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NCAA Football Picks: Week Three in the WAC

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I know you may not care about WAC football, and it’s painful for you that this even exists, but bear with me, I’m an odd duck obsessed with inconsequential things.

Fresno State (-3) over WASHINGTON

The bulldogs are just too good and UW is just too bad. Oregon is a damn good team, and a gutsy, well-coached one, and they barely squeaked by FSU. Washington is getting better, but they’re still a mess. This could be close, but I think Fresno wins by at least a touchdown, especially after getting fired up by coach Pat Hill all week. Add in that they’re still pissed at the Pac-10 in general and I like the Bulldogs in this one, which I said already.

Boise State (-7) over WYOMING

Boise is insanely good, I’m telling you. And Wyoming — even though they barely lost at Virginia last week — is kind of a tub of crap, and their starting center is gonna be out for this game. Boise’s running back is doing his best OJ Simpson (minus the double murder) impression. If anything, this spread seems a bit low to me.

Idaho State (+13) over IDAHO

Idaho sucks. I mean, they really, really suck. They’re borderline 1-AA. Idaho State IS 1AA, but I just can’t see Idaho beating anyone — let alone an in-state rival — by more than 10 points. Just a gut feeling.

Utah (-20) over UTAH STATE

Utah State is almost as horrible as Idaho. Utah is coming off a thrashing of a 1-AA team, and I think are ready to prove they can do it against a 1-A team after that rough Week 1 loss to UCLA. I mean, Utah State is really, really bad. Angry Mormons should be heavily involved.

Texas Southern (+24) over NEW MEXICO STATE

This spread’s too high. NMSU’s only win was by 15 against a winless 1-AA team, and Texas Southern is 2-0, albeit against weak competition, and in squeakers. Plus the Aggies’ stud running back who led the WAC last season in rushing tore his ACL and is out for the year. I think NMSU wins, but definitely not by 23.

NEVADA (-2) over Colorado State

I think Nevada’s offense finally gets out of neutral this week, and I don’t see Colorado State moving the ball too much on this defense. CSU’s two wins have been squeakers and a winless Wolfpack has to be fired up for their home opener.

LOUISIANA TECH (-11) over Nicholls State

Spread’s a little high for my taste, but yeah, okay. Both of these teams, oddly enough, went to Nebraska and got obliterated, although LA Tech hung around a bit more.

HAWAII (-12) over University of Nevada at Las Vegas (UNLV)

UNLV’s quarterback is gonna be a gametime decision if he plays or not, but no matter what I think UH unleashes the hounds tomorrow night. They played Alabama damn close two weeks ago, and although UNLV looks decent, Aloha Stadium is a very unique atmosphere. UH at home is a totally different animal than on the road. If they barely lost to Bama in the South, you better believe they’ll take Vegas out to the woodshed in Halawa Valley.

Last week I went 1-5. Let’s see if I can suck much less this weekend. The proof will be in the pudding.

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  • well, it’s 10:15 at nite here in Honolulu, and with Hawaii up on UNLV to the tune of 42-7 at the end of the third, it looks like I went 4-3-1 this week (Boise beat Wyoming by 7, the exact spread, so that’s the tie, and a wash). Not bad, especially considering a few things: LA Tech won by 10 (the spread was 11) so I missed that one by just a point, but hey, football wagering isn’t horseshoes, so I won’t dwell on that. I did go 3-1-1 on the games between 1A competition (a pathetic 3 WAC games this week were against 1AA teams). It’s much, much harder to find media coverage of 1AA teams on the net. So it appears, when I can get viable info, that I’m half decent at quantifying it and making a pick. or else I just got a bit lucky this week. no celebrating or yack talking yet, my overall record for 2 weeks is still a sad 5-8-1 (pending Hawaii keeping at least 12 ahead of UNLV, which looks fairly likely), but hey, onward & upward. mahalo.

  • At a real no foolin’ bettin’ establishment a “tie” is the same thing as a loss. That’s why those places have big shiny walls.

    Picking against the spread, though, takes big ones.

  • That’s not the way it works on Vegas. A tie with the spread is a tie and you get your wager back.


    The big, shiny walls come from having people bet $11 to win $10, and creating a spread that gets enough people to bet both sides. Plus all the teasers, parlays and sucker bets.