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Navigon iPhone App Review

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Navigon is a mobile navigator for the iPhone, Android, and Windows 7 phone platforms developed by Garmin Wuerzburg. The Navigon app transforms a smartphone into a mobile navigation system that any user can enjoy. It offers many different maps including those of the US, North America, and others suitable for any user. Navigon offers each state by download which users may save to their devices for viewing offline. This will allow them to view maps when cellular service isn’t available, which helps users find their way in the most remote places.

Navigon has turn-by-turn directions, lane assistant, text to speech, Google local search, SOS emergency help, and more. The DirectHelp option offers users fast access to services such as hospitals, roadside assistance, pharmacy, and police. These are only some of the best features that Navigon offers on your mobile device.

Unfortunately some of Navigon’s best features must be purchased through in-app purchases after downloading the app. The most fascinating features I found while using the iPhone version were the Panorama 3D view, Live Traffic, Cockpit, Speed assistant, and the FreshMaps for North America. These truly set this app above other navigation apps that I have used.

Navigon has a very user-friendly interface. Users will be able to enjoy the applications as soon as they download them. The interface makes it extremely easy to use. One of my favorite features of this application was POI, or points of interest. It allows you to select a gas station, restaurant, and much more. Each location is broken down by category and selected by the name of the place. For example, if you wanted to eat at McDonalds and gas up at BP, you could make these selections under the correct categories and the app will find these exact businesses. Once they have been located, the app will provide directions to each location making it easy and fast to find where you want to be.

The turn-by-turn directions offer users a great way to find their location without having to look at their device. This helps users find the location much more safely, while keeping their eyes on the road and not the device.

Being an owner of a GPS device, I can assure you that this application offers all of the things that they offer and more. It can do more than the GPS I currently own. For example, the up-to-date maps are one of its best selling points. Land is like everything else, it changes as time progresses. How many times have you been driving by and noticed a new building or gas station? Navigon keeps these kind of things updated through their FreshMaps feature. Could you imagine driving through New York City with a map that was published 10 years ago? Chances are you would never find your way around or the location you were looking to find.

Users can save directions to any contact with only a couple of taps of the screen. The Navigon MyMaps feature allows users to only carry the maps they currently need allowing for more room or memory on the device to save photos of the trip or whatever they choose. Users can save any directions or location they need under the More option: select Route and tap the “+”.

Navigon offers the application for the US, Europe, Middle East, and Brazil. Navigon can be purchased in the app store for $59.99. However, to get the most from the app plan on buying the in-app purchases.

iTunes Download Here

Top In-App Purchases:
NAVIGON Traffic Live $19.99
Panorama View 3D $9.99
USA Speedcams $4.99
FreshMaps XL NorthAmerica $19.99
Urban Guidance $4.99
Cockpit $5.99
ZAGAT Content $7.99

Overall, this application offers users more features than any other navigation app I have used on the iPhone. Navigon has been optimized for the iPhone 5. The app works on both the iPhone and iPad. Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions below.

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  • R

    Would it slow down with panorama view 3d In app? I am considering buying this In APP

  • Igor

    Does it work with iPod Touch? I suppose it’s a problem that the iPod only has WiFi ability and not 3G/4G network.

    The prices seem a little high.