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Neil Sedaka – Love Songs Review

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It’s always nice to reminisce with past artists through greatest hits compilations. This isn’t one, but it is darn close. It’s titled Love Songs, and if it included “Calendar Girl” it would be closer to a hits compilation. But I could’ve sworn that “Calendar Girl” was a love song.

Neil Sedaka is a breath of fresh air from the possibly re-emerging pop, overplayed hip-hop and confused rock music that’s played on the radio. Listening to the tango-inspired “You Mean Everything To Me” makes me gag at how dancing has evolved to the body bumping and body groping of today’s generation.

The classic “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do” brings fun to the lost art of back-and-forth singing between back-up singers and the artist. Neil Sedaka is a very versatile artist whose songs transcend genres from the blues (“Without A Song”) to the Vegas-style “We Kiss In A Shadow.”

My favorite track is the very deep “I Must Be Dreaming” with its rich lyrics and simple composition that emphasize those lyrics. Music today has become a spectacle with its value on showmanship, image and glamor. What it lacks is heart and talent. Most, if not all, of the tracks on Love Songs accentuate Sedaka’s vocals and the lyrics rather than drown out his vocals with instruments and synthesizers.

This might be why “Calendar Girl” was left out because the song combines both strong vocals and strong instruments. This compilation is very strong with some of Sedaka’s best songs.

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    Id Neil Sedaka gay?

  • He has a daughter and has been married, so I suspect not, despite the extreme gayness of his music.


  • RogerMDillion

    “He has a daughter and has been married”

    Why would that lead you to suspect anything? Anthony Perkins was married and had kids, and so was Laurence Olivier. Marriage and offspring aren’t exclusive to straight males. Maybe you didn’t get the memo.

  • Kat

    Sedaka has been married to his wife Leba since 1962. She was an still is a great beauty and they are still very happily married. However, he hangs out with lots of gay songwriters and lyricists and presents as very gay. So the jury is still out on his sexual orientation.

  • John krip

    Hi I read Neils book and in it he said he stayed with 19 aunts growing up in a small brooklyn flat, I suspect that’s why he has the high voice, no males around to copy there voices. This album is great and worth a listen he does have a wife, a son and daughter and 3 grand kids, so I think that’s the other topic over, he created 10cc and started abba’s carrier the book said, also he holds the record for most played song ever.

  • tom reynolds

    when i was a little kid around 1962/3 i loved sedakas songs. then i recently saw old footage of
    him back then doing “sweet sixteen” and he looked and moved like a fag, so i just went on google to find out..still don’t know for sure, just curious
    i know some men are effeminate without being queer.

  • Steve


  • mark smith

    yes its a true, Im in love with tha tra lalas!! My name a BORAT is very much in love with the USA Music singer Neil Sedaka
    He has adopted the no 1 prostitute here in red square “ME” very Nicea, know he go back to kasikstan and play piano together… but not so much… Oh carol

  • bono rock

    whats this????
    she is only ” her ” manager?.
    last I knew Sedaka was a male?

  • silverblog

    yeah russians homos..hhmmm I dont think so!
    This guy has been watching too much James bond or reading about the poisioned kgb man in UK or is that a SHE…LOL

  • country

    Actually, he does keep a younger (30s) Russian/Ukranian guy, and his wife has been in on the arrangement for years. It’s really sad that he doesn’t just come out of the closet. It’s 2007 for God’s sake.

  • liz

    They just did a profile on Neil on CBS’ Sunday Morning show (Oct 28, 07). The interviewer never asked him anything related to gayness – that was aired in the interview anyway. However, Neil volunteered that his effeminate behavior was because he (Neil) had “idolized” his older sister as a kid and so had taken to imitating her.

    He said when he started school he had to “practice being macho in the mirror” so he wouldn’t get beaten up.

    I have no personal knowledge of the guy, but in my not so humble opinion this explanation is almost as lame as the infamous “I have a wide stance”.

    Either Neil is in deep Craigian denial or he’s protecting his family/boyfriend from publicity by staying in the public closet.

    Whether the Russian boyfriend is true or not, it wouldn’t surprise me. I’m sure all his friends and most of the music/celebrity world help him keep the secret.

  • Danno

    If he isn’t gay, he surely acts like one.
    I thought he was cool when I was a kid in the 60s
    but now that I see how he acts on stage, I’m thinking he is gay and has been all along.

