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NBA Finals Game I: Spurs get Obi-Wan Ginobili – and the edge they expected

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Lose at home? Why would the Spurs want to do that? A late push proved they didn’t.

Spurs won 84-69.

Though early on the Detroit Pistons looked oppressive and impressive on defense – as promised – something went horribly wrong when it counted – in the fourth quarter.

Racking up a 17-4 lead in the first quarter, Detroit early looked much more together at both ends of the court. The blue shirts filled the floor on defense with perfect spacing. I’ll admit it they were flat out scary. The Spurs were getting picked and poked – like an eggshell from the inside.

And under the basket.

It was only at the 4:16 mark, joined by a “Big mock cheer” from the home crowd at San Antonio’s SBC Center, when the first foul was called against Detroit. Ultimately for such a physical game fouls were low and didn’t really play a part in the game.

“Seven straight points for the defending champions” – at 7-2 – Al Michaels over-actively called at the 8:32 mark of the first quarter.

But early it really did look like the eight days of rest would sink the Spurs in lethargy. They had four turnovers (TO’s) early.

Maybe that’s what led Greg Popovich to call a timeout just 2:21 seconds into the game – down a “mammoth and insurmountable” 6-2. He called another about three minutes later with his team down by nine, 13-4.

Seemed a little quick on the draw, but after looking like they’d be lucky to hit double digits in the first quarter it or something clicked.

Appropriately Obi-Wan Ginobili – as one fan’s sign called hm – put the final dagger in, finishing off the enemy even though destined to meet again (Sunday 5:30 P, 8:30 E, ABC).

By my count there were four dunks in the game – one by Manu Ginobili, two by Ben Wallace and one by Tim Duncan.

The game is all about expectations. we knew it was going to be about defense. And we could adjust our mindset. Our expectations.

(Though many of the observations ar emy own, this article ably assisted with observatons from ABC commentators Al Michaels and Hubie Brown and their staff. Particularly on stats.)

The TV ‘event’ experience

NOTES: The Spurs PA announcer Stan Kelley was terrible.

Alanis Morissette, with blonde streaks, looked older – a cross between Stevie Nicks and Cher. But the voice as she sang God Bless America was the same – and unique. It’s the first time she’s publicly sung GBA since becoming an American citizen (Bucking the America to Canada “trend.”).

Will Smith is just fun. He sang / rapped “Switch”, which must be from his new album, and wasn’t shy about his San Antonio support. The banging butts alongside were much more sexual and sensual than Janet Jackson’s right tit could ever be.

Good to see him perform live again and that was the perfect song to get the adrenaline going. Then there was the inroctions and the arena was rocking after the Spurs were cheered into oblivion (that was “Bruuuuuce” you heard for Bruce Bowen, not boos as it will likely be when they head back to Detroit.)

I was pumped, ready to go, ready to watch some ball. Building. building. Building up …. to a commercial break.

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  • Obi-Wan, that’s hilarious. Spurs win in 6 games.

  • I’m still not counting out the Pistons by any means.

  • RJ

    Game Two starts any minute. This series pretty much rests in the balance.

    Spurs win, they go up 2-0, and the Pistons are likely screwed, unless they win all three at home.

    Pistons win, they can go home and finish off SA, or even go up 3-2 by winning just 2 of 3 at home, and then have two chances to win another one in Texas.

    Big game, tonight…

  • RJ

    Halftime. Pistons down by a lot. Their defense looks like shit, and their offense isn’t much better (other than McDyess and maybe the Wallaces).

    Looks like it’s gonna be 0-2 heading back to The Palace, unless a miracle breaks out…

  • Sean

    We have a ball game now. Whoever said the Pistons were done! never considered they are the defending champions and defending champions always come to play. The Pistons core hasn’t changed from their championship run a year ago and the Spurs are in trouble. Detroit found their weakness and they are exploiting it. I’m going to call, this Pistons in six.

  • Grrr. Stupid Pistons -)

    Seriously, you have to give it to them and say they took their pride back.

  • Sean

    A lot of silence concerning how the series is heading. Where are all the bandwagon fans? As I said Pistons in six.

  • Sean

    Temple Shark, it’s not your fault the Spurs are going to lose. D-E-T-R-O-I-T- B-A-S-K-E-T-B-A-L-L.

  • Yerp, cursing for a different reason tonight.

    Gawd, but what an atrocious finish for the Spurs. It’s crazy. Timmaaaah gets his free throws and they win the game.

    They couldn’t even get Rasheed fouled out with his sixth – and he made them pay. I like Rasheed.

    I’ll feel a whole lot better Thursday night.