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Need Directions? Ask a Sadge!

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sadge brianIf you ever want to know how to get somewhere, ask a Sagittarian. Sadge Sun, Moon or rising, it doesn’t matter. A lot of them actually carry little notebooks around, for exactly this purpose.


Once I was new to a city, and a Sadge Moon I met suggested I check out this specific bar. He thought I might hit it off with the bartender there. So to make sure I could get there, he pulled a pad from his shirt pocket and drew me a map. He ripped the page from his notebook and handed it to me, and then drew me another.

“If it’s rush hour, use this one,” he said.



puerto vallarta I had a Sagittarian draw me a map to a fish taco once, from the airport in Puerto Vallarta. The part that killed me was this was on foot.

He had me leaving the airport on foot, walking down alleys, jumping over dogs sleeping on sidewalks, then going up the stairs and past the first two doors, to the third… doing some other weird hijinks, all so I could get to the best taco in town.

And then there was the Sadge I dated for awhile. He showed me a better way to get to my own house. This was to avoid traffic, and I’d lived there for five years. Believe me, I was humbled.

Another Sadge showed me how to climb up the side of a rock house. You know, he showed me all the good handholds. He told me that there were three ways to go, and he rated them: easy, hard, hardest.

I kept a straight face too, because I was in love with him.

And one more. I was in Phoenix, visiting a Sagittarius friend. We were in the car and I was telling her about Sadges and directions.

“Yeah,” I said. “A lot of them even carry a little pad with them. My grandfather did…”

Smiling, she reached down and unzipped the fanny pack she was wearing. “I do that,” she said as she pulled out a slim notebook and a tiny pencil.

“I rest my case.”

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