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New Album Releases 11/24/09: Tom Petty, Tom Waits, Adam Lambert, Susan Boyle, Rihanna, Beyonce

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I'm glad to be bringing you the full list this week as we're finally here: Black Friday.  This is the last helping of new releases to make store shelves before the big shopping day.  I've scanned the list and there's only one that deserves your buying attention but there are a few names and items I should probably get to before we talk about the only title that matters.

Okay, so everyone is having a big "to do" about this Adam Lambert character of American Idol fame and his performance at the American Music Awards.  Two words:  publicity stunt.  His new album is out this week.  Horrify the parents and watch the album sales soar.  We've seen this before and we'll see it again.  It will probably work… for a minute.  Sooner or later, you better be able to sing or have something to say.  I don't think he does.  From another continent's singing contest, Susan Boyle has her first record out.  She didn't wind up winning the talent show, but she did win a recording contract.  She wowed British audiences and the buzz traveled across the Atlantic. 

Tom Waits.  I seem to know every Tom Waits fan in the universe and they're all raving about the release of Glitter and Doom Live.  I'm mentioning this here in the hope of dodging 23 comments wondering why I didn't and excoriating me for the oversight.  They all say it's great.  If you are a Tom Waits listener, you should probably have one of these.  If you're not a Tom Waits fan, you probably should be.  God bless me and the fine work I am doing.

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Live Archive

I know I'm getting awfully free with your holiday dollars, but there is only one version of this box set to get and unfortunately there is only one place to get it.  The Super Deluxe limited edition is only being sold exclusively through Best Buy and while I object to the practice, I have surrendered to it and you should to.  The limited edition set is 62 tracks spread over 5 CDs, all 62 tracks are also provided in high resolution audio on a single Blu-ray DVD.  Two DVDs — one a documentary, one a vintage live show — are also included as is a vinyl LP.  5 CDs, 2 DVDs, 1 Blu-ray audio DVD, and a vinyl LP.  That's a lot of goodies and you pay a lot for it: $100.  Listen to me though, children: it is worth it.  For those not willing to go to Satan Best Buy or to shell out the $100, Amazon is selling a 4-CD edition of the set for $20.   This might be the best Christmas present I've gotten for myself in years.

Here's your list, folks.  Yours if you want them:

I Am…Yours: An Intimate Performance at Wynn Las Vegas

Lady Gaga
The Fame Monster [Deluxe Edition 2-CD]

Adam Lambert
For Your Entertainment

Rated R [Edited]

Pricele$$ [Clean]

Andrea Bocelli
Mi Navidad

Susan Boyle
I Dreamed a Dream

Boyz II Men

James Brown
The The Godfather's Smackdown

Petula Clark
This Is Christmas

Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby Presents: The Cosnarati State of Emergency

Miles Davis
The Complete Columbia Album Collection

Chris Duarte
Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, All Things Blue

Kings of Leon
Live at the O2, London, England

Wait for Me [Deluxe Edition] [CD/DVD]

Give Yourself Away

Randy Newman

The Princess and the Frog [Original Soundtrack]

Various Artists
The The Princess And The Frog: Tiana And Her Princess Friends

Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks
The 2000 Year Old Man: The Complete History

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Evan Parker
House Full Of Floors

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
The The Live Anthology

The Priests

Jay Sean
All Or Nothing

Tahiti 80
Activity Center

Underworld/The Misterons

Various Artists
Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas

Various Artists
Daptone Gold

Various Artists
Def Jam 25: DJ Bring That Back

Various Artists
ZEvolution: ZE Records Re-Edited

Martha Wainwright
Sans Fusils, Ni Souliers, A Paris..

Tom Waits
Glitter and Doom Live

Jimmy Wayne
Sara Smile

Hayley Westenra
Winter Magic

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About Josh Hathaway

  • JLM

    Adam has proven can sing his face off and he proved it again on the Early Show this morning!! Adam is MEGA talented so don’t worry yourself over his career. One 4 or 5 minute performance cannot define him – he is too damn talented, charismatic, and saavy for that. Frankly I don’t get the drama because Adam is a lovely man.

  • Jenn

    Thanks to CBS Adam gave us a Fantastic performance on the Early Show this morning. His voice was perfect, he was gorgeous and it was just wonderful!! Adam Rocks!!

  • Laura

    You obviously know nothing about Adam Lambert and haven’t heard him sing OR talk. He’s one amazing guy. Oh, and he got a recording contract too! Your article sounds lame as you obviously didn’t do your homework before writing this.

  • Josh Hathaway

    Yes, I missed that Lambert got a recording contract when I announced his new :: wait for it :: album is being released. What do I know? I’m sure he’s going to be around for the next three decades. We’ve never had marginal talents in faux shocking performances flame out in 6 months and every American Idol transitions to the big time.

  • LFP

    You just wrote about Adam’s controversy and not about the album. So your credibility as a music reviewer went down. He’s already proven he’s an amazing singer. Next time focus on his music and leave the rest to the tabloids.

  • sara

    It is amazing that someone can say Adam can’t sing. What a ridiculous comment – I will never read your articles again as this is a very uninformed comment. I am 50 years old and haven’t heard an amazing voice like this in quite some time. Not only can he sing but he has amazing charisma. When he speaks – and in fact if you listen to any of his interviews…not just snippets taken out as you have done- you will note that he is “well spoken” and comes across as quite humble many a time.

