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New Album Releases, 10-4-2006: Lindsey Buckingham, Beck, The Killers, Sean Lennon

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Lindsey Buckingham's Under the Skin is listed as his first album in some 14 years. I'm not the world's biggest soft rock fan, but this guy made Rumours and Tusk and stuff, so maybe we ought to lend him an ear. I also not by the cover photo, he's looking curiously like his hero Brian Wilson.

Beck has a new album, The Information. It is apparently very Beck-like. He had a good song once about ten years ago.

Sean Lennon has a new album called Friendly Fire. His brother is somewhat talented, and dad was really talented, so we should buy the boy's album out of a sense of loyalty or something.

Here's the complete list of this week's major new album releases, courtesy AMG:

Beck The Information Interscope
Alternative Dance, Indie Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock, Singer/Songwriter

The Decemberists The Crane Wife Capitol
Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Chamber Pop

The Hold Steady Boys and Girls in America Vagrant
Indie Rock

The Killers Sam's Town Island
Alternative Pop/Rock

ARC Ensemble On the Threshold of Hope: Mieczyslaw Weinberg Chamber Music Sony
Modern Chamber Music

Trey Anastasio Bar 17 Rubber Jungle
American Trad Rock, Jam Bands

F.S. Blumm Summer Kling Morr Music
Post-Rock/Experimental, Indie Pop, Experimental Rock

Jim Brickman Escape Savoy Jazz
Contemporary Instrumental, Adult Contemporary, Solo Instrumental

Lindsey Buckingham Under the Skin Reprise

Don Byron Do the Boomerang: The Music of Junior Walker Blue Note
Post-Bop, Contemporary Jazz, Modal Music

The DFA The DFA Remixes: Chapter Two DFA/Astralwerks
Left-Field House, Indie Electronic, Alternative Dance

The Dears Gang of Losers V2
Indie Rock, Post-Rock/Experimental

Christoph Eschenbach Mahler: Symphony No. 6; Piano Quartet [Hybrid SACD] Ondine
Post-Romantic Orchestral and Chamber Music

The Future Sound of London Teachings from the Electronic Brain Astralwerks
Ambient House, Electronica, Ambient Techno, Trip-Hop, Club/Dance, Techno, Big Beat

Robyn Hitchcock & the Venus 3 Ole! Tarantula Yep Roc
Alternative Pop/Rock, Singer/Songwriter

Jet Shine On Atlantic
American Trad Rock, Hard Rock

Gladys Knight Before Me Verve
Vocal Jazz, Mainstream Jazz

Kooks Inside In/Inside Out [Bonus Tracks] Virgin
Indie Rock

Le Concert d'Astree Mozart: Mass in C Virgin
Classical Choral Music

Amos Lee Supply and Demand Blue Note
Singer/Songwriter, Adult Contemporary, R&B, Soul, Alternative Country-Rock

Sean Lennon Friendly Fire [Bonus DVD] Capitol
Alternative Pop/Rock

Make Believe Of Course Flameshovel
Indie Rock, Post-Rock/Experimental

John Mauceri Danny Elfman: Serenada Schizophrana [Hybrid SACD] Sony
Contemporary Orchestral Music

Sarah McLachlan Mirrorball: The Complete Concert Arista/Legacy
Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock, Singer/Songwriter

Monica The Makings of Me J-Records
Urban, Contemporary R&B

NRBQ Ludlow Garage 1970 Sundazed
Roots Rock, Rock & Roll

Nina Nastasia On Leaving Fat Cat
Indie Rock, Singer/Songwriter

Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg Merry: A Holiday Journey NSS
Chamber-Music Settings of Christmas Carols

Outrageous Cherry Stay Happy Rainbow Quartz
Indie Pop, Pop Underground, Indie Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock

The Pernice Brothers Live a Little Ashmont
Indie Pop, Chamber Pop

The John Popper Project The John Popper Project Image
Blues-Rock, Funky Breaks, Electronica, Trip-Hop, Funk

The Pretenders Pretenders II [Bonus Disc] Sire/Rhino
Pop/Rock, New Wave, Hard Rock

The Pretenders Pretenders [Bonus Disc] Sire/Rhino
Pop/Rock, New Wave, Hard Rock

George Strait It Just Comes Natural MCA Nashville
New Traditionalist, Contemporary Country

Robin Thicke The Evolution of Robin Thicke Interscope
Neo-Soul, Contemporary R&B, Urban

