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NBC, Please Keep Medium On The Air

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I'm not sure what you guys are watching on Wednesday night, but for me, the only show on my Tivo is one of NBC's few quality shows, Medium. You may remember the star, Patricia Arquette, winning an Emmy for it a few years back — and deservedly so. Variety published an article yesterday discussing the fact that it's soon time for networks to decide which shows, both new and old, are getting the axe this year. Here are the shows on the chopping block:

ABC: Men in Trees, Six Degrees, What About Brian , The Knights of Prosperity, According to Jim, and George Lopez

CBS: Jericho, The Class, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Close to Home, and Rules of Engagement

FOX: The War at Home, 'Til Death, Standoff, and newcomers The Winner and The Wedding Bells

CW: Veronica Mars, All of Us, and 7th Heaven

NBC: 30 Rock, Friday Night Lights, Medium, Crossing Jordan, Law & Order, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Now this really pisses me off. Badly. Medium is one of the few shows NBC has that is actually a great, original, and creative series that takes risks and keeps you thrilled every time it airs. And it used to do really well in the ratings until NBC, like the idiots they are, moved it to Wednesday nights and put it up against Lost — as opposed to the time slot it's always had on Mondays at 10.

You'd think if they had any brains they'd place the show before or after Heroes. They're both really great shows, they both deal with the supernatural intertwining with normal American life, and it'd finally give NBC a very strong competitive night of programming.

Now CBS owns Medium, so it's possible that if NBC does cancel it, that CBS will pick the show up for at least two more seasons so that they can see a profit (TV shows need to get to five seasons in order to make a good syndication package). But nonetheless, I really would be very upset if this show gets canceled due to NBC's dumb mistakes.

Please save the show!

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  • Methuselah

    Medium was a dumb program with a dumb premise. Maybe Medium was cancelled because the lead ballooned out to blimp size.

  • you forgot to mention that it was created by writer/producer Glenn Gordon Caron of Moonlighting fame.

  • Michael W Anderson

    I agree with Chris 100%. Medium was treated poorly by a failing network, when in the Spring of 2005 Medium saved NBC from totally failing in the ratings, with a 15.1 million season average, and 12 million viewers for season 2.
    NBC should never have moved the show to Wednesday night at 10, never. Monday at 10, it actually (for the forst time) will have a solid lead in with Heroes, and one that actually has a similar theme. NBC’s Supernatural Monday night lineup would certainly work, and would slay the competition in the ratings.
    Emmy winner Arquette deserves much better than how NBC has treated her show, as does the rest of the cast and crew.
    Maybe Medium would have a happier life if NBC were to cancel it, as we all know CBS does a fanatastic job promoting and advertising their shows, henece they have SO many hits the past few years.

  • JBaustian

    After NBC cancelled “JAG”, CBS got another 7 years or so out of that franchise… then followed it with NCIS.

    I was surprised to see so many decent shows on the list, ones that are losing out in the ratings race to shows I would never watch. Demographics are cruel.

  • Michael W Anderson

    NBC is cruel in the way it has promoted and handled ‘Medium’. At least Patricia continues to receive award nominations after her well deserved 2005 Emmy win.
    Yes, ‘JAG’ is a good example of NBC canceling a decent show after poor promotion after one season, and it went on for 9 seasons on CBS as a hit. Wow, great job CBS. The same could easily happen to ‘Medium’.

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  • Jaime Weintz

    I love the Medium and it being on Monday nights. When they moved it Wednesday night it seemed to struggle in its new time slot. I agree NBC has made a mistake by moving this show around. Perhaps CBS will make a difference as their theme seems to be “We Care.” Patricia looks great … she had a baby and perhaps gained a few pounds … it has not empeded her acting abilities. You go girl! The rest of the cast is great too, the writers, the story lines, it makes you comeback for more. I look forward to the show each week. i own Season 1& 2 DVD’s and am waiting for season 3.

  • Laura Healy

    I didn’t start watching this show until this year and I really like it. The family scenes are so real, so believable. A few of the lead characters need some more ‘meat’ to their bones and the plotlines are somewhat predictable; perhaps I’m a medium who figures out what will happen halfway through. But, I still watch it for the very real acting going on. I sure hope NBC doesn’t cancel it. It is the only show I watch on NBC anymore. I am so sick of reality-this and contest-that and make-me-into-something-besides-the-rude-spoiled-brat-that-I am shows. Where are all the writers? Working on Medium, that’s where. Keep up the great work and don’t cancel this show!!!

  • TVJunkie

    I know 10PM is late to watch a show, but honestly, I don’t care what day they aired Medium…as long as it was a fresh episode – I’d watch it. There are very few edgy shows on network television. Medium saves us from monotony.

  • Girish Joshi

    Medium is an excellent show. Its one of those supernatural concepts where the picturization is very good. The theme is gripping and there are not too many bloody scenes. What I find interesting is that all human beings have some fascination about ‘death’. Perhaps because there is that element of unknown. Medium does a very good job of getting a beyond-reality concept into a day to day environment, striking the right balance between being fascinating and being scary.

  • RCZ

    I am not a big TV watcher amy more except for one of my favorate shows,Medium. Because of my work schedule,I was unable to watch it, so I wait till it goes online at NBC.com the next day with my bowl of popcorn and watch the Brilliant Patrica Acquette do her thing. I would be sad if they were to cancel Medium. They should do the show justice and put it back on Mondays with Heros, they go well together.Plus, it is my one day off of work, so I can see it when it is totally fresh and new. It is nice to see TV that grabs your heart like this does, thrills you, keeps you on the edge of your seat, and brings a tear to your eye at the end when you see Allison save the day, or make you wonder what they are going to do next week. I love the DVD’s and hope to have many more as they come out. The only way that can happen is for it to stay on the air.Thnk about it:)
    ps, all of my friends love it too!!!

  • Jo H.

    I LOVE Medium and have been hoping that it will be aired again in the 2008 winter season. But it’s not looking good. Has it officially been canceled? Anyone know?