. But my friend has poo-poo’d the notion. “Puh-leeze!” he insists.

    I enjoy watching her televised performances, have mucho respect for her writing and accomplishments as a pianist. But vocally, she just doesn’t warm me fully up. And how I wish…

    But of the rest of your list, I’m interested in what Jackson Browne and Gang of Four are doing. Mildly curious, also, about Ricky Martin. I hope he can recapture the fame. He’s really still quite a joy to watch.


  • Gang of Four is cool…


    *scrolling down list*
    “The new TATU?!?!?!?!?!!?”
    *runs into bathroom*
    *2 minutes later*
    *walks slowly and contentedly out of bathroom, with rosy cheeks, and sleepy eyelids, grabs car keys, bullet belt, nunchucks, and pith helmet, proceeds to nearest Best Buy*
    *Bursts into house, rips boombox out of Lil’ Brick’s hands, opens lid, rips out Teletubbies singalong CD and throws it frisbee-like out window. Slowly, gently and lovingly removes TATU CD from jewel case womb and throws it frisbee-like out window. Removes CD booklet and sprints to bathroom*
    *1 minute later*
    *walks slowly and contentedly out of bathroom, with rosy cheeks, full lips, and slight limp, places Obituary’s “Frozen in Time” CD loving and gingerly into boombox*
    *presses play*
    *sits back on pleather recliner, takes sip of half calf/decaf, closes eyes*
    *bangs head*

  • Lifesaver

    t.A.T.u.’s “Dangerous & Moving” is THE PERFECT follow-up to the first platform that t.A.T.u. had the first time around. So they broke free of Ivan Shapovalov, the manager who constructed their lesbian image they were contractually bound to. They COULDN’T EVEN TALK…that’s why there were so few interviews & gossip. Now Lena & Yulia finally got the courage to change managers & stick up for their own artistry. (We’ve all seen this with N’Sync & Mandy Moore who, if they wanted to make it big at first, had to have creative constraints). They’ve broken free now (& the song Obezyanka Nol shouts how they were “monkeys”, or puppets, to Shapovalov).
    This album is all about truth… and FREAKIN AWESOME SONGS. “All About Us” is just that…they’re singing about what’s real now… NOT an image. They don’t need it anymore. It’s tired. The video to this song would either make or break their comeback as a pop duo that can stand on their own two feet… and it SURPASSES anything they did before. It’s an amazing song. The video shows a more polished t.A.T.u., definitely growing into gorgeous 20-somethings.
    “Loves Me Not” is rip-roaring and catchy. Here, the truth comes out again, this time about a bi-sexual love triangle, and how their relationship was alienated when a guy came into the picture.
    “Friend or Foe” is one of the best songs on the album. It was written very well & Sting plays bass in it. It’s the second single & very rightly so.
    “Gomenasai” talks about the fragility of their relationship in real life. Behind all the false images of the past & about the real relationship they’ve made since they auditioned for the soloist positions in t.A.T.u. as girls. Not many know this, but when Yulia found out she was pregnant, the first person she called was Lena: not her parents, not anyone – Lena. In “Gomenasai” Yulia says she “wanted to call” Lena & ask her “for help/ I stopped myself”. These songs on this album are like JOURNALS…it’s SO gutsy & REAL.
    “Craving (I Only Want What I Can’t Have) grew on me more & more. It’s very catchy & chorus driven.
    “Perfect Enemy” is, in my opinion, about many things. 1) Their love/hate relationship. They’re Russian. Come on. They have spats. Yulia’s a firecracker & is a hot-tempered girl. Lena’s more subdued & demure, but whatever tiffs they have, they’re back together 5 minutes later. We all do that. This song is about how the person you love gets undoubtedly on your nerves. 2) It’s pointed at Shapovalov & how they’re no longer under his “domination”. 3)Pointed at the audience. A sort of “I’m not a girl, not yet a woman” statement. They’ve grown up & let them sink into their own right. They need to breathe & just be themselves. They’re OUR perfect enemy. The song has a wicked pin-prickly chorus of sounds that dig deep. It grew on me like moss.
    “Dangerous & Moving” is entirely catchy. Not as catchy as “All the Things She Said” or “Not Gonna Get Us”, & is a little slower paced, but still has that Industrial/pop fusion that makes their sound hot. It’s an awesome way to close the album.