Thunderbirds Are Now! Make History Frenchkiss
Indie Rock, Noise-Rock

Various Artists Chrome Children [CD/DVD] Stones Throw
Underground Rap, Neo-Soul, Turntablism

Various Artists What It Is! Funky Soul and Rare Grooves Rhino
Deep Funk, Funk, Soul, Deep Soul

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About Gadfly

    when you do please include all the INFO on this band… there is quite a history to this band AND THEIR LEAD FEMALE SINGER CARAH FAYE CHARNOW… I was using a recording studio down the hall from where this band was reworking their CD in December/January, 2005/2006 in New York City, and they ripped off allot of my material/concepts/styles and I was sexually harassed by the drummer Mikey Martin…
    visit these sites for details: http://www.dalenadubois.com AND http://www.bandspace.com/dalenadubois AND http://www.livejournal.com (search for dalenadubois)
    here is todays MUSIC NEWS UPDATE that I have posted on my site about this band..
    I had stated on October 4th, 2006 that CARAH FAYE CHARNOW had banged the drummer for GUNS N ROSES – TOMMY LEE – that was a FREUDIAN SLIP – Tommy Lee was with MOTLEY CRUE… SO IT WAS TOMMY LEE the drummer who was with MOTLEY CRUE (I was never a fan of either band) AND… I HAVE COME UP WITH THE PERFECT ROCK BAND FOR 2006/2007 – this would SELL….
    AXEL ROSE on lead vocals, TOMMY LEE ON DRUMS, CARAH FAYE CHARNOW on lead vocals (she could work out vocals parts with AXEL on SWEET CHILD O MINE) but the guys would have to be able to MORPH into that LITTLE GIRL sex role play thing that CARAH FAYE CHARNOW LOVES, to get her turned on (she likes hearing the guy she’s banging use a LITTLE GIRL VOICE, AND PRETEND THAT HE IS A LITTLE GIRL, AND TALK DIRTY TO HER… it gets her VERY WET!- so Carah has professed herself in comments on her current bands website) CARAH FAYE CHARNOW will probably go down in history as the MUSIC VOCAL HOE OF 2006/2007 SHE HAS ALREADY BROKEN THE RECORD for FEMALE VOCALIST WHO HAS LAID HER VOICE INTO THE MOST NUMBER OF OTHER BANDS CD’s – she’s already done vocals for PARIS HILTON, and the band EPITAPH, and several other bands in 2006 – and she also did vocals for a CD that was a GOTH tribute CD to PRINCE (Carah DID A COVER OF THE SONG, NOTHING COMPARES TO YOU) Carah did the vocal on that song in February of 2006 after she had come back from Los Angeles after having done vocal work for Paris Hilton and Epitaph. SHINY TOY GUNS had just fired Carah, and Mikey Martin the drummer for SHINY TOY GUNS who was banging her had started banging someone else in New York… a 20 year old mentally screwed up aspiring folk singer, and Mikey Martin had also asked me to marry him at that time (I declined his offer of marriage and his offer to replace Carah in the band SHINY TOY GUNS in January)… SO CARAH ENDED UP BANGING MIKEY MARTIN and the other guys in SHINY TOY GUNS so she could stay in their band… and she also did vocals for the song NOTHING COMPARES TO YOU… in an attempt to KEEP MIKEY MARTIN… and the band from FIRING HER in New York… SO CONTINUING WITH THE NEW GUNS N ROSES BAND LINE-UP… Carah Faye Charnow could be the LEAD FEMALE HOT HOE… I’m sure Tommy Lee and Axel could KEEP HER NICE AND WET! AND… why not bring in that 20 year old folk singer from New York who likes RIDING BAD BOYS that Mikey Martin was BANGING WHILE HE WAS ALSO BANGING CARAH FAYE CHARNOW… and add her to the line-up and since CARAH FAYE CHARNOW IS BI-SEXUAL and I am sure wanted to bang that girl from New York that Mikey Martin was banging back in February, WELL..I think that we have the makings of a really HOT and WET BAND! CARAH WOULD BE SUPER TURNED ON AND READY TO ROCK N ROLL!… so bring in this FOLK SINGER FROM NEW YORK for backing vocals… and she can also bounce around on stage with the band… so we now have TWO HOT MUSIC HOES… A ROCK BAND SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE AT LEAST ONE HOT MUSIC HOE, BUT TWO IS BETTER… IT MAKES THE BAND MUCH MORE MARKET WORTHY! and for bass player, and lead guitar… well no one really cares… this new GUNS N ROSES band will rely heavily on AXEL, TOMMY LEE, AND CARAH FAYE CHARNOW, TO SELL ITSELF… plus.. Carah Faye Charnow already has all the GUNS N ROSES TATTOOED ON HER BODY! VOILA… this line-up would SELL, BIG TIME! GO FOR IT GUYS N GALS… THE NEW GUNS N ROSES… oh… as a GRAND FINALE… AXEL ROSE AND TOMMY HILFIGGER (WHATEVER THE HELL HIS NAME IS!) could engage in a BOXING MATCH… with Tommy Lee on drums/cymbals and the MUSIC HOES, Carah and the other girl cheering them on complete with pom-poms! ROCK N BOX – THE ULIMATE..show… and after AXEL goes a few rounds, CARAH FAYE CHARNOW can take on SOME HOT MUSIC HOE… every concert would feature a guest boxer for AXEL, and one for CARAH FAYE CHARNOW too… THIS MY FRIENDS IS a WIN/WIN big bucks show… and that’s American ROCK N ROLL…. ain’t life grand? oh, wait a minute… I forgot to add PARIS HILTON to this line-up… they could have PARIS HILTON on stage riding a SYBIAN (sex toy) that’s all Paris would have to do… simply ride sex toys and roll around the stage in FREAKY OUTFITS FOR 3 HOURS… Paris, we know you can do it! THAT’S AMERCIAN ROCK N ROLL!
    http://www.dalenadubois.com FOR MORE INFO.. you’ll be hearing about this band soon..

  • Good God. If you’re going to put a long, incoherent ramble of a comment on this site, please at least format it so that it’s legible.

  • the music i enjoy is not rap its classic softrock like Billy Joel Elton John James Taylor Gordon Lightfoot John Denver the Eagles Kansas Seals and Crofts America Chicago Jim Croce Bread Don Mclean Cat Stevens Harry Chapin Hall and Oats Simon and Garfunkel Harry Nilsson Toto Neil Young Steely Dan Air Supply the Bee Gees Bob Dylan SuperTramp Journey Fleetwood Mac Peter Paul and Mary Phil Collins Steve Winwood Leo Sayer Paul Mccartney Tom Petty Crosby Stills and Nash Pur Prarire League Sting and Creedance Clearwater Revival

  • someone i know dose not like classic softrock someone i know likes rap and hiphop like Bow Wow the Black Eyed Peas Lil Romeo and Sean Paul

  • October 16, 2006 — I just noticed a response comment to the comment I had posted on October 5, 2006 — I apologize for my previous comment NOT BEING FORMATTED PROPERLY… I am to busy… working on my music to FORMAT these comments that I make… I SIMPLY WANT TO GET THIS INFO OUT TO THE PUBLIC… it is important to me that the PUBLIC BE AWARE OF WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE AMERICAN MUSIC INDUSTRY… these are comments that I do ON THE FLY… in between my music production… SO MY DEEPEST APOLOGIES… if my comments as not formatted in the appropriate fashion… I do hope that the MESSAGE gets across, even so…

    [Personal contact info deleted]

    I am available for further comment or for further investigation on anything that I have stated in any blogs or comments… which are all TRUE statements! Thank-you.
    Ms. Dalena DuBois

  • PS – sorry for the typing mistakes in my comments/blogs also! My time is very limited… and I post quickly, so that I can get back to work… no time for editing or formatting!

  • ksmack

    I think that’s what he meant by formatting your comment so it can be read. It other words, use punctuation and lower case typing. And, by the way. If you are too busy to edit your comments, then don’t comment at all. If your idea of business is hurting someone’s feelings and ruining their lives with lies then I think you’re the one in the shady business. I will be digging up shit on every man you’ve ever slept with and posting it. Seems like that’s truly what you want done.

  • Dani

    You maam, are a total fool. Anyone whos met carah or mike or the band in general, who has spent time with these amazing people and musician would know this is a LARGE SACK OF SHIT..

    Carah is a darling girl. whom has ahd problems like the rest of us. FUCK YOU.

    Mikey is a loving young man, who has shown everyone what a great guy he is everyday

    Chad and Jeremy are both amazing writers and a hoot to be around.

    SO you are wrong. very very very wrong.

    If you hate their music, fine, do.


    You spite rings of jealousy.