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New Album Releases, 8-21-2007: Vee Jay Box Set, Ronnie and the Del MCoury Band, Travis Tritt Scheduled for Camp Mimi

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Actual new music looks pretty thin this week, but we've got one especially tasty looking four CD box set, Vee-Jay: The Definitive Collection out from Shout! Factory. Vee Jay Records was the top black owned record label of the pre-Motown era, founded by a husband and wife team in Gary, Indiana in 1953. By the time they dissolved in bankruptcy in 1966, they'd recorded all kinds of groovy blues, doo wop, gospel, and soul. Among many luminaries among the 86 tracks of this box set are John Lee Hooker, Betty Everett, Jerry Butler, the Staple Singers, the El Dorados, and the Moonglows.

They also did pretty good with their first white act, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. It was at Valli's suggestion that they licensed the first Beatles albums in America back before Capitol saw fit to start releasing them – though there's no Beatles on this set.

Between the handful of familiar groovy hits, notably "At My Front Door," and lots of tantalizing stuff unknown. This looks like something people need to hear.

Ronnie McCoury has Little Mo' McCoury, recorded with his dad Del and their band. This is billed as the first bluegrass children's album. Some might be skeptical of what could be done with stuff like "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." However, after Springsteen messed up my world singing stuff like "Mr Froggie Went a-Courtin'," I for one am listening to such stuff with new ears. The McCourys have THE top bluegrass band in the world today, and I bet they could kick your ass playing "I've Been Working on the Railroad."

But the real kicker is the first song. They start their "children's album" with a personal fave underrated Dylan song from his Slow Train Coming album, "Man Gave Names to All the Animals." The Amazon preview clip sounds really sharp.

I suspect Travis Tritt of likely high crimes against Geometry and Theology in his new album The Storm. That would be apparently some relation to a quiet storm, ie a "soul" album produced by Randy Jackson. If that prospect from this mediocre "country" singer doesn't put you off, note that this includes two new Diane Warren songs being unleashed on the world. Look, stuff like this is why we voted for the Patriot Act. When next I update our list of Enemies of The People, Mr Tritt may be finding himself scheduled for re-education at Camp Mimi.

Here's the complete list of this week's major new album releases, courtesy AMG:

Imperial Teen The Hair the TV the Baby & the Band Merge
Indie Rock, Punk-Pop

M.I.A. Kala Interscope
Alternative Dance, Club/Dance, Hip-Hop

The New Pornographers Challengers Matador
Indie Rock, Pop Underground

Rilo Kiley Under the Blacklight Warner Bros.
Indie Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock, Indie Pop

Hey, Frankie Valli WAS recording for a black-owned labelVarious Artists Vee-Jay: The Definitive Collection Shout! Factory
R&B, Uptown Soul, Doo Wop, Soul, Detroit Blues, Pop-Soul, Juke Joint Blues, Blues Revival, Northern Soul, Pop/Rock, Black Gospel, Electric Harmonica Blues, Electric Blues, Electric Chicago Blues, Chicago Soul

Aiden Conviction Victory
Post-Hardcore, Emo, Alternative Pop/Rock

Architecture in Helsinki Places Like This Polyvinyl
Indie Electronic, Indie Pop

As I Lay Dying An Ocean Between Us Metal Blade
Heavy Metal, Alternative Metal, Thrash

Paul Bley Solo in Mondsee ECM
Improvisation, Free Improvisation

Joe Bonamassa Sloe Gin Premier Artists
Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, American Trad Rock, Blues-Rock, Singer/Songwriter

Peter Brötzmann The Complete Machine Gun Sessions Atavistic
Structured Improvisation, Free Improvisation, Free Jazz, Avant-Garde

Caribou Andorra Merge
Indie Electronic, Shoegaze, Noise Pop, Dream Pop

Miles Davis Evolution of the Groove Sony
Broken Beat, Funky Breaks, Electronica, Jazz-Rock, Fusion, Funk, Hip-Hop

Ella Fitzgerald The Very Best of the Duke Ellington Song Book Verve Labels
Vocal Jazz, Standards, Swing

Judy Garland Greatest Hits Live Savoy Jazz
Traditional Pop, Standards, Show Tunes, Vocal Pop, American Popular Song

Armando Ghitalla A Trumpet Legacy Bridge
Baroque, Romantic, Modern, and Contemporary Trumpet Concertos

James Gilchrist The Far Country: 26 English Songs by John Jeffreys Divine Art
Contemporary Vocal Music

Lee Hazlewood Something Special MGM
Obscuro, Baroque Pop, Pop, Lounge, Country-Pop

Ian Hobson Don Gillis: Symphonies Nos. 3 & X; Tulsa Albany
Modern Orchestral Music

Ingram Hill Cold in California Hollywood
Roots Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock

Gregory Isaacs The Winner: The Roots of Gregory Isaacs Trojan
Reggae-Pop, Lovers Rock, Roots Reggae, Political Reggae, Rocksteady

Kinski Down Below It's Chaos Sub Pop
Experimental Rock, Post-Rock/Experimental, Space Rock

