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NCAA Football Picks: Week 5 in the WAC

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An interesting slate of WAC games this week. Only one conference game, and it’s crap versus worse crap. One game against 1AA, four bouts against the Benedict Arnolds (aka the Mountain West), one against conference USA (another Benedict Arnold team — Christ, the old WAC was an unwieldy monstrous pit of a conference. At least it’s not unwieldy anymore, har har), and a road game against a very good ACC team. And away we go.

Boise State (+5.5) over UTAH

This spread confuses me a bit. I know it’s a road game, but Boise is getting five and half against a Utah team that got blown out by UCLA to start the season off? Really? The same UCLA that lost to Washington last weekend? I don’t think the country realizes quite yet just how good Boise is.

SAN JOSE STATE (+2.5) over San Diego State

This spread confuses me even more. If I was a betting man, these first two would be my locks of the week. SDSU is terrible. Absolutely terrible. And San Jose actually looks serviceable this year. Do they think Marshall Faulk is still an Aztec? Perplexing. Anyway, I’d be pretty damn surprised if San Jose doesn’t win this game outright, and I’m thinking it won’t really be that close.

Idaho (-3) over UTAH STATE

As bad as San Diego State is, they’re the Harlem Globetrotters to the Washington Generals that are Utah State. Idaho is bad, but they’re not this bad. Dennis Erickson is salivating about finally getting another W in the ledger, but you know damn well sure he’s working his kids into a frenzy this week. No game’s a gimme for Idaho, but this one comes close.

Colorado State (+12.5) over FRESNO STATE

I think Fresno will win, but have a feeling it’ll be close (like all of Fresno’s games this year).

Nevada (-3.5) over NEVADA LAS VEGAS

UNLV is pretty bad this year, and Nevada’s picking up steam. Pretty short road trip, too.

CLEMSON (-33.5) over Louisiana Tech

Clemson is damn good this year (they beat Florida State), and Louisiana Tech is looking worse by the week. The one game I mis-called last week was thinking that LA Tech would hold onto some pride and not get blown out by Texas A&M, and, well, they got blown out badly. Expect more of the same, but worse, against a top-tier ACC team on the road.

New Mexico State (+16.5) over TEXAS EL PASO

The battle of I-10 will likely be much closer than this number, and the way UTEP’s been freefalling the last couple weeks, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if NMSU actually wins this thing.

HAWAII (-31) over Eastern Illinois

A huge spread, but the 'bows (Warriors) still have a bad taste in their mouths from that close loss in Boise last week, and they’ve found a nice 1AA patsy to take their inner angst out on.

Last week: 5-1
Overall: 10-9-1

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  • whoah, I swept the board. Hawaii covered THAT spread (they won by 35) which was correct on Friday, but I noticed that Saturday’s spread had lept up to 38, which they didn’t cover, but, hey, if you placed your bets Friday, perfectamundo baby.

    bueller? anyone? bueller? Where’s Al Pacino and his Mazerrati to scoop me up for a millionaire career in handicapping? Sigh…

  • That’s some nifty pickin’, BJoe. And yes, this absolutely means next week will suck for you.