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Netflix Signs New Licensing Deal with Turner Broadcasting Network and Warner

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Netflix is diversifying its content catalogue after sealing a new licensing deal with Turner Broadcasting System and Warner Brothers. The new content consists of animated series and live-action shows from Cartoon Network, Warner Bros Animation and Adult Swim, which American subscribers will be able to access starting with March 30.

From January 2014, Netflix subscribers will also be gaining access to the popular TNT drama Dallas, which is a continuation of the original series from 1978. Netflix currently offers about 60,000 titles for less than $8 a month, and also has plans to include 3D streaming and ultra HD quality content to subscribers who use Google Fiber.

Deborah K. Bradley, a senior VP for Turner Broadcasting, discussed the ever-evolving landscape of on-demand video streaming, adding that “the industry has evolved so that TV Everywhere and subscription video on-demand services can coexist with the appropriate windowing strategy, while allowing for more content flexibility to meet consumer demand in the changing digital landscape.”

Ken Werner, President of Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution, added that Warner’s relationship with Netflix has been successful thus far, and this new deal offers the chance to bring even more great content to Netflix subscribers.

People who are used to watching Netflix content on their computer or other digital devices can easily switch to TV for Netflix, either by using a digital media receiver, such as a Roku box or Apple TV, or by using a gaming system that’s capable of connecting to WiFi, like an Xbox 360, a PS3, or a Nintendo Wii. The Wii, however, requires a Netflix app to work properly, but that can be easily downloaded from the Wii store.

Apple TV works well with users who own a Mac or an iPhone, although it offers less content when compared to the Roku box. Blu-ray players are also an option, and they come with a pre-installed Netflix app and streaming capabilities. Moreover, Blu-ray provides the best video quality currently available, at 1080p. Last but not least, some HDTV models can be connected to the Internet, either via cable or a wireless network, granting users access to full HD movies without any pixilation or other problems associated with classic streaming devices.

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