  • Josh Hathaway

    This article and weekly column is about new releases being released. This is not a review. Nowhere does it say it’s a review. You’ve missed my point and decided to have a different conversation than I’m having. I brought up the controversy as it pertains to the timing of a brand new album. It wouldn’t be the first time an artist did something provocative to get attention for a new record. There is a relationship there and it’s relevant to the subject of this article, which is not a review. This has nothing to with my credibility as a music reviewer.

    I did say he’s lacking in the talent department and I stand by that. It’s fair to want to lodge your disagreement with that, and you have. You like his work. That’s great. Now you know he’s got a new album out this week. Enjoy it.

  • Josh Hathaway

    I’m 36 and I’ve heard dozens of voices better than this guy. I guess age doesn’t always equate to wisdom or experience.

  • This looks and sounds like trouble Josh. Better run for your life while you’ve still got the chance.


  • SPT

    Josh..you are entitled to your opinion, but are also obviously tone deaf and have very little knowledge of voice. Adam is a rare gift to the music industry….like his antics or not…..his “instrument’ if you will is rare and…with the exception of the AMA performance….pitch PERFECT……evocative…..and to say he has little talent…….shows how little you have probably listened to what he has done…..pre-Idol on You Tube…..during Idol…and the Idol Tour. Seasoned Musicians have praised his voice……..guess it’s not for you…….but to say he has little talent..is absurd….and so are you. Don’t worry…I won’t be by again.

  • zingzing

    all the talent in the world doesn’t help if you’re not interested in doing something original. i’ve only heard snippets of this guy, but this little dustup at the awards show is by FAR the most interesting thing i’ve heard out of him. i will, of course, withhold judgment until i hear something worth judging either way. pretty bland thus far.

    all that said, new animal collective came out today. animal collective. one of the great bands of our time. (and they have better, more interesting voices than anybody on idol.)

  • I think if Adam Lambert were so confident in his abilities, he would have let his vocal performance “speak” for itself. This ridiculous display at the AMAs reeks of desperation.

    And I’ll second zingzing – 2009 has been very good to Animal Collective. I’m waiting for the CD release (Dec. 15) but the digital release was this week. It’s worth the wait – more great stuff in the vein of Merriweather Post Pavillion.

    As for Tom Petty, I’ve slowly grown more and more disgusted with this super-deluxe box. I’m eagerly awaiting the moment I find flacs of the 5th CD and the ripped DVD contents. I won’t feel guilty in the slightest. Tom, you seem to have forgotten the old “$8.98 LP” fight days. We haven’t.

    Tom Waits: friggin’ incredible. At $7.99 and 2 discs (1 concert, 1 talk) it blows away Petty’s entire set. THIS Tom gets it.

  • Waits and Petty are musical emperors of our age.

    Boyle and Lambert? Jesters vying for scraps.

  • joliee

    LMAO… He doesn’t have anything to say and he can’t sing???? The guy has perfect pitch, of course how he uses it is up to him, but apparently a whole lotta of people are into how he uses that incredible instrument. Nothing to say, you are kidding right, or has your head been in the sand for the last 6 months????

  • zingzing

    musical emperors? try scott walker, leonard cohen and nick cave. (and mark e. smith, of course.)

  • erik

    Clearly if this isn’t a review then you shouldn’t write your opinion as you so alluded to in your first response. However, I will take a slightly different approach. You should download his album because it sounds like you’ve had limited exposure to his music. For someone who cares enough about music to write a blog, then you will probably end up liking it. Don’t be afraid of people thinking you’re gay…after writing what you did, they already think much worse so you have nothing to lose. Good luck, hope you enjoy it, it is really good.

  • Maggie

    Wow for being a Sr. Music Editor for a blog I’m really surprised you did not like at least a few songs on Adam Lambert’s debut CD. Are you familiar with who produced his songs or the star list of songwriters? His support on this CD is more like a list of Who’s Who in the musicworld. His vocals are outstanding and he gives such a compilation of range it is hard to believe you could walk away not ranting one or two of his new flavors. Sure there are some ballads on the new release to remind folks of his Idol days but for the most part this is a new Adam who is changing the culture of music in the wake of his debut. I can see this one causing a music revolution and becoming one of the greats. As far as him not having much to say…that is really funny. Adam Lambert has only dominated the blogs, headlines and is a feature in multiple magazines interviews. He is ranked as one of the most influential men in America. He is nominated for the People’s Choice Award, was just selected as one of Sexiest Men Alive, 2009 and is a Gay Icon. — Hmm, Are you sure you are qualified for this job?

  • great. he has a perfect voice, is a gay icon, and can release a cd that sounds like retreaded Cher. congratulations.

  • to be fair, I believe Josh is also a gay icon so those cancel each other. get back to us when Adam wins a People’s Choice Award

  • bethany

    i need to poo

  • speedball

    I was bouncing around and stumbled on this late. People seem enthralled with Lambert because he’s new and I’m afraid they missed the importance of your post. The Live Anthology released by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers is the greatest set released in years. Even though I paid money for it, I still feel as though it is a gift. They spent time on it. It isn’t just a show shoved out to satusfy conractual obligations. It’s a beautifully woven piece of music that spans 5 discs and 30 years. And, don’t bother with the smaller one, unless you’re a Greatest Hits type fan. In 30 years, when people are still listening to Petty, I’ll be sure to Google Lambert to see if he’s dead.