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The Netbook is a relative newcomer to the world of electronic devices. Usually a small, lightweight laptop, this type of “laptop-lite” apparatus is quickly gaining in popularity at companies and on college campuses across the world.

Netbooks are used primarily for accessing the internet, for communicating, learning, and viewing information. The Notebook, with its fantastic Notebook RAM, is more multi-purpose, with many more functions.

Netbooks boast all different kinds of components. Some run on SO-DIMM (small outline dual in-line memory module) computer memory, while others may have Ethernet or modem ports. Chances are you will be able to find a Netbook that fits your needs.

When the Netbooks were first introduced, there were some doubts as to whether or not they could pass muster. Netbook critics abounded and Netbooks were often referred to as “somewhere between a laptop and a cell phone.” But Netbooks have since solidified themselves as a major player in the world of technology.

As with bowling, you are going to get some strikes and some gutters when it comes to Netbooks. However, most have a reputation of running with the precision and accuracy of a Swiss watch. Bloggers speaking about Netbooks can be found at sites like netbookera and netbookboards.