  • Evan

    hes not gay he has a grand child

  • Neil’s Lawyer

    Neil is not gay. That’s wishful thinking on your part. He’s a throwback to a time when it was okay for a guy to just smile and be pleasant without being labeled “effeminate” or other such crap. His ideal partner has always been a Calendar GIRL, each and every day of the year.

  • A murphy

    Kids use the word Gay next to someones name on a blog and in a blink of an eye google searches gay and the persons Name and Everyone is gay!!! it must be true.

    get a grip.. sedaka is married and got grandkids.
    here is neil, wife, son daughter on a pic I found.

    Gossip is the flavor of the day with young kids.
    now go blog gay jay leno… now he is gay I put gay and leno…on the same page now go google it is now true, Thanks to google everyone is gay.

  • Mary Doer

    Best gossip story I heard, was Nicole kidman brother was dating tom cruise and if you traced all the hotels and countries he was in her brother was there too, there marriage was an arrangment to hide his gayness. That was great and I told me friends about it for years… it was a great story untill I found out last year on wikipedia Nicole kidman has no brother…haha what a fool I was, I now no longer spread rumors.
    That was a story from the same gossip blog that had this Sedaka boyfriend story on it but that was about 6 years ago and was posted by a sacked manager of Neil’s. I checked this out, Neil has had the same manager for 25 years his wife and his tour manager is the same for 30 years, so I think its bull like the Kidman story??. amazing how google and gossip sites can make people belive silly things, that includes ME!!!

  • maggi

    Who cares? His music is what I’m interested in and I’d like to have the music and words to “The hungry years”

  • Mary Murphy

    Well lets put this stupid gossip to bed once and for all.
    Here is Neil and his Kid singing…

    So take your gay crap story and well stick it.
    He has kids, So that would make him,?? Well straight?..

    Lets get back to this CD amazing, great songs.

  • you know the former NJ governor was married for many years and has children but had a male lover and went on TV to hold a press conference to announce he is a gay man. So anyone that has posted a comment about being married and having children proves you are straight is a complete ignorant fool. Most likely southern or country with their heads buried in a hole.

  • Evan

    Neil Sedaka is a tenor unlike Neil Diamond

  • I WANT millions from a fool or anyone! Or at least one million so my husband can quit work & I can get dental implants & a home before this trailer we live in falls totally apart. Also I want to help our church & others. But I know I don’t stand a chance, so congratulations to all those that have. I just hope you do some good with it. But even though I “ain’t got money”, I am rich with family, friends & love.

  • Maybe he swings both ways. AC/DC so to speak. The man has talent with his music & that’s all that should matter, really. We’ll all have to answer one day for the things we do, whether right or wrong. I just hope he’s straight. But being married & having kids doesn’t make you that way. I’ve known people who were married & had kids, only to confess after many years that they were gay, so…..

  • Evan

    Happy Valaintines Day Neil Sedaka Fans

  • Evan

    Neil Sedaka is not gay but hes not a macho guy

  • Evan

    being married and having kids does make you straight but it does not make you macho

  • joe

    Being married and having kids does NOT make you straight.

  • it does make you straight but not macho and that shall not be denied

  • gn

    Who cares… he is a great performer. I heard him play concert piano years ago and he is an absolute phenominon. His talent should be the question here; not if he is gay or straight; as for his talent; it is unbelievable.

  • Alessandro

    You CAN’T judge Neil..you can only love his music!
    just for once, stop arguing!

  • loved that song

    Ok, what about the “Should Have Never Let You GO” song with the video (see it on youtube.com)with his daughter? Why would he and Dara be singing a love song to one another?

  • David

    For what it’s worth, little late joining this thread, I personally saw Neil Sedaka in a gay bar in Dublin, Ireland, after he gigged here probably about 10 years or so ago. He was with the club owner, and a number of (relatively) young and pretty boy types.

  • Dave from Stumpwater

    I don’t know if he’s gay, I suppose it really doesn’t matter, when one sings, how does one sound “Gay?” However, what I do know is that the first time I ever heard a song by the guy, I thought he was a Woman singing, and he STILL sounds like a Woman.

  • Rob


  • geo bartiz

    shut up retards and watch here.. yes grandparent.com

    G my ass, now go blog elsewhere… about stupid shit.

  • Gloria

    Neil Sedaka’s wife seen around Beverly Hills with the same goodlooking guy several times. Should Neil be worried about their long time marriage?