Talib Kweli Eardrum Blacksmith/Warner Bros.
Underground Rap, East Coast Rap, Hip-Hop, Alternative Rap

MC5 Live at the Saginaw Civic Centre, Jan. 1, 1970 Get Back Italy
Detroit Rock, Proto-Punk, Hard Rock

Ronnie McCoury Little Mo' McCoury McCoury
Sing-Along, Bluegrass

Loreena McKennitt Nights from the Alhambra Verve
Celtic New Age, Celtic Fusion, Adult Alternative, Worldbeat

The Mekons Natural Quarterstick
Post-Punk, Alternative Pop/Rock, College Rock, Punk

Mendoza Line 30 Year Low Glurp
Indie Rock, Alternative Country-Rock, Alternative Folk

Travis Morrison Hellfighters All Y'All Barsuk
Indie Rock

Vaclav Neumann Smetana: Ma vlast Berlin Classics
Romantic Orchestral Music

Joe Nichols Real Things Universal South
Contemporary Country, Neo-Traditionalist Country, New Traditionalist

Numbers Now You Are This Kill Rock Stars
Indie Rock, Noise-Rock, Indie Electronic

Operator Soulcrusher Atlantic
Post-Grunge, Hard Rock

Tetraphonics The Invitation: Saxophonquartette des 20. Jahrhunderts [Hybrid SACD] Cybele
Modern and Contemporary Chamber Music

Original Soundtrack Halloween [Original Soundtrack] Hip-O
Original Score, Soundtracks, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Punk

Over the Rhine The Trumpet Child Great Speckled
Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock

Ratt Tell the World: The Very Best of Ratt Atlantic/Rhino
Pop-Metal, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Hair Metal, Album Rock

Dax Riggs We Sing of Only Blood or Love Fat Possum
Alternative Pop/Rock, Indie Rock

Josh Ritter The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter RCA Victor/Sony BMG
Contemporary Folk, Alternative Country-Rock, Contemporary Singer/Songwriter, Singer/Songwriter

Tom Russell Wounded Heart of America Hightone
Americana, Folk-Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Urban Folk

Sixx: A.M. The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack Eleven Seven
Hair Metal, Heavy Metal

Stereo Total Paris-Berlin Kill Rock Stars
Indie Pop, Alternative Pop/Rock

S.O.D. Rise of the Infidels Megaforce
Heavy Metal, Thrash, Punk Metal

Swizz Beatz One Man Band Man Motown
Party Rap

Travis Tritt The Storm Category 5
Contemporary Country, Country-Rock

Various Artists Ear Gardens: American Festival of Microtonal Music Pitch
Contemporary Microtonal Music

Various Artists Total 8 Kompact
Tech-House, Club/Dance, Experimental Techno, Minimal Techno, Left-Field House

The Waterboys Book of Lightning W14
Inspirational, Folk-Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock, Celtic Pop

Stevie Wonder Number 1's Motown
Motown, Urban, Funk, Soul, Smooth Soul

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  • Shelley

    How dare you call Travis Tritt a mediocre entertainer. He has more talent in his pinky finger then some of the crappy artists that get airplay these days. You are probably tone deaf of just like to listen to shit.

  • A Moment To Smile

    Shelley My Friend you tell it like it is!!! T. Once again has done a Hell of a job on his new album. Different? Yes! Good? Yes! It only shows he is not stuck in on gear..He can shift from Down yonder to, Soulful Drive…People that make comments such as the one made are jealous..They have to make the comment so they can get attention!..When Someone like Travis already has it!

  • mediocre? your articles are mediocre, travis has soul and power and actually sings from the heart which is something all other artists on the radio lack nowadays, I think the new album is great compared to the pure shit everyone else is releasing, people shouldn’t write articles when they have no clue of what they’re talkin about, you should quit writing and find a job that better fits your mentality, I hear mcdonalds is hiring!

  • This is not a personal attack, but the slurs that you posted against Travis Tritt, appear to me as a personal attack. He is a very talented performer, and I think it is so very wrong for you to attack him and his music. If you don’t like this comment, then so be it, but everyone has a right to speak his or her mind in this free country of ours, and it seems to me you did your part of speaking your mind, and I think you are just a stupid jerk to say something like that about Travis. He has more talent in his litte finger than you do in your whole body. Thank you for letting me speak my mind.

  • bassjam72

    Mediocre? Travis’s success speaks for itself. 18 Albums and many multi platinum sales under his belt, I wouldn’t call that Mediocre and weak!! Mediocre is a word I would use to ‘overate’ your writing and critic skills. I hope your ‘less than mediocre’ skills land you in the unemployment office, looking for a mediocre minimum wage paying job. Which, by the talent you possess, probably got payed minimum wage for writing this. Toby Keith, whom you also might claim is mediocre, wrote a song called “The Critic” . It talks of a wanna be star who fails, and now critiques the successful stars in his local newspaper.. Sound familiar buddy? Give it a listen sometime.

