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Nepal, a land-locked nation bordering India in the south and China in the north, is home to a vast ethnic diversity in a population of 30 million. Coupled with a rich blend of Hindu and Buddhist influence, its colorful and accommodating culture is in many ways unique in the world.

Recent collapse of monarchy and the uprising of Maoist insurgents have contributed towards political uncertainty, discussed in great nuance across the blogosphere. Nepal is perhaps best known for its mountains and pristine nature, a permanent attraction for trekking and rafting holidays. It has also been popular location for many a cultural or spiritual holiday, beginning with its capital Kathmandu, an ancient city of many attractions.

Nepal's troubled financial and human situation has given rise to many NGOs tending to the needs of orphans, street children, widows and other underprivileged citizens, now seeking international support. Both natural and human-caused environmental problems have also provided their fair share of issues for a land and heritage worth preserving.

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