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NBA playoffs: 1 day away. No clear favorite

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By Temple Stark, Casa Grande, AZ

The NBA playoffs – by the numbers.

Because I said I’d make them – predictions.

Pistons 4-2 in series
Today’s game 76ers 87-79

Rockets 4-3 in series
Today’s game Rockets 88-81

Boston 4-1 in series
Today’s game Boston 99-79

Seattle 4-2 in series
Today’s game Kings 103-99 (Sonics always start off slow and sometimes get back into it)

Miami 4-1 in series
Today’s game Nets 100-91

Bulls 4-2 in series
Today’s game Wizards 85-81

Spurs 4-3 in series
Today’s game Spurs 87-86

Suns 4-1 in series
Today’s game Suns 101-92

Conference finals
Western – Spurs / Seattle – Spurs, 4-2
Eastern – Detroit / Miami Detroit, 4-2

Final Spurs / Detroit – Spurs 4-3

The play-off race for the The Larry O’Brien championship trophy begins at Noon, PST (all times, PST) Seeds in parentheses (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8)

Saturday Games
Philadelphia 76ers (7) @ Detroit Pistons (2) – Noon, ABC.
Houston Rockets (5) @ Dallas Mavericks (4) – 2:30 pm, ESPN
Indiana Pacers (6) @ Boston Celtics (3) – 5 p.m., ESPN
Sacramento Kings (6) @ Seattle Supersonics (3) – 7:30 p.m., ESPN

Sunday Games
New Jersey Nets (8) @ Miami Heat (1) – Noon, ABC
Washington Wizards (5) @ Chicago Bulls (4) – 2:30 p.m., TNT
Denver Nuggets (7) @ San Antonio Spurs (2) – 5 p.m., TNT
Memphis Grizzlies (8) @ Phoenix Suns (1) – 7:30 p.m., TNT

Monday Games
Pacers @ Celtics – 4 p.m., TNT
Rockets @ Mavericks – 6:30 p.m., TNT

Tuesday Games
Sixers @ Pistons – NBATV – 4 p.m. (NBA TV- not publically broadcast except in local areas)
Nets @ Heat – 5 p.m., TNT
Kings @ Sonics – 7:30 p.m. TNT

(Wednesday on will be updated in new post)

(W=win L=loss a=away h=home) Games in chronological order.

Pistons vs. 76ers (2-1 Pistons advantage in regular season: Wh 99-91, Wh 99-95, La 107-84)

Houston vs Dallas (2-2 in regular season: La 113-106, Lh 102-78, Wa 124-114, Wh 90-69)

Seattle vs. Sacramento. (3-1 Seattle SuperSonics advantage in regular season – Wa 108-78, Wa 106-101, Wh 115-107, La 122-101)

Indiana vs. Boston (2-1 Indiana Pacers advantage in regular season: Wa 100-94, Wh 106-96, La 100-86)

Miami vs. New Jersey (3-0 Miami Heat advantage in regular season: Wa 100-77, Wa 106-90, Wh 90-65)

Washington vs. Chicago (2-1 Washington Wizards advantage in regular season: Wh 95-88, Lh 97-90, Wh 93-82)

San Antonio vs. Denver (2-2 in regular season: Wa 89-75, Wh 99-90, Lh 90-87, La 102-84)

Phoenix vs Memphis (only a 2-2 in regular season Wh 109-102, Lh 88-79, La 108-97, Wa 97-91)


Bulls Eddy Curry who’ll miss the playoffs after discovery of an irregular heartbeat. Mavericks guard Tariq Abdul-Wahad and center Pavel Podkolzin. The Pacers’ Jamaal Tinsely will likely miss the first round of playoffs with a foot injury.

Houston’s Charlie Ward and forward Juwan Howard will miss the playoffs.

New Jersey’s Ron Mercer will miss the playoffs.

Ron Artest still suspended and will remain so through the playoffs).

Doubtful are Eduardo Najera (Nuggets), Peja Stojakovic (Kings), Devin Brown (Spurs), Vladimir Radmonivic (Seattle)

Most everyone else is either in or probable. On the probable to play list includes Tracy McGrady (Rockets), Rasheed Wallace (Pistons), Richard Hamilton (Pistons), Shaquille O’ Neal (Miami), Mike Bibby (Kings), Ray Allen (Seattle) and Rasdhard Lewis (Seattle)

The Kings will see the return of Bobby Jackson and Brad Miller and have added big(ger) men Brian Skinner and Kenny Thomas.

