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Nerf Herder: American Cheese

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As a rule, I don’t try to categorise bands by genres more specific than “rock” “pop” etc. (and even this can cause problems), but I believe Nerf Herder are classed as “new wave”. Not as ska-y as the likes of Less Than Jake – there’s distinctly less brass action to be found here – and musically having more in common with pop-punkers like Blink-182, to try and categorise Nerf Herder doesn’t do them justice, as they are certainly better than the latter, and sometimes the former.

All of the tunes on this album are unashamedly upbeat, even if the actual words are sometimes slightly depressing. The mood of general happiness is present throughout, and somewhat infectious. It helps that most of these tunes are catchy and easy to hum along to. The downside is the whole album only lasts just over 34 minutes. 34 minutes! that’s about one and a half episodes of The Simpsons. I guess that’s the price you pay when a band’s average track time is below the three minute mark.

The lyrics of the songs don’t tend to take themselves too seriously, which is a welcome break from alot of the stuff out there that often tries a little too hard to be all “deep and meaningful”.

This isn’t heavy or abstract stuff; if you like upbeat rock music, you’ll love this, and laugh at the narrow-minded hordes who stick to death metal/punk/metal/whatever other subcategories and sub-subcategories they make up.

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