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Too late to cancel
Mitch Benn & the Distractions

(Laughing Stock)

Too Late to Cancel is the latest collection of tomfoolery from Mitch Benn. This time his amply able band, the Distractions, is along for the ride. This time out he targets his wit at such things as West End/Broadway style large musicals, the Smiths, Jim Morrison, tour riders, and heavy metal stage sets amongst other things. One of the funniest songs on this collection is ‘Lonesome Fuhrer’, where we get to hear Adolf sing a lament to his long-forgotten wish to be a cowboy. On ‘Hard to Shock’, Mitch meanders into social commentary with a rhetorical piece about the state of the nation’s apathy to scandal. As with Radio Face, this a very funny collection, indeed, and, unlike ‘Radio Face’, this album has the potential for worldwide appeal. Mitch and Co are that perfect antidote to 30 something+ angst. This lot are ready for Dr Demento, because they are definetely demented. ‘Too Late to Cancel’ is a musical comedy tour de force.

Rating: 5/5

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