From the AP and NBA: Philadelphia’s Allen Iverson was the NBA’s leading scorer in the regular season, averaging 30.7 points, well ahead of No. 2 Kobe Bryant of the Lakers (27.6).

Shaquille O’Neal topped the league by making 60.1 percent of his field goal attempts.

Steve Nash of Phoenix averaged a league-best 11.5 assists.

Minnesota’s Kevin Garnett led the league in rebounding with a 13.5 average.

The Phoenix Suns had the NBA’s best record (62-20). Miami and San Antonio each had 59 wins.

The Atlanta Hawks had the NBA’s worst record (13-69). New Orleans and Charlotte each had 18 wins (Both are recent expansion teams.)

The 2004-2005 NBA Season saw regular season attendance averaging 17,314 per game, the highest in league history, and best since the 1995-1996 season the Associated Press reports. Compare to the overall abysmally low crowds around the baseball parks.


I don’t have memories of Bird-Johnson match-ups so indulge me here. Basketball is hands-down the best value for money. It is the best spectator sport. Baseball definitely has much more dramatic moments (cause the games feel like forever) and drama is rare in the NFL. Pursue the benefits of other sports yourself. (I’m partial to nine-ball pool but that’s just cause I’m good at it).

Don’t get me wrong, of all the sports I’ve enjoyed watching them all live emmensely. Though the first NBA round should have remained at five games, instead of the seven it is now, it’s still the best team sport in the world. It’s a show of a lot of other distractions as well, but ultimately the combination of skills, and the relationship between players and coaches rules the day.

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  • I know the adage that defense wins championships, but let us hope that the Finals doesn’t come down to Spurs/Pistons. Although I probably have just jinxed myself. A Heat/Suns final would be fantastic to watch. We’ll see.

  • You have any predictions, Temple?

  • Eric Olsen

    the Cavaliers will miss the playoffs on the very last day, fire their GM and coach, and render themselves a ridiculous fucking mess once again

  • Well Suns / Miami was my first instinct. But as I said up there in the post, “Predictions later today.” I wanted to think it over more. Denver seems pretty attractive too. But then George Karl is about my favorite coach.

    It’s hard for me to separate who I want to win from who is likely to will.

  • “likely to win” even.

  • Personally, I’m thinking Spurs/Heat in the finals; I just don’t see the Suns beating the Spurs four times, and I think Shaq has a better team around him this year than in LA last year. But as the other old saying goes, “That’s why they play the game(s).”

  • Eric LOL.

    Great predictions. Foregone, of course.

  • Eric Olsen

    the best kind

  • The Suns’ playoff fortunes will probably be heralded as either confirming (if they lose early) or disproving (if they succeed) the old assumption that the run-and-gun style Don Nelson pioneered at Golden State can’t win in the playoffs. But I would argue that with Shawn Marion and Amare Stoudemire, Pheonix has two of the kind of athletic big men Nelson always wanted to compliment the Hardaway-Richmond-Mullin “Run TMC” package. First GS drafted Billy Owens, and then Webber, to be that fourth piece, but they never really got the perfect combination.

  • Also (and this is definitely a Tar Heel partisan talking), so much for the whole “Vince Carter is overrated” thing ESPN couldn’t stop repeating a couple of months ago. A big part of Carter’s awesome recent performances has to do with that fact that he’s playing with one of the best point guards ever, but I bet Kidd would rate Carter as pretty decent guy to be throwing assists to.

  • what is this stupid website that knowone likes it shouldnt even be here

  • Great Suns point Thad – It’s really hard to believe the Marion-Nash-Stoudemire can keep it up. But they have.

    Their energy level won’t be quite as different in the playoffs, and as I noted above they are only 2-2 against …. Memphis

  • I think the West is a little more open because you can never doubt that either Dallas or Denver could get hot. They are my dark horses right now. But of course, I wouldn’t put money on that. If the Suns bring their A-game, they’re in.

    Hey Eric, take solace that at least the Cavs will get a lottery pick to complement LeBron. Which really is what they need. You can’t expect Gilbert is going to do well getting free agents on his first spin. Especially since they don’t have a GM yet!

