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NBA: Kobe, Ready To Eat Those Worms?

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Dear Kobe,

You pointed your finger at New Jersey’s Vince Carter Sunday.

If I were you, pointing fingers would be the last thing I’d do. Your teammates tolerate you – because they have no choice. Your coach, because he wants a piece of Lakers ownership, buried his pride and signed up to work with your sorry ass (pardon the reminder). He tolerates you because he too has no choice, (although Jackson’s about to realize flexibility is needed more than the triangle offense.)

Kobe you are no longer the golden child.

What happened earlier in your career? What do your college teammates say? Oh, that’s right. You’re no LeBron. But Lower Merion High School loved you. Except, I’m sure the coach there doesn’t point to you as an example of anything. On or off the court.

Kobe, rape charges against you were – rightfully – dismissed, but you still cheated on your wife; your longtime girlfriend; your high school sweetheart.

Mr. Kobe Bryant, I can’t think of anyone, off-hand, who’s proud of your accomplishments any longer. Today, you’re an ugly spot in the NBA, where once you were a jewel. One I admired for class personified. Heck, you could speak Italian.

It’s obvious you play for money and “me, me, me” and that may just be you being you. Great. But it only earns you being tolerated, and little else. Ron Arteste is more of a charmer, and these days does more for his team than you have been doing lately or will in the future.

What makes you so blind to this?

Sunday night, when you injected your anger and projected your finger and the usual arrogance of the entitled, you scored 46 points, just under half the Lakers output for the evening.

And the team lost.

Someone on the LA Times Laker’s blog, called you a “sociopath in sneakers” while everyone else there was dishing out blame, Kidd-like. You’re something that atrophies players around you rather than makes them grow stronger.

Bottom line, no one’s happy, except there are a few Kobe-enablers out there, too. Those same people who said only what happens on the court matters; and yet are as blind as you to what’s really happening with your career.

Shaquille O’ Neal, one of the most easy-going people in all of sports, got fed up with you and abandoned a successful run. Kobe, can you not look back and see the 2004-2005 season; that one where the towering Lakers’ legacy fell to a 34-48 season and – what’s that – that’s right, and missed the playoffs.

It’s the same Lakers who are this season struggling to breathe and stay off the bottom of their division (and the league). You aren’t good enough KB to carry a team or a sport you seem to have contempt for.

Why, if it wasn’t for the money, you wouldn’t want to play at all.

Early retirement sounds good. Fake an injury.

Get out and join T.O. in the WWE.

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  • Temple Stark
  • Only the steppin’ ghost of Mark Madsen can save them now.

  • RJ

    So what if he’s a selfish, arrogant, possible-rapist? That never stopped some people…

    Kobe for President! :-/

  • examples?

  • I’m not defending him in any way, but Kobe is only a shade more selfish than 75% of the other NBA players. Any guy who gets to shoot 30 shots a night gets a big head.

  • RJ


    I’ll make my point a little clearer:

    So what if he’s a selfish, arrogant, possible-rapist? That never stopped some people…

    Kobe for President! :-/

  • dog

    fuck you all bitches hwo hat e kobe. Y’ll now that kobe is the next Jordan….. keep t real kobe………….