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Netflix Rate Increase Poses Quandary

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So we’ve had Netflix for a few years now and have loved the integration with Tivo. How easy is that? It is frustrating that not everything is available for streaming so we still love our DVDs where we can get some of everything. The streaming can be more to keep me busy while working. To watch as I settle down for bed or just for my daughter to see some fun shows when they’re NOT on TV..

But now, what are they doing? Now to receive what we’re getting now we will have to pay almost double. Instead of $9.99 a month, it will be $7.99/month each for DVD and streaming. I get that they want to offer them separated. I don’t know if folks feel cheated if they don’t use the DVDs but still have to pay. I know that I enjoy getting both and taking the DVD means I lose half of what’s available to me. This just seems weird.

Are they losing money? Do they feel they have to make it up somehow? Do they want to get away from DVDs completely so they’re forcing us out? Just doesn’t make much sense.

If they’re going to increase the price it seems that they should offer some perks. Even if they’re “fake” perks that make you feel that you’re getting something but you’re not. They aren’t even trying. Just, “Hey, we’re cutting it in half and charging you double…” (Well, I understand that they are not cutting anything as long as you pay double, but you get my meaning).

I don’t know what we’re going to do. Well, I do. We will only pay for streaming and increase Red Box’s profits. Probably. Since Blockbuster closed by us a bit ago. My husband has been rethinking it all anyway. Should we get rid of it all? We could expand our MLB to get the games we want. We could watch things online like Hulu, etc. We could get Apple TV. How about you?

What is your secret weapon? I don’t want to have to really wait forever to see the results of my reality shows. Especially when Facebook makes that impossible. I Tivo most anyway so is it really benefiting me? Maybe we SHOULD just trash it all and do something totally different. Pick and choose what we want to watch. We’d still get local cheesy stuff, right? It just really bugs me and I thought I’d voice my opinion. I’m sure that I’m one of millions so I appreciate you hanging in there with me.

I really would love to know what you’re thinking. What are you going to do? Were we the only ones left using Netflix? I mean, we do have Tivo so we can go back to renting through Amazon. It’s not all that bad.

It’s amazing how things come up and everyone jumps on the bandwagon, then soon it fades. I know that is normal but with technology it really seems to happen even more quickly around here.

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  • I really like RedBox as I can rent only the movies that I want to watch. Maybe its only one a month or maybe its four in a month. And I can return them the next day and only pay $1. Its a great deal. I see movies at the store for $29 and think, I watch that at home for a $1.

  • Yeah and they’re everywhere. Great tip!

  • I canceled my service. I still have TVDevo website’s service for streaming Movies + TV, for much cheaper than what Netflix offers. Also looking into Blockbuster-by-mail.

  • I will have to look into that. Thanks.