  • The Cavs have to give LeBron a reason to stay in Ohio. That means they need to go deep into the playoffs next year. Next year is the last on his contract.

    Money won’t matter – he can get that anywhere else.

  • Temple – I think you’re wrong is saying that football doesn’t provide very many dramatic moments. I think in many ways it’s the most dramatic sport:

    – There are way fewer games than other sports, making each regular season game far more meaningful than any other sport
    – There’s a level of physicality / violence above just about anything else out there (in the U.S. anyway)
    – Any play can produce an exciting moment… just as a homerun or big-time dunk can, I suppose, but all the same, there’s not much better for my money than an incredible run, an explosive pass offense, or a tide-turning interception.

    I have others, but that’s a good start.

    I like basketball a whole lot as well, by the way, but I still think that football is where it’s at.

  • Eric, Eric, Eric, Eric, Eric, Eric are you out of your ever-loving ……..

    🙂 I don’t think of a dunk as dramatic. With “dramatic” I was thinking more suspense-filled than exciting moments.

    I guess football is dramatic but most of it isn’t. They should play more football games – 20. With 16, one or two bad games and your season’s over.

    Last season is when I started getting more into football. That is, when I would gladly wach other teams beside “my” teams.

  • I still say the most exciting / dramatic thing you can see in sports is football’s two-minute drill… which beats the pants out of the foul-fest that ends most tight b-ball contests.

    And that being said… my interest in sports has dropped off a cliff over the last few years. Talking about this stuff feels like I’m accessing the memories of a different person.

  • Shark

    Temple, I don’t know about the rest of yer list (’cause I don’t give a shit about anybody but the Mavericks), but:

    DALLAS PLAYS SAT at 4:30 LOCAL TIME, ie. 5:30 EST.

    Might wanna double-check yer data, dude.


    Official TV Schedule @ NBA.com

  • Shark

    Forgot to mention my prediction:

    Bo Bice in seven games.

    Whoops! wrong thread!

  • Shark

    Anyone notice Kobe “Room Service” Bryant is not in the playoffs?


    Did I mention the Lakers are NOT in the playoffs?


    ~There is a God.

  • Shark

    Sorry, Temple, I just notice yer “PST” caveat. Guess it now stands for “pissed”?

    My bad.

    …and uh, nevermind…

  • My hopes: Mavs versus Heat with Dallas winning it all.

    More likely: Spurs versus Pistons with Spurs winning another championship.

    Glad to see egomaniac Kobe sitting on the sidelines. He can get an early start chasing after women other than his wife.

  • Because I said I’d make them – predictions. and I’m going to be busy hopefully right up to 76ers tip off.

    Pistons 4-2 in series
    Today’s game 76ers 87-79

    Rockets 4-3 in series
    Today’s game Rockets 88-81

    Boston 4-1 in series
    Today’s game Boston 99-79

    Seattle 4-2 in series
    Today’s game Kings 103-99 (Sonics always start off slow and sometimes get back into it)

    Miami 4-1 in series
    Today’s game Nets 100-91

    Bulls 4-2 in series
    Today’s game Wizards 85-81

    Spurs 4-3 in series
    Today’s game Spurs 87-86

    Suns 4-1 in series
    Today’s game Suns 101-92

    Conference finals
    Western – Spurs / Seattle – Spurs, 4-2
    Eastern – Detroit / Miami Detroit, 4-2

    Final Spurs / Detroit – Spurs 4-3

    There. I’ll add seeds now to the post.

  • Badly wrong on the first prediction. Half way through being correct on the second game Houston ahead – Mavericks looking bad. Sorry Shark, it’s only the truth.

  • Pretty damn good on Boston – I predicted a 20 point win 99-79 and the final score was only three off 102-82.

    Better yet – Payton looked great. I want him to be remembered in other places than Seattle for his skills. 9-time all-defensive team. Great scorer when he needs to be. Slower now and he misses more shots though. With the Lakers there was just nothing for him to do really.

    Got Houston over Dallas.
    So I’m 2-1 so far.

    I won’t at all mind being wrong on the Sonics – half time and they’re looking good.

  • RJ

    Spurs-Pistons is my pick for the Finals (right now). Pistons in 7.

    See, we AGREE on something, TS! 🙂