  • linda

    all this gossip about Neil and Liba. They love each other but people want to make trouble for celebrities. Leave then alone

  • Tootlers

    You people are ignorant. Being married once and having children in the ’60s DOES NOT MAKE YOU STRAIGHT! Wake up people…your husbands are probably bi or gay…if you don’t believe it, go check out your city’s Craigslist men seeking men section. There are thousands of married men who are closeted homosexuals. It’s hilarious for people to think that being married and having kids makes you straight.

  • Evan

    Neil Sedaka sings in a girly voice but he is not gay and also he cant help that but i dont blame him for it becuse his voice sounds good and im proud of him for that he is a gentlemen

  • Evan

    and also he does not sound like a women in all of his songs go Neil

  • Evan

    and im not consumed by Neil Sedaka or his songs or albums

  • Evan

    i like Neil Sedaka but im not gonna focus on Neil Sedaka all the time

  • Evan

    and to Neil Sedaka im proud of you for not quitting your tour dates like Neil Diamond did and if Neil Diamond never returns to stage i will still have you to look foward to

  • Evan

    Neil Sedaka should tour with Neil Diamond just like Elton John Toured with Billy Joel not to mention Rod Stewart Barry Manilow Boz Scaggs Leo Sayer Joe Cocker and Eric Carmen

  • Evan

    Neil Diamond Barry Manilow and Neil Sedaka are good crooners but i dont focus on them all the time

  • Evan

    i like Neil Diamond Barry Manilow Neil Sedaka and Engelbert Humperdinck but im not gonna focus on them all the time

  • Evan

    i stopped listening to Engelbert Humperdinck becuse Engelbert Humperdinck is alot like Tom Jones

  • Evan

    Neil Diamond and Neil Sedaka are better than Tom Jones and Engelbert Humperdinck

  • Evan

    anyway i dont focus on music all the time

  • Dave H.

    Neil is a multi-talented singer, songwriter and entertainer. He’s been active for over 50 years now. He’s still performing, and his music is still very much in demand. He always seems to be a personable, kindly fellow. Do I care how he lives his private life? Not one bit!

  • Evan

    me nither and Neil Sedaka is the best along with Joe Cocker and Tom Jones

  • lou

    He is Married has children and Likes Men that doesn’t make him Gay you Idiots, it makes him Bisexual!

  • Evan

    Lou you are so dumb he likes women not men stupid and liking men as a man indedd does make you gay

  • labels labels labels labels labels labels labels We’re so anxious to hang labels on people-judge them before they judge you

    That is so gay

  • Evan

    Neil Sedaka just now went off tour but thats okay i already saw him

  • Michael

    I love Neil’s music and he seems to be a such kind person. Same time I feel really bad for this great performer . I heard of this Hispanic masseur who takes advantage of him. He brags around about stealing $3000 from Neil who forgives him everything. So guy continues stealing not only money but also Neil’s sleeping pills and other things he sees around Neil’s apartment. It is so disgusting. Seems that Neil is really attached to this guy. He is in a total denial about the whole abuse. I am afraid that this masseur, who apparently a drug addict and been to rehabs, is going to sell a story about Neil’s private life to a trash magazine to make some money. He may also harm Neil somehow while on drugs. We read about this kind of stories all the time. I wish Neil would realize that he and his family is in real danger with this guy

  • la woman

    Michael if you know all this why are you not selling it to a trash mag. because you would be laughed out of the room. Neil has had this crap through his career. You seem like you know too much about well “nothing” you said it best when you opened I “heared” of.? If you stay in LA you will hear a wacky story about every celeb!. you sound like the chronicle of west hollywood, keep drinking those cosmos you nut.


  • toto

    Sedaka gay or straight-who cares? The guy has a life so forget it.

  • ParisianThief

    Seadaka’s music is not my music but the guy is a millionaire and seems quite happy.

  • Christy

    I met Neil and the Russian (sorry, I was starstruck…can’t recall his name) just a few days ago personally. He is clearly not hiding his relationship. He is of another era when gay men did marry and have children and for the sake of the kids or due to a career never divorce. In fact I know a man in such a marriage myself. His wife knows he’s gay, is not a sexual woman and as long as it is not thrown in her face she’s ok. It’s not that unusual.

    Neil is an amazing talent and if you are that homophobic that with this news you change your mind then I don’t think Neil wants you as a fan anyway. He may not done a People magazine cover saying he’s gay but I was shocked he was so open. I think it’s fantastic he seems that comfortable. My memory of this vacation week is not going to be of him and the Russian though. It’s going to be him and 3 friends singing aloud on the walk. I’m a bigger fan now.