  • Dang, I can’t get away with anything. Y’all have busted me hard with your deep psychological insights into my being based on one new albums article. It’s true: I’m just jealous of Travis Tritt, and that’s why I mock him. I’m sure that Travis Tritt singing Diane Warren is some brilliant soul music that would make me forget about Otis Redding, much as his previous “country” music makes me forget all about Merle and Porter and such.

    Obviously, anyone who is unimpressed with the work of a major selling artist just doesn’t like good music. But while we’re at it, I must confess to similar crimes of jealous spite against artists who are even better (ie sell even more records) than Travis Tritt. I’m still in hateful denial against Celine Dion and Mariah Carey among others.

  • Kristenguth

    Travis is a wonderful Country Music Artist!! How dare you personaly attack his new album! His new album is WONDERFUL! It’s a different kind of Travis Tritt album but is truely a great album. All of Travis Tritt’s album are THE BEST!! EVERYTHING Travis Tritt sing’s is nothing but PERFECT!! I think you need to just take your Negativity somewhere else!!

  • I note that two Tritt fans now have criticized me for “personal” attacks on Mr Tritt. So perhaps for the benefit of illiterate modern country music fans, I point out that my comments were not in any way personal. For all I know, Mr Tritt is a fine fellow, and a good neighbor. “This record sucks” would not be a personal attack, but professional criticism. As Michael Corleone would say, it’s not personal – it’s strictly business.

    And folks what think Travis Tritt represents “perfection” really, really need to listen to some Hank Sr and Tom T Hall, for starters. Seriously, anyone what thinks that any of these modern country singers are great, much less perfect, is suffering from stunted music appreciation faculties.

  • Mona

    I for one can not believe the reviews you gave Travis. A Mediocre performer? I for one have been to 3 of his concerts, and have every song that he has released. I have been to many other artist in concert and He put on the best concert by far!! Maybe your Cowboy hat is too small for your big head and its not letting you really hear the best of the best. I have been a huge Travis Tritt fan, and will always be, so I guess your opinion really dosen’t matter anyway

  • Shelly

    Everybody has the right to their opinion and not everybody is going to like the same music. I am a big fan of Travis Tritt and I have his new CD the storm and I think it is awesome. He is no mediocre country singer.

  • Shelly and Mona, you seem like some nice young ladies. Miss Mona is absolutely right to say that my bad opinion doesn’t matter if she hears a record and likes it. Right on, sister. If Travis Tritt does it for you, that’s fine. I note that this column is NOT a review of this new album, which I haven’t heard. I’m just saying that it doesn’t sound promising.

    Dig Travis Tritt if he does it for you, but perhaps you might also raid some of my vintage music stash. I’d particularly recommend trying the Stringbean, starting with “Give Me Back My Five Dollars”

  • Myra

    I am very upset about your comments on Travis Tritt’s new CD the Storm! I have this CD and think it is one of his best yet! I have been a very BIG fan of his for a long time, and will continue to be. I come from a family that believe’s if you can’t say something nice them don’t say anything at all!
    Listen to me people go buy the CD! You won’t be sorry!

    Love you Travis!!!!!!

  • Micki

    Travis’ new CD is different. But then again, I like different. And no, not everything Travis sings is gold. But I have been a fan since country club, and calling his work mediocre without at least hearing it, doesnt do it justice. Give it a chance, and you’ll be humming along too.

  • Jen-A

    Saw Travis Wed. night in Hotlanta. Yes, it was hot and so was Travis Tritt. He rocked and we danced and sang along. I’ve seen him countless times and he always puts on a GREAT show. I’ve seen alot of performers amd he is one of my favorites! Wendell Rocks too darlin. Got the new cd and I already love it. Too bad we don’t have the same taste in music.

  • Hilary

    Dude. What Travis Tritt album were you listening too? I’ve heard all the songs on his new album and I did NOT hear a single mediocre song anywhere. I have never heard Travis sing a mediocre song. That’s why I have all his albums, because it’s fresh and origional. I only listen to quality music. You, sir, either need to look up the word mediocre in the dictionary ot make sure you know what it means, or make sure you have the right singer’s name before you slam someone like that.

  • Hilary, et al- In the interest of fairness, I should be a bit more specific in my comments in the article. That was a just a couple of glib sentences about an un-promising sounding album that I have not heard. Therefore, that is NOT a review of The Storm.

    Also, I will limit my general remarks with the note that I don’t remember much of Tritt’s music to say much about it. But I know that I’ve heard it, as he’s been very popular on country radio. That right there is a pretty good indication that he’s just not very memorable.

    But for having heard a bunch of his hits, the only one I can remember at all is “Country Club,” and that struck me as a perfectly mediocre song. It’s a minimally competently composed basic pop song, but shallow and dumb and lacking any particular depth. I’ve heard worse, but of all the possible things you could listen to, I can’t for the life of me see why someone would devote the limited hours one is given to live to listening to this nothingness.

  • phil

    dude, just listen to some of his albums and realize that travis goes alot deeper than country club, than you can write about how you’ve made a mistake and probly will end up being a fan and all will be good in life, “don’t down it till you’ve tried it”

  • Radio

    Well, you were right. No radio airplay for the Cd, and Tritt sings like he has a mouth full of mud.