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New Album Releases, 4-17-2007: Avril Lavigne, Nine Inch Nails, Bucky Covington

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Avril Lavigne has her third album out this week, Best Damn Thing. Judging by the songs she played on SNL, this might be a decent disposable pop album. In the current marketplace, she'd have to rate above average quality for teen pop stuff.

Where Avril Lavigne doesn't come off well is if you (or she) offers her music up as being somehow "punk rock" of any fashion. Avril Lavigne is not a self-loathing, suicidal, drug addicted whore. Therefore, while having a bit of aggressive musical energy, she still could never qualify as "punk rock." That aggression is not punk, but spunk – and that's nice too, unless you hate spunk like Lou Grant does. I'm just saying that young Avril more resembles Mary Richards than Courtney Love. That's a good thing.

Trent Reznor has him a new Nine Inch Nails album, Year Zero. Historically, he's pretty much got a couple of things that might be considered legitimate song compositions, padded out with bunches of studio noise effects passed off as music. Reznor himself describes this album as even more "sound collage" than previous efforts.

However, this project has a really interesting marketing campaign based on an elaborate set of seemingly disparate and cross-linked conspiracy websites. They spin out the dystopian storyline for this sci-fi record. If Mr. Reznor spent as much energy on the composition of melody as on marketing shtick, he'd likely have been making much better music. On the other hand, the marketing seems to be working – it's the #1 album currently at Amazon. Plus, I would like to try a fat dose of Parepin. Sounds trippy.

Speaking of dystopian futures, the American Idol domination of pop culture continues with a "country" album by Bucky Covington – whom I so far blissfully have never been exposed to. Plus, he doesn't look quite gay enough to be a modern country singer. However, I'm becoming painfully aware of the American Idol idea of country music via Carrie Underwood. There's some ugly stuff in the water to be producing stuff like the American Idols, whether it's Parepin or old fashion fluoridation. I'm just saying that something seems to be corrupting the purity of our precious bodily fluids.

Here's the complete list of this week's major new album releases, courtesy AMG:

Bucky Covington Bucky Covington Lyric Street
Contemporary Country

Avril Lavigne Best Damn Thing Arista Avril Lavigne is awfully cute, ain't she?
Punk-Pop, Teen Pop, Pop/Rock

Nine Inch Nails Year Zero Universal Japan
Industrial Metal, Alternative Metal, Industrial

Noisettes What's the Time Mr. Wolf? Vertigo Garage Rock Revival, Indie Rock

Watermelon Slim and the Workers The Wheel Man Northern Blues
Electric Blues, Acoustic Blues, Contemporary Blues, Folk-Blues, Country Blues, Electric Country Blues, Modern Acoustic Blues

Anya Alexeyev The Russian Music Box Marquis
Russian Piano Music

Joseph Arthur Let's Just Be Lonely Astronaut
Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative Singer/Songwriter

The Band Best of a Musical History Capitol
Folk-Rock, Country-Rock, Rock & Roll, Album Rock, Pop/Rock

Breaking Benjamin Phobia [CD/DVD] Hollywood
Alternative Metal, Post-Grunge

The Chrysler Cold War Classic [Bonus Tracks] Galaxy Gramophone
Swedish Pop/Rock, American Trad Rock, Indie Rock

Guy Clark Live from Austin, TX New West
Alternative Country, Country-Folk, Singer/Songwriter, Progressive Country

Clorox Girls J'Aime Les Filles Better Youth Organization
Punk Revival

The Comas Spells Vagrant
Indie Rock, Indie Pop

The Cowboy Junkies At the End of Paths Taken Latent/Zoë
Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative Country-Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock, College Rock

Elk City New Believers Friendly Fire Recordings
Indie Rock

Fightstar Grand Unification Universal/Island
Post-Hardcore, Emo, Hard Rock

The Flesh Firetower Gern Blandsten
Indie Rock

Friar Tuck Friar Tuck & His Psychedelic Guitar [Bonus Tracks] Fallout
Psychedelic Pop, Baroque Pop, Psychedelic, Novelty

Darrell Grant Truth and Reconciliation Origin
Post-Bop, Crossover Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Neo-Bop, Bop

Greyboy Allstars What Happened to Television? Sci Fidelity
Club/Dance, Acid Jazz

Lou Harrison Lou Harrison: In Retrospect New World
Contemporary Chamber Music

Richard X. Heyman Actual Sighs Turn-Up
Pop Underground

Howlin' Wolf The Definitive Collection Geffen
Electric Chicago Blues, Chicago Blues, Electric Memphis Blues