  • Martian Fox

    So that’s one Russian one Swedish and another now Hispanic. strange he does not have a type?. Was this a gay pride walk please post the pic and send us the link Christy.
    singing dancing you must have had a ball and many pics, do share.

    If not then you will just be another gossip spreading lies about a great singer, I would not be surprised if your the person who started this gay post lies in the first place.

    Please provide pic’s prove me wrong!

    yes thought so you can’t, regurgitating old gossip is not cool girl.

    sad sad sad

  • James Smith

    Who cares about this washed up old singer. Like even if he is Gay, It’s so low on every news level, its not funny. Who would take this to there editor? BOSS.. I have a great breaking news story Neil sedaka is G!

    BOSS “em who is neil sedaka?.” that singer from the 50s who sings in a high voice? em, you work for me? yes boos! YOUR SACKED…. Bobby whats lady gaga up to today!. Please… like the world gives a ***p about dead singers sex lives?.

  • Daniel Ming

    People are so stupid, still today. Do you know how many married guys I have been out with that have kids and grandkids. Oh and they are masculine. Man..this is why there are people that still don’t believe they have gay relatives.

  • neil my hoe

    Everyone thinks SEDAKA is gay so if he has a family and grand kids, and he also likes men then that makes him Bi, so if is Bi who cares, great music! One thing is for sure he is 1000% not gay. bi who knows but g no chance he has grand kids…. end of gay stuff….

  • Sean

    What is wrong with you people, as if having a wife and kids is proof of anything other than his DICK WORKS… he is GAY! Either that, or his effeminate behavior, swishy flitting limp wristed stance, high girly voice, preference for the company of men, long standing affiliation with Elton John (also married) and RUSSIAN BOYFRIEND are a very elaborate ruse to deflect… umm… hmm… no, he’s gay. realllllllllllly gay. deal with it. and his music sucks. calculated jewish slop designed to succeed. Write a zillion shitty songs and throw them out until one is so annoying people remember it. If you ever hear an interview with him, his main inspiration for writing music was to make money and get his mother off his back. I hope his asshole falls out the next time his Russian BF roto-roots him! *LOL*

  • Pat

    I don’t see any place where Neil has ever admitted to being gay. There are rumors he is a bisexual. To me he is a good guy, a great entertainer and seems to not be causing anyone any trouble if he is gay or bisexual. I don’t pass on rumors so if I were asked if he is gay or bi I would just say as far as I know he has never confirmed it, there is just a rumor.

  • John Graham

    So SEAN is the GUY spreading lies from a deep seeded hatred for sedaka.. lets bring out your true Identity SEAN or are you the sacked tour manager from the eightes?. yes thats where all this lies broke and was spreed from one site ladies and gentleman.. one disgruntaled ex employee see… google sedaka gossip ex manager at bottom page. yes its all from this one gossip, and look at the rediculas list of Celebs “gossip”

    Get on with your life sacked ex employee not of the month LOL

  • mark pool

    Yes I read the gossip site John your right, It was from a ex employee, but I put in google search ” neil sedaka gay gossip ” and the site came up first. What a load of rubbish. Did you see she had George Clooney as gay too on her post… hahaha

    sad what the internet can say about anyone.

  • someone who knows

    he is gay. period. i can’t say how i know. it would be awesome if he came out, but i think he’s too old school, and wants to, in his eyes, protect his family from embarrassment, and to preserve his legacy. he’s a wonderful human being and an incredible musician.

  • Michael freeble

    Liked this album, nice clean sound to it. Anyone else want to talk about his music cd here?.

  • Christopher Holmes

    How many great songs has this man written ?. I like this album is there any other places to listen to him online. I don’t have itunes.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Fran M

    Christopher try one of the many online media players, Pandora is a good one, should get some of his songs there.

  • paul wells

    Yes love the tracks on the album. I like the older songs but this produced real well. worth buying all tracks on itunes.

  • Bryan Black

    Tried the pandora just gave me a lot of other singers that are not as good as him. So tried itunes glad this album is on there. Amazing sound and production. Any newer albums from this great man?.

  • Gale Goldberg

    you can find free songs of his to listen to on playlist. Just google “playlist” and you can try before you buy.

  • Russell Thompson

    He wrote some great classic songs, but he can’t sing.