Jean Michel Jarre Teo and Tea Eastwest
Mixed Media, Club/Dance, Progressive Electronic, Adult Alternative, Electronic

Nigel Kennedy Nigel Kennedy: The Platinum Collection [Box Set] EMI Classics
Romantic & Post-Romantic Violin Concertos

Lady Saw Walk Out VP
Ragga, Dancehall

Levinhurst House by the Sea What Are Records?
Alternative Dance, Club/Dance

Lumidee Unexpected TVT

Page McConnell Page McConnell Legacy
Jam Bands, Jazz-Rock

Paul Mow Die Schoumlne Opus 33 Lyrichord
Romantic Vocal Music

New Ruins The Sound They Make Hidden Agenda
Alternative Singer/Songwriter, Indie Rock, Lo-Fi

1997 A Better View of the Rising Moon Victory
Emo, Indie Rock

Alexandre Rabinovich Alexandre Rabinovich: Die Zeit Megadisc
Contemporary Chamber Music

Original Soundtrack Hot Fuzz [Cherry Tree] Cherry Tree/Interscope
Britpop, Soundtracks, New Wave, British Invasion, Punk

Michael Penn Palms and Runes: Best of Michael Penn RCA/Epic/Legacy
College Rock, Pop/Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Pop Underground, Adult Alternative Pop/Rock

Radiohead Com Lag (2Plus2IsFive) Parlophone
Experimental Rock

Paul Rodgers Live in Glasgow Eagle
Hard Rock, Blues-Rock, Boogie Rock, Arena Rock, Rock & Roll

Slade In for a Penny: Raves and Faves Shout! Factory
Glitter, Glam Rock, Hard Rock

Devon Sproule Keep Your Silver Shined Waterbug/City Salvage
Alternative Folk, Alternative Singer/Songwriter

Superdrag Changin' Tires on the Road to Ruin Arena Rock
Pop Underground, Indie Rock

June Tabor Apples Topic
Contemporary Folk, British Folk

Pam Tillis Rhinestoned Stellar Cat
Country-Pop, Contemporary Country

David Torn Prezens ECM
Avant-Garde Jazz, Jazz-Rock, Experimental, Avant-Garde

Clay Walker Fall Curb
New Traditionalist, Contemporary Country

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  • I agree, Avril certainly isn’t punk rock, but this is a fun little pop album, with a little bit of wit and loud guitars. Not my usual kind of thing, but I thought it worth a review. Check out my website.

  • Well, I wasn’t aware that you had to be “a self-loathing, suicidal, drug-addicted whore” to be punk rock (since neither Joey Ramone, nor Joe Strummer, nor Johnny Rotten, nor Ian MacKaye were any of those things)…however, even if you lift those criteria, Avril Lavigne still isn’t punk rock, so it’s neither here nor there.

    The actual reason I’m commenting is to recommend one of these new releases:

    David Torn Prezens ECM
    Avant-Garde Jazz, Jazz-Rock, Experimental, Avant-Garde

    which is one of the most fascinating of the year so far. Avant-garde jazz/ambient fusion. Awesome.

  • I can’t speak authoritatively to how every single adjective there applies to every single punk, but you don’t see how Johnny Rotten for one is FULL of self-loathing? Consider just the famously rotten teeth, for starters. Hey, he doesn’t figure he deserves to have good teeth. That’s putting a pretty low value on yourself.

  • I’m assuming that was a joke (sometimes, Ally, you make it hard to tell!), partially because Rotten is maybe the most enthralled-with-himself rock star this side of Jagger.

  • zingzing

    i second mike… it’s not that rotten despises himself… despite the “i wish i could die” mantra of early pil… it’s that he hates everything around him so much, and maybe that’s where the “self-loathing” you pick up comes from. of course, it could just be an act, which is most certainly is in some way.

    and al, we all know that your understanding of punk rock is… at best, simplistic and minimal. which is just what you would say about punk rock, isn’t it?

  • Thomas

    The only CD worth picking up on 4/17/2007 was Spells by The Comas

  • Mike

    Nine Inch Nails delivers, as expected. Bucky was surprisingly good. Avril’s hott, who cares what she sounds like!

  • hana

    i love you very very mach

    avril lavigne you are the best