  • That1guy

    It is true.. I know said russian and have hung out with both of them. Believe it or not.

  • BostonMass

    I saw Neil Sedaka in Boston at a Boylston Street restaurant about three years ago. He was dining brunch with a very young European looking guy. Neil was at the table next to us and it was 11:30 AM. When asked if he’d like a glass of wine, he said he needed to wait until noon.
    After having too much water I excused myself from my table and went to the restroom. Neil followed me. As I was walking out, he said a very cheerful hello with a certain glint in his eye. He is gay.

  • Terry

    I don’t care wether he is gay or not, his music is great!

  • TRK

    Anyone who says he can’t be gay because he’s married is a nut case. Hello? Robert Reed…Rock Hudson…Tyrone Power…Anthony Perkins…to name a few, were married, had families and were gay.

  • Ray

    As to if Neil Sedaka is or is not gay is of little importance or indeed significance.
    I hope he is happy well adjusted individual and finding love in his relationships. We all deserve to be happy. His voice is beautiful and that is all a well adjusted fan would find of interest. It is however surprising that people still use derogatory terms such as FAG and speculate on his sexuality in a negative light. Outbursts and overt ramblings of this type usually say’s much more about the writer and the feelings and insecurity they have around their own sexuality. As a psychiatrist I come into contact with this on a regular basis. The sad part is that these people really hate themselves and try to project that hate onto a focus image or person, out of fear: in this case Neil Sedaka! In other words it is a cyclical phenomena of oppressive society,, “I oppress others as I am oppressed”!

  • Margaret Mills

    I think commenting or believing in internet based gossip like this is tiring. Its nauseating like cnn comments from morons. Im pretty sure TMZ or some Paper sometime over Neil’s long years would have found this out. As there has never been a picture or comment about this matter, its 100 not true. Im sure the dollars would roll in if someone could get the headline Gay American Idol judge???. That would sell a million magazines. It has not?. So sorry, if the real media don’t know there is no chance a silly internet writer in some little town in texas knows.

  • rick burk

    He is definitely, mucho gay. I drove him to his mother’s house is N. Fort Lauderdale and his Russian boyfriend stayed with us at our home in Fort Lauderdale. This was about 6 years ago. We met him at our home in The Pines, Fire Island.

  • Bob List

    Sounds like a little Russian free loader, Tight ass singer would not pay for a hotel room for his slave. When halloween comes round does he like to Treat a Trick ?.

  • Dude

    Definitely gay. I saw him backstage at an event in Napa, CA and he was with a much younger guy who was clearly gay.

  • Carly

    I can absolutely first handedly corroborate the story of the younger blonde Russian to be true because I was lucky to meet them myself on Fire Island a couple summers ago. Neil was incredibly cordial as was his mate, even taking to the piano and singing Sweet Caroline, He certainly wasn’t hiding as this is a gay resort (I stay at my brother’s beach house every summer).

    As for the naysayers, this wouldn’t be the first marriage with children and an understanding. Especially from Neil’s generation and his career, I’m sure he loves his wife but in a different wan then most couples and it works for them, I say that is great!

  • Trevor Sweeney

    Sweet Carolin ?
    Your talking about Neil Diamond ?
    WAW YIP lets all start a rumor about him being gay too? Laughable this internet is.

  • Tom

    I have no doubt that he is gay. I recall seeing him on the Johnny Carson show a long time ago-I’m thinking it was about 1985-give or take a few years. Sedaka sang some song and then it was time to converse with Johnny. What I distinctly remember was how nervous Sedaka was. He was clearly uncomfortable and he seemed to make Carson highly uncomfortable too. It was an “Aha” moment for me-I was thinking this guy is gay and he’s not comfortable with his orientation and suppression of his being. He was making others equally uncomfortable.

  • Fed Up

    It’s now OK to be gay in the military and there is gay marriage so Neil or any other show business person has nothing to fear. However, it is up to Neil and Neil ONLY if he wants to come out. He is from a different era when it was not OK to be admittedly gay and in show business so performers TRIED to keep it hidden, like Liberace and Rock Hudson. Neil’s cowriter Howie Greenfield was openly gay and did not care as he was NOT the performer that people paid to see and buy records from. Until such time we will have to wait and see what Neil’s choice will be

  • NOT GAY.

    Wait all you like.

  • buzz lightyear


    Link text

  • jimmraz

    